turn to go throughCourt canceled again today


Again, I arrived at the courthouse this morning and noticed some of the jurors were actually leaving the building instead of entering, the same juror apparently has developed pneumonia and is unable to continue at least for today. Judge Zuniga was notified she was on the road and advised that she was really sick and would be coming in at all either.

Court is scheduled for tomorrow, another juror may have to be picked, we just don’t know until tomorrow I will keep you advised as I find out.

I will cancel the podcast for tonight unless somebody has an idea for a topic of discussion and we can put some together if you so desire I will wait about an hour from now.

In addition I want to notify everybody that I have responded to Dave Harris who denied my FOIA request, in addition there is some other information I have received today that I will be able to reveal real soon soon as I confirm a couple of things.

And don’t forget there’s T-shirts available for purchase anybody that may want one, and if one needs to be shipped I will not charge shipping to do so.




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