Good morning everybody. This is Marty from Dawgsblog. In the noontime report of the Frank Carson et al trial of September 19, 2018.

Court was scheduled to start at 10:30 today. There was a juror that had an issue of some sort that was pre-schedule from sometime back.

The judge showed up around 10:35. The jury was called up around 10:47 and the judge was on the bench at 10:50. Linda Maunakea was called back to the stand with Percy doing cross. He asked her about 2011 and she was still using meth and she said she was using about three line a day. Asked about when Cory Kaufman came over in 2011, she was using again about three lines a day, that she heard the loud knocking on the door, saw Cory Kaufman who had come into the living room very quickly after the door was open. She said there was about 10 to 15 people there at the house at the time. She saw her husband talking to Cory Kaufman at the door and then they had moved into the living room and then into the bedroom. She could not recall if it is light or dark outside, but all three of them had moved into the bedroom. The three of them being Cory Kaufman, her husband Mike Maunakea and herself Linda Maunakea. Cory Kaufman she said wanted the gun on a plaque back, said that they were going to kill him if he did not return it. It was an honorary plaque she said, with two white men picture on it. She did not recognize anybody in the picture at the time but now knows it was Frank Carson on the picture and Frank Carson was not in uniform. She said her husband had received that plaque with the gun on it that same day from Cory Kaufman and her hubby had given back the gun so Cory could give it back and they were concerned after he had made an escape from the trunk of the car.

She was asked if she saw Cory Kaufman make the recording, ah she says she heard it didnt said she saw it she said she thought that she said she just heard again. It was black. The recorder with black and gray. She was asked when she talked to Steve Jacobson in 2017, it was a gold recorder especially after she was reminded by the transcript of the interview. But she does admit that she did say it was gold in that interview. She told Steve Jacobson it was Cory Kaufman’s idea to make the recording. Again they had a review of the transcript of the interview and she says it was her husband now that wanted to make the recording and Cory Kaufman did say he need to make a recording of this. Kinda seems she is waffling back and forth it sounds like I’m confused it sound like she’s confused too and Cory Kaufman told him to save it for for the future information. She was not sure where the recorder originally had come from and then she was asked where the recording was made. She said well I think it was done in the bathroom, saying she was not paying too much attention to what they were saying, but she did say she saw hubby give the recorder in the bedroom and he told Cory Kaufman to say whatever. Then she said then she gave the tape back to her husband in the bedroom and he put it back in the underwear drawer.

She said that she had never talk to law enforcement about the recording device prior to 2017 so thats six years that she didnt mention anything about the recording or the incident to law enforcement. She says she saw Turlock Police Department take the recording device during a raid on their house and she’s mentioned it was one of many raids on her house. It was a unknown date but they did come several times she said. The witness is really unable to be specific about the year that Cory Kaufman actually came to the house now. In the interview with Steve Jacobson I believe was in February 2017, she told him it happened in 2010. Using in a point of reference that she said her daughter had just given birth to a baby in June 2010 and it happened right after. She also said it happened around the time of her daughter Ranel’s birthday the same year. She keeps agreeing to what she said in the interview, but keep saying now that what she said was wrong and she said that Cory Kaufman stayed at the house around two hours; 1 to 2 hours. She said that Cory Kaufman had moved from the bedroom to the bathroom and now she now she says that she believes the recording was done in the bedroom. The bathroom door was closed so she could not see into it the entire time they were in there but then she did take the water into the bathroom because there was no running water in the house. She took out some water from her neighbors, she saw Cory Kaufman laying in the fetal position on the floor moaning and groaning. She said he was in the bathroom about half hour and the bathroom is not connected to the bedroom; bedroom, it’s down the hallway. She said she was in the kitchen and the dining area most the time while they were in the bathroom and then her husband had called out to her and that’s when she saw Cory on the floor. After he came out of the bathroom she said Cory Kaufman then left out the back door. She said it was an unknown length of the recording that was made. She said maybe 10 to 15 minutes. She was shown the transcript from her testimony in the 402 hearing in July of this year and now she says the recording was probably 30 minutes or more. Law enforcement she said took the recorder along with a lot of other property when they did a search warrant in a raid at her house by Turlock Police Department. They had gone back to Turlock Police Department afterward to get the property returned and they had a piece of paper which is probably an inventory sheet. They did not get property back as they said and then they left. Also of note, that she was asked many times if anything happened after they left the police department because of the claims that the district attorney keeps making about being attacked by a Conan and Watson but the district attorney was now objecting to those questions being asked at this time. That did led to a sidebar.

She said she did come forward in 2017. After she was too scared to come forward prior. Conan and Jason had made threats to her hubby and she was asked if she is convicted of a felony, which again went to another sidebar. It was a very animated sidebar and I noticed that Marlisa Ferreira was getting pretty aggravated and when they left the side bar and the judge moved back to the bench, Melissa Ferreira was in an engaging conversation with Percy Martinez and he was motioning her to please go back toward her chair. She wanted to make a few more comments to him personally as the other attorneys were not there and she finally walked away. It was very animated, testy sidebar.

At this point Percy Martinez had no further questions. Attorney Hans continued the cross and was asking if Cory had come over wearing a T-shirt and some basketball shorts and had made a recording. She had told Steve Jacobson, Cory Kaufman came back on a later date, but now she says that was wrong. He came back the same day. And Hans inquired again, because in July 2018, she said in the 402 hearing she said that he had come back on a later date, and but again she said that was wrong. She also was asked about the on the recording being longer than 30 minutes, and the device was put in the drawer and then that was taken by Turlock Police Department during a raid. She had no idea when that law enforcement raid came and took the recording along with the other property. Again, this led to another sidebar, another animated sidebar but it was a lot more brief. An when they came back Hans asked today do you know what year it was when you had when Cory came over and when they had the recording made. She told originally told Steve Jacobson that it was 2010, and she had heard a lot of rumors, she said no she hadn’t heard any rumors. She said that wasn’t true but yeah thats what she had told him and she said yes. I told him there had been a lot of rumors and she was interviewed 2017 for the first time. she said that she saw the recorder in Cory Kaufman’s hand, described it as black and gray, but had told Steve Jacobson that it was gold. She was asked if she had been to Pop and Cork, she said yes. She was asked if she ever been there with her husband and she said well, maybe which was objected to. Of course, in the first time she talked to law enforcement officers was actually in October 2017 and Turlock PD again had taken the recorder. That’s where we are at. We got a late start with sidebar and stuff.

Thats how we ended up and its lunch break at this point. So we’re back at 1:30. We will have some other information hopefully tonight on some other things on the podcast. Please remember these recordings are copyrighted. People are using the recordings to re- broadcast either written digital or verbal, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission. All you have to do is ask. It’s not a problem and acknowledge your source. That’s all I’m asking, we’lll be back at 1:30