Good evening Everybody, this Marty from Dawgs Blog! I put out a teaser a little while ago, some really good news today! We will put that out a little later on. It is good stuff, it really is it’s good to hear! It doesn’t exactly apply to what’s going on in court now, but it is exciting stuff! So I’m going to tease you a little bit more and were going to get on to that.

We finally got back into session today. Gosh it’s been up to weeks. You know we had one day of court last week and we had all those problems. So we finally got back in session, Linda Maunakea back on the stand with Attorney Hans doing cross. He asked about Turlock PD showing up and taking the property. This recorder is really a big issue, everybody wants to talk about it. He also asked her what else was taken? There was some cell phones, cameras, recorders. There was an objection, Marlisa Ferreira was objecting to absolutely everything today. She just doesn’t want anybody to get a flow of things, except for her. He did confirm too, in October 2017, was the first time Linda Maunakea talked to law enforcement. She said it was due to the threats to her husband. She was asked what threats? and she says well, I can’t say, I really don’t know. So she didn’t want to truly come out and say. It was brought out that she still lives in Turlock and she says she has no fear now. Same people are there, Same people involved are there, but she has no fear now living in Turlock. Hans had no further questions.

Jai Gohel started cross on Linda Maunakea and he asked her about the 402 hearing which is last July, I believe is July 18, where Korey Kauffman stated that he had gotten away from those guys. The husband was present, of course, when he came into the house. They were having this birthday party with 10 to 15 people and no running water in the house. The water had been shut off. Korey Kauffman, apparently she said it was twice, that he had come over to the house and said that he was something it happened, he had been kidnapped, threatened by the Pop and Cork guys. She was not really sure about the dates. She and told Jacobson in the interview in October 2017 that this occurred in 2010, because she had an area of reference, it was right after one of her grandchildren was born in June 2010. It happened right after that, but now she is saying I was wrong, it was 2011. She also found out, she saw the flyer in 2012, Korey Kauffman missing and in 2013 she did find out that the remains had been found. But did not talk to anybody about their dear friend until 2017, when they interviewed was Steve Jacobson. She was asked how long it that she still lives in Turlock? She says she’s not afraid to live in Turlock. They went over this again a little bit more. She’s been married 18 years to Mike Maunakea but they been together 33 years. They’ve had several kids together, but she said they never have taken the time to sit down and talk about their testimony or about what happened. They’ve never done that. She was asked about Mike Maunakea, her husband who gave drugs in exchange for property or money being a drug dealer. She and she said she had she assumed the property was stolen. There was a lot of talk today about that CHP award/acknowledgment plaque, whatever you want to call it, that had she said had Frank Carson’s picture on it. She did not know who it was at the time but she does now. It had a working revolver that was attached to this plaque, which is actually not something that’s done. She was asked how she gets the court every day, she’s been to court many times, but she hasn’t testified this last week but she’s been there every day. Steve Jacobson gives her a ride, she’s transported every day by Jacobson, but again she never discussed it with anybody else including her husband. That was all Jai Gohel had.

It went back to the DA and remember I always say they everybody likes to have the last word here we go again. Marlisa Ferreira asked her if her husband was still selling drugs? She says no he stopped in 2012. I believe there’s a conviction past that point, but I’m not sure. She said the hubby kept the recorder in the underwear drawer. There were some personal items in there that she saw, she did the laundry, so she said she knew there was socks and there was undies. She said and she admitted right up and she kinda giggled about it. There were sex cuffs, probably the felt line sex cuffs. She did say there were some bed toys that were in there and of course that’s where the recorder belongs. She was in that drawer constantly, you know I understand why, and no one else touched the drawer. She told Steve Jacobson the recorder was gold until she stopped and thought about it recently and sitting here today she she realized it was black and silver color. Sitting here today, it was 2011 when all this happened, she didn’t recall correcting herself with Steve Jacobson in the report, but Marlisa Ferreira was trying to get her to say that, but the she didn’t recall that. She said there were two times that Korey Kauffman came to her house: after being assaulted by the Pop and Cork guys and when he dropped off a plaque, it was about five hours later when he came back to get it. Remember that honorary plaque that had the gun mounted on it, Korey Kauffman came back about five hours later to retrieve that because he was afraid of what was going to happen. Again she said she’s not scared of Turlock Police Department now, though she was for years.

Marlisa Ferreira showed her a picture of what she called a basket and apparently was either in the drawer right next to one of the drawers in the dresser and had some items in it. I didn’t get a close-up look, but it was put up on the overhead and she said it was in her husband’s junk drawer in their dresser. It looked like it had some cell phones and some other whatever in it. There was an objection to this, they ended up having another sidebar and it was never talked about again. So I really don’t know where she was going with it. She said she saw the recorder prior to 2010 but doesn’t know where it came from or how it got there and they had moved from Kenwood around 2013 but doesn’t know what month it was.

They took a break. The jury was out around 2:10 and again Marlisa Ferreira went back to this picture that she wanted to show while the jury was out, while the witness was out. She put it up on the overhead. It was a picture of this basket with some of the photos that were taken, I believe when law enforcement was taking over the property, when they did the search. Judge Zuniga was comparing it to the overhead and she said well they look kinda different but they kind of don’t. Marlisa Ferreira wanted to argue about it and then in the middle of it, she says Well, she’ll call the witness back at a later time, because it kind of went out of the area that they were talking about. She wants to bring it up later, so she can call the witness back and my feeling is the witness will be called back with some of the things and possibly by the defense.

So, the jury was back in at 2:22, so they were only out about 11 minutes this time. We did well that time.

Percy Martinez started cross again. He asked her about speaking to Steve Jacobson in October 2017 and Steve Jacobson brought up the 2011 date. Remember she was saying was 2010 on this date that Korey Kauffman had come over. Again, she was not sure if he did or she did bring it up. He showed her a transcript report, and see Steve Jacobson told her that Korey Kauffman and gone missing in 2012 and she said it could be, at one point it was even in 2012. So he was he saying what he went missing in 2012, so again he was cuing her what to say maybe, I don’t know, I wasn’t there and I haven’t heard audio of the conversation. Again she said the incident when he came to the house and banged on the door occurred on the birthday of her daughter in 2010, she wasn’t sure, she just finally she says I don’t know, I really don’t know. The exchange got a little testy. She was tired of being up there.

She was also asked by Percy about exchanging stolen property in her interview with Jacobson which was in 2017. There were two interviews actually, I guess I misled you little bit. There was somebody else who interviewed her in October and Steve Jacobson interviewed her in February 5, 2017. Percy was asking about the the property exchange for the drugs, and the stolen property and stuff. There was an objection and sidebar. She said something very I thought was kind of significant at that point: that the property for drugs was really the only relationship between Korey Kauffman and her husband. There really wasn’t another relationship there. Remember Michael Maunakea kept saying he was a special friend, he was a good friend, is a good buddy, blah blah blah blah. She is saying it was just a drug dealer relationship, that is what she saying now.

Again Marlisa Ferreira went back to questioning. She says looking back, as you sit here now and looking back what year was it? She said 2011, I’m sure of that now. At this point Linda Maunakea was getting pretty aggravated on the stand. Percy Martinez went cross again, like I say they all like to have the last word. He again asked her what year was her grandbaby born because that’s how she referenced it in the interview with Jacobson? She says 2010, but she kept saying I told you over and in fact she started running down a list of all her grandchildren when were born and she said she was mistaken when she said it was 2010. At this point she was yelling on the stand and she’s pretty upset.

At this point there was no further questions by anybody. We moved on to another witness, Gary Crosby, the hunter that found the the the skull of Korey Kauffman. Now let me give you little observation of Gary Crosby. You know what, he seems like a good old boy who likes to go out and hunt, he likes to go out and do some of the things he does. He hunts with guns, he hunts with bow and arrow. He knows the area fairly well. He drives around the area up there, looking for deer from his truck and he gets out the truck and try to hunt him down. Things like that.

Gary Crosby, I thought he was pretty straightforward, and you know just like I said good old boy. So, he hunts in not the Greeley Hill area and on July, actually I wrote down that he gone up in July 2013 but on the day the body was found it was August 19, 2013. He was driving down the road and saw the skull off the road. He said he saw something that looked like a ball, it could be a lot of things and he didn’t know what it was. He used binoculars, he looked, and he saw and he saw it was down on the other side it was like a dry creek bed, it’s also known as a ravine. He said is about 40 feet off the road, it was a off of Bull Creek Rd. It was a dirt road off of Bull Creek Rd. you go through Greeley the Greeley Hill you over to where this dirt road, is like an access road, a logging road, whatever they call them up there. Again it was about 40 feet off the road and his campsite was just 200 or 300 feet from the skull. The campsite is just an open area, it is not an official campsite, it is not numbered, it is doesn’t have designations, it is not an official campsite, it is just an open area where they can get some of their trailers or whatever in. He says it’s real tight, but you get your trailer in there and park your trailer.

The skull was seen in a wooded area, in a ravine. As he drives down the road, he’s looking for through the burns, in the gaps in the burns looking for animals. This time he’s looking for deer, that’s what he was hunting for at the time. This was the first day of deer season I believe he said. He went down to a gentleman by name of Jenkins to his farm, once he found the skull. It’s about three quarters a mile from where he found the skull and called 911. I guess he didn’t have a cell phone. It took 2 to 3 hours for the sheriff department to get there and he did talk to the officers. He also admitted, it was kind of funny the way he said it, that he has a terrible memory but he showed them where the skull was. He said I have trouble remembering some of these things, but here’s what skull was. He’s hunted the area several times. He’d been in the area couple days. He says there are lions, deer’s, bears, pigs, rabbits and boars.

There was a tree on the other side of this ravine, the skull was almost right up against this tree. But all he saw was a skull at the time and he could tell from standing on the side of road what it was. Said is pretty obvious to him what it was.

So the DA, that’s all she had, just his discovering the skull. Percy Martinez crosses Gary Crosby and again they kind of recap everything. August 19, 2013, he found skull. He spent the night there the night before. He was with his son. He’s been using that campground or in that area, not to suggest that campground but it sounded like he been using that area for two years. But he’d used an area close to that prior, he had moved down into that area on this time of the last couple years. He said I was a first day of opening season. He had not driven a car or quad whatever you call them, down around that area. So that was the first time he would been around that, exactly at that area were the skull was. He said the skull didn’t look natural, it caught his attention. Some of the brush can obscure the skull from where it was. He could see it through one of the breaks in the berms. He just happened to see it in the breaks of the berms. He was looking close for animals, using binoculars and he saw it. He said many people that use the area for bows, bow and arrow hunting. He has a bow and he hunts with a bow and he also uses opposing guns for different type a game up there too.

We took a break and when came back from break Percy Martinez continued on. Again, saying this skull was about 40 feet away from the road, said it could’ve been less could been more, from here to the back of the courtroom. They use the panels on the courtroom, they are a certain size, they use that for a guesstimate of distance. He said people are more active down Bull Creek Rd. a little farther down. He says they go up there, but not that often like he does because Bull Creek Rd. they gold pan, they do a lot of other type a hunting stuff. This area of camping is open to the public it’s not an official campground is not run for by the Forest Service or anything like that.

He’d gone to Jenkins Ranch make the call, the old man Jenkins as he called him. He rides horses and runs dogs in the area, but he did not see Jenkins riding his horse every day but saw him regularly down there. He rides horses and runs dogs in that area not necessarily on that road but in that area. Percy Martinez had no further questions.

Attorney Hans went to question him and the campsite, he said, was on a bit of a hill and there are other campsite in the area. Basically, there are open areas where you get a trailer in and some make a campsite out of it. The RV people parked RVs and such in there. Greeley Road he said with maybe ½ a mile from the campsite. The Ranger station within half half a mile and he said it was also about ½ a mile from Jenkins Ranch. There was also another camper by the name of Jason, not that Jason, he had talked to about what you found. There was a big objection over this that ended up in a sidebar. But it wasn’t the Jason they were thinking of, it wasn’t Jason Armstrong, it was somebody by the name of Jason Weaver who was also camping there. They did talk about what he had found that night, the skull that was found.

In 2014 that he mentioned something in an interview, that he left the site in 2014 due to a fire and I believe it was called the Rimfire is what they said and I was a big fire a few years back. Hans had no further questions.

Jai Gohel asked about him about the direction to go to Greeley Hill through Coulterville to Bull Creek Rd. to the site. The site is a dirt road, no gravel, there’s no asphalt anywhere, he said. It’s just a complete dirt road. He says you get just past the campsite the grade gets steeper and steeper it’s going uphill. This area is really in the foothills is what I’m understanding. He says the road is not turn to asphalt until you get back to Greeley Hill Road, it’s all dirt. He had seen Jenkins riding the horses and running the dogs about every other day. He meant running up and down the road, he said about 20 times get what he does is he drives up and down all around the road in a random pattern looking through the brush and looking through the trees looking. So he wasn’t walking through the forest, he was driving the roads and in looking for signs of a deer. Jai Gohel was done.

DA began re-direct again. He came from Merced, where he lives. It’s about an hour and ½ drive. He says it’s a sparsely wooded area. The skull with the base of the other side of the ravine, up against the tree and the area is heavily brush so it’s easy to miss. Again, she asked about if he ever saw Jenkins writing in that exact area. Jenkins is the man that owns that the ranch where he went to call law enforcement. He never saw Jenkins riding in that exact area where the skull was, but just in the general area. He said the skull looked like a white ball, he saw no hair, no skin, there was no odor. He was asked how old John Mr. Jenkins was at the time he said probably 67- 68 years old. The campground is not a contained area with hookups or anything like that, sewer, water, it is not paid for the site, you just go there and park, it is not run by the forest service and there is no campground numbers. He said he hunts in August and September. He has done some pig and turkey hunting in April. She was asking him if there was any hunting done in April? and he said yeah, he has done some and hunting in April for Turkey and pig. He said it does get hot there during the day. On that day found the bodies it was probably around 100°, but the winter does get cold and they do get snow there. He said you could drive a regular car into the camp it would not be very easy, it would easily get stuck. She showed what she called peoples 383 and she asked him if he could recognize it? He said that’s the scene where he found the “head”. She put the picture up on the the overhead with using a laser pointer to point out where the skull was. Marlisa Ferreira was done again.

Percy Martinez did re-re-re-re-cross asking if he had been in another camp area a year to year and ½ to two years prior to that and he said yes it was about ½ a mile away, but he had moved over this one the last two years or so, back and 2013. He’d been up and down the road quite a few times looking for deer, he has hunted for pigs and such. Again, we just recap everything. When he found the skull, he was only he was only was deer season is only hunting for deer. In 2012 he was in the area 6 to 8 times, he’s been going down in that area though for many years. He made it clear that he really enjoyed working that area.

Hans had no more questions.

Jai Gohel asked him what was the forest that he was in and what area was it in? He said he didn’t know is either Stanislaus Forest or Mariposa Forest, he really didn’t know. You know to tell the truth I don’t think he cared, he just enjoys going up there. I’m telling you he was just a good old boy. They were done questioning the hunter, in fairly short order which is unusual in this case.

In came Sharee Hendrix. Now remember Sharee Hendrix she’s the young deputy, the Mariposa County deputy. She was a detective that processed the scene when the remains were found, and it was quite an ordeal for her in the preliminary hearing and she looked extremely nervous on the stand. She’s still a detective with Mariposa County and she’s been an officer since 2003 and been a detective since 2006. She said she was contacted on August 19 by her Sgt. that a hunter reported finding a skull on Road 3F 10, I believe, is what she called it. She took Highway 49 to Greeley Hill to Bull Creek Rd. to 3F 10. She said it’s a dirt and asphalt road, but I don’t know, Mr. Crosby said it was just a dirt road. From the sheriff’s office to the scene it was about an hour and ½ drive. She’s been on that road only a couple times and sergeant Brieske had gone with her. She really wasn’t sure how far from Greeley Road the scene was. It actually sounded like she was looking for people, she didn’t know who she was looking for, to meet to show her what they found, but finally she talked to several people and kept moving up the road there was ranchers and stuff apparently and finally met up with Crosby at the campsite, not at the scene and it was at the campsite which is almost the same place. He pointed out to the deputy in the area where the skull was, so they went over. She said the skull was 51 feet off the road, it was a steep slope. It was on the other side of, she called it dry creek bed and then up another slope on the other side that is not as high as roadside slope and that’s where the skull was right next to a tree. She was there about two and half hours and she said it was about 100° that day, it was pretty warm that day. She located the skull, she located the pelvis and a leg bone. The pelvis and leg bone I believe were attached. She said she found some Wrangler jeans, shirt, and a jacket. The shirt and jacket were found together and, on the jeans,, there was a small carabiner that had some keys on it. There was a boot that was also found the left of the skull a couple feet and the pelvis in the leg bone found about 20 to 30 feet away. The clothes were in the same area of the bones, but the jeans were not in the same area, but the jacket and the shirt were located together but they were about 20 feet away from the bones. I believe the Wrangler jeans if I said it wrong was by the bones the shirt was with the Jacket. That’s where we ended the day. Sharee Hendrix will pick up again tomorrow and the see what she’s got to say.

All right you’re all waiting for this good news, well there is good news. It is not directly related to this case, but I think it’s really good news. I got a phone call today that Eddie Quintanar, who you as you all know was not held to answer in his preliminary hearing in this case. He had a state personnel board hearing this week he got his job back. Eddie Quintanar is now a CHP officer again. More than likely and I don’t know if this is exactly true or not, but more than likely he’s going to get his back pay too. So, I think that’s incredible news. I’m excited for Eddie, I think that’s incredible. There’s a lot of excitement going around because of that, so I think it’s a good sign, it’s finally a positive out of some of the stuff so congratulations Eddie! I feel for you and you better never give me a ticket! That’s where we’re at. Eddie Quintanar got his job back. That’s the exciting news!

One other thing I want to throw out there is that even know I shouldn’t say anything after Eddie’s news because how you top that? There’s a lot of scuttlebutt going around the activities of Marlisa Ferreira in throwing the Turlock Police Department officers under the bus, trying to save her witness Michael Maunakea. He’s been impeached so badly. Apparently the concern is and this is a concern with the DA’s office is that she has gone to such extent to talk about how dirty this officer is (and I don’t know if he is or not I’ve never met the man, I don’t know that, I don’t know if he is or not) but she’s gone to such extent to talk about some of things that Officer Baucom and Officer Watson of Turlock have done. Both these officers been promoted too, by the way, since all this. She’s gone to such extent to discredit these officers, defense attorneys can now possibly use this case these officers are involved in can start doing the Pitchess motions to see the records, talk about Brady information because of the information has been revealed to us in some of the things. Why she would throw these officers under the bus as badly as she has she has to work with these people to work with Turlock Police Department. Why she would do that I have no idea but that seems to be the concern in the DA’s office now there’s a little something that was sent to me the other day highly credible and defense attorneys are looking at this.

One other thing I have a copyright on my site and I know I keep saying this, but some people don’t understand you lay down with the devil you’re going to get burned. My website is copyrighted, and they are to using my information to publicize their whatever their needs are and if I have to I will take action to put a stop to it because it’s getting a little ridiculous.

I’m also being accused of being the one responsible for Frank Carson getting his OR revoked and it’s been spread around that I was talking to Marlisa Ferreira and Kirk Bunch and told them about this stuff with Carson and the Athwals. Anybody who is following the case know that’s certainly not the truth because we saw what happened ourselves so that this is another accusation as being thrown around and I just I can’t believe that people are willing to do this for their own PERSONAL GAIN!

watcha gotta say?

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