Good morning this is Marty from Dawgsblog. This is the noontime for the Frank Carson et al. trial of September 20, 2018. Taking care of some preliminary jury business as a juror has a court date on family issue next week. They made arrangements one day to start at 10 o’clock next week instead of the normal 9 o’clock.

Defense attorneys also addressed the court saying that yesterday during a sidebar, there was an IT person adjusting the machine for Marlissa Ferreira while they were at the sidebar coz she wants to put some pictures up and he was adjusting the picture at the size of the screen and so on, and he had put up a picture that was not marked as evidence or to be used according to Marlissa Ferreira anyway and never saying it was a picture of some of the bones or the remains and it was one of the pictures taken by Shri Hendrix. They were advised it was not one of the pictures that they were told can be shown when this IT person did put the picture up it was in the presence of the jury as they were observing the screen. Marlissa Ferreira said she never intended to use that slide if the IT person that put up a pick off of her computer of the school by the tree. The person put it up during the sidebar when he was working on the equipment. It was up about two minutes to pick but was not marked like the ones that she was going to use . So those were not even marked as evidence. Percy Martinez said the jurors have now seen that picture so they cannot un ring the bell. Judge Zuniga looking a little aggravated said that picture should not have been shown to jury as its not an evidence but she also said that there’s no prejudice that had been shown by showing that picture.

While waiting for the jury to come up, Attorney Hans addressed the court. He said he has not been allowed to go into the camping situation in Mariposa County at the campsite with regards to the Jason, the person by name of Jason. But the DA had re-asked the same question that he was not allowed to have in re-direct. He said the court did not allow him after they had a sidebar in sustaining the DA’s objection. He said he was talking about Jason Armstrong was at the site. And he had talked to many people in Turlock after talking to the hunter and it goes to Robert Woody’s having known the condition of the remains as he got through the streets of Turlock. In addition, it goes to the body wire that was worn by Miranda Dykes. You should be allowed now to go into that area after the DA opened the door. The DA argued that she had only asked about August 19 that date with Gary Crosby, didn’t go into any other dates. She said this just a defense, attempting to bring in another third-party culpability type of issue. Attorney Hans argued the question did not specify the 19th or any particular date. Judge Zuniga said it is relevant and goes to Robert Woody’s credibility so she is, apparently gonna allow as what it sounds like.

The jury was called up around 9:29 and Shri Hendrix took the stand . As a reminder, Shri Hendrix is the Mariposa County deputy who was a detective up there, has been for several years who recovered the remains of Cory Kaufman on August 19, 2013. Marlissa Ferreira continued her direct and she said Shri Hendrix said there was no indication of ever a car there. There is a downhill slope t through a ravine to get to the skull. She never been in the area before and the campsite was about 3/10 of a mile away. The boots were brown, a work type of booths. There was a toe in one of the rat bins that she had found when she had taken numerous pictures of the scene on the 19th. The clothes were placed in a body bag along with the bones that were placed in the same body bag and they were taken to the Sheriff’s office. Also noted that the bullet that was recovered underneath the ground that they found the little while later, was also thrown in that same body bag.

Remains were shipped to Stanislaus County for an autopsy as Stanislaus County handles the coroners duties for Mariposa County normally, not because of this case, but normally. Marlissa Ferreira asked her how long she’d been living in the area and she said she doesn’t live in Mariposa County but she’s been a deputy there for 16 years. She’s been to that general area several times and it does snow during the wintertime. The Sgt. took a GPS location and I don’t think I got these exact, but it was 37 N. 400.777 , 119 W. and 599116 , if anybody’s interested it’s somewhere in that area. She said she started looking at missing person case and she noticed that the skull had similar appearance of Cory Kaufman’s smile and teeth on the missing person flyer out of Stanislaus County. After the autopsy she also had dispatch sent out a teletype to all agencies. There were couple of responses but none from Stanislaus County and until she contacted them with regards to what she thought she had their missing person. She did contacted Cory Brown and Stanislaus Sheriff’s office on August 22, 2018. She told him she believed the remains were Cory Kaufmann. Cory Braun came up to her office on that same day on August 22 and Kurt Bunch was with him. She gave him both of them the property of Cory Kaufman’s property and remains and she had brought back a headlamp, headlamp out of the jacket pocket the keys and a 22 caliber bullet.

Prior to contacting Stanislaus County, she had gone back to the scene around 20 August the next day with other officers to locate more evidence. The scene was not secured overnight nor was any evidence marked. She said she start looking in the rat packs, in the nests and other areas for other evidence. There was on the 20th, she found some bones in one of the rat nest underneath a branch or log. It was also on the 20th that she found the bullet underground where she assumed those were the clothes were coz ahe had already removed the clothing, said was about where the pants were, the jacket was. After the autopsy was done on the 23rd, she did retain some clothes and I believe by this time, Stanislaus County was involved and they did retrieve some of those items and for some reasons there was a shirt that was left at the coroner’s office along with the remains. I also noted in my notes that she got very confused. She looked very nervous. She didn’t seem really sure about what she was talking about. She said the skull was measured at 57 feet from the road to the skull from the road to the pelvis is about 83 feet and asked what she did next when the DA asked her, she said I’m really not sure what you’re asking me. There was no other measurements taken, clothing distance from pieces of clothing from the roadway or anything else. No other measurements had been taken. Madam DA did show as a transcript of the prelim when she’s was not sure what she measured exactly was 57 feet and she was unsure still on how she measured from the roadway to the skull and the majorities of the clothes. Again she said it was and she measured on the 20th and it was around the area of where the clothes were. So is not that she did not measured while the clothes were still there. She measured the next day after she got back after removing the clothes.. She said that area is a remote area. She took some pictures of the area to show that the forest and the remoteness of the area. She gave a briefing to Cory Brown and Kurt Bunch at the office when they showed up on the 22nd and she showed them some items are probably pictures of some of the items that they took. The items that she did have were released. I believe that was the keys, the headlamp and the 22 caliber bullet.

Again on the 23rd the next day they went to the location and she stated the scene with Cory Brown, Kurt Bunch and some other officers who started placing evidence flags on the ground where the she was guesstimating where the evidence was because she had removed everything and never measured or marked because she never did any type of evidence marking at the scene herself that was done on the 23rd with Stanislaus County got there. On the 23rd she also found many more bones and parts of a boot on some of the hollow trees. She said at that point, Stanislaus County was in charge of the investigation. All evidence taken was taken by Stanislaus County under their case number. Marlissa Ferreira started showing some photos and I’m not gonna go down each photos. There were quite a few. Not a lot, but a few it just showed where the remains were found, where his skull was located, where the pants were located, where the shirt was located, and so on. It’s a little bit of the list, showed the edge of the road towards the items, overall picture of the forest and picture where she found the boots and some that other stuff too. Also there was a photo of the 22 caliber bullet. It was a spent round, was found in the ground. There was some autopsy photos there of the remains and Wrangler jeans and the jacket. She was asked again when the remains were found, that all items were put into the same body bag of the remains, the clothes, the bullet. Everything were thrown into the same bag and not packaged individually. She was asked if she would do that if you knew that was a 187 homicide scene and she said she would have done it differently if she had known but the problem is they still don’t know if it’s a homicide. She also asked if anything had been disturbed from the first issues there on the 19th, to the second day she was there on the 20th and she said it didn’t appear that anything had changed the previous day. She also said she did made no notable injuries on the bones, skull fractures or anything along that line the broken bones. She also noted on the shirt there was a picture of a boat, a racing boat and some writing about some type of racing boat. It was great. The t shirt was gray and cover and then the jacket did have a Carhart jacket did have a hood on the coat. The T-shirt was for some reason left at the coroners or by accident with the bones when she retrieved the property. She also noted during that time it was 100° on all the days they were up there so it was hot when they’re doing the work and it does get hot up there and she also noted that the flag that Stanislaus County were using to mark evidence was they were red flags. Marlissa Ferreira had no further questions.

Percy Martinez start cross-examination basically reviewing a lot of things shown are some pictures, of the gray T-shirt and jeans in the photo. She did not recall the length of the pant leg that was in that picture. But she didn’t have good recall of some of the stuff and she was not sure about. She did measured the distances between clothing found and where the distance from each other of all the clothings I should say and they were showing her pictures and put them up on the screen there was a picture of the pant leg jacket that the same pant leg from the previous picture is a different angle of the there showed no shirt in that picture. So she said that there was a shirt and a pant leg in one picture, a different angle shown in another picture and she says a shirt’s not there, and she also said the keys were it look like the belt area of the pant because it was a belt loop with a carabiner with the keys in it, but they did not appear to be in that picture either. Again referring back to the previous picture which was 393 that showed a boot tongue and the jeans and the different pieces of the jeans in two locations she said again the jeans of the waist and the belt loops the keys where they were unknown distances and never measured. But again there were no keys that showed in the second picture of the same pant leg or part of the pants sol there was one picture of the pants that showed the keys that are hooked on carabiner that are hooked to a belt loop on the Wrangler jeans the same jeans wer shown in a different angle and the keys were not there so they’re not sure she was not sure exactly what happened there at all.

Percy Martinez asked her if she testified at the prelim in regards to August 19, 2013 when she arrived, she said the skull was about 20 feet away from the roadway and now she’s measuring it 57 feet. She did reviewed the transcript from the prelim and she said yes it does say 20 feet but now she’s saying it was 50, looks like 51 feet. He also asked her that the prelim if she was asked where the 22 round was found, where that she said underneath the pants where they lay previously but she did not recall and she started reading the transcript and she wasn’t sure under which part of the pants that it was found. Again she came, he confirmed that no evidence markers were used on August 19, 2013 and cannot say where the pants parts were found, where the bullet was, over which pair part of the pants that was found, nor did she take measurements, or any type of other things nor was the scene secured. She said that when she was gathering the jeans pant,. the parts of the pants, she did not see anything there underneath when she collected the clothing. She was also asked if she checked the depth of the remains or she used what time a measuring device that she use to measure the roadway to the skull and she said it already and did she measure in the depth of the ravine, did go over the crossed the top of the ravine to the skull. She does not recall how she measured. He also asked if she did a measurements from the skull to any other part that was found of the remains and or clothes, she did not. She also said she did not recall that she measured from the roadway to the area of the clothes Again it wasn’t done on the 19th at what had been done on another date the clothes were no longer there she kept saying area clothes. She also stated that there were no other bullets found when she had met with Kurt Bunch and Cory Brown on the 22nd. She didn’t know who was taking the lead on the case or that she knew that somebody from Stanislaus County has taken the case.

That’s all we have for the morning session. Will be back at 1:30 to continue on with Deputy Hendrix, and hope will have more information tonight at 6 o’clock at the podcast. Always remember this is copyrighted material, not to be shared without express written consent, which is no problem. All you have to do is ask. T-shirts are also still available. Will see you at 6 clock tonight.





  1. doesnt it seem strange that kirk bunch was involved that early in the investigation ? please correct me if im wrong , but i thought the d.a.’s part in this would start once criminal charges had been filed or were in preperation for filing, why would an investigator from the d.a.’s office be at the head of a missing persons case?

    1. Author

      Yep! Remember Bunch was called by a TPD officer from the Cooly property the day Cooley reported Kauffman missing the next day. he did not go through his office he called Bunch direct. Their theory is Kauffman went missing on 3-30-2012 Bunch was working the case since 4-2-2012. In addition, he was investigating a homicide not just a missing person.
      So you are right and the question is why?

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