1. growing up i remember hearing the jokes about defense attorneys being less than honest and was brought up to believe that the district attorney , along with all law enforcement was uncorruptable and could be trusted to do what is right…just like finding out santa and the easter bunny werent real , these ideals are now completely changing my view of the world and it sickens me…on another note, these defense attorneys are very good at their jobs!

  2. A higher court and more qualified Judge needs to review this case. Judge Zuniga has continuously let Marlisa get away with withholding discovery, leading the witnesses, arguing with the Judge and trying to prolong this trial for no good reason. The DA has put nothing but a bunch of lying, thieves and drug attic criminals on the stand that change their stories every time they open their mouth saying what the DA has told them to say given deals to them or their family members for crimes they have committed. People are still waiting for the Sanctions on the DA she said she would do in regards to late discovery being turned over. This trial is a big joke and a waste of tax payers money. We all know how the Judge will decide on this Motion.

    1. If they are guilty, you should pay court costs for your comments, not taxpayers with your bias comments, you fool

      1. Author

        Interesting thought, so based on your line of thinking, then if they are not guilty you should pay the court costs for your biased comments. Its only fair, but then again you were to scared to put your name on your comment so you cannot own it.
        BTW as taxpayers, we are paying for these court costs, unless you don’t pay taxes and just live off the system.

      2. well if there was any tangible or even circumstantial proff of their involvement it would have been presented by now, only a “fool” would believe what the prosecution has shown is even remotely believeable…as for covering costs for stating an opinion i think you need to go back to communist russia for that type of oppression..freedom of speech is an undeniable right in this country, at least for now …

  3. Anonymous : The only fool making a stupid comment is you. To afraid to put your real name on what you write. As a taxpayer I am already paying for this circus of a trial to go on as many others are also. I can back myself up with what I write so bring it on.

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