The afternoon session started with Kevin Pickett when Ken Barringer talked to Kevin Pickett and he got a receipt for Korey Kauffman when he gone with Kevin Pickett to the Modesto Recyclers on Ninth Street. Kevin Pickett said that he had gone and checked recyclers himself and Ken Barringer also said he had done the same thing. Barringer said in June 8, 2012, referring to his report, he had gone to nine recycling centers with no luck. Kevin Pickett also said that he had gone out to Ninth Street, Turlock and the Mike Cooley residence looking for Korey Kauffman.

The interview that Barringer had with Daljit Atwal in July 2, 2012 at Pop and Cork, was recorded. He had gone to Pop and Cork to investigate Daljit Atwal’s possible and involvement in the investigation. He showed Daljit Atwal a picture of Korey Kauffman and Daljit Atwal said he had not seen him before, but he knew the family because the family were customers and the family had come in and told them he was missing. Barringer said he also asked about the video at Pop and Cork. Remember this interview was in July 2012 and he said he is the video only goes back six days, most of them do the rollover and start recording over. Daljit Atwal said he would only works at night and on three 3/30/2012, that is their theory night, he did not see Korey Kauffman. They made a point of really bringing this out, you know I don’t really know why she’s doing it with Barringer. Anyway he also said he had an interview with Baljit Atwal on June 26, 2012 at the Pop and Cork it was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and again he showed Baljit the pictures with the flyer the photos and he said that the flyer been made by the family. He said he knew the flyer, they had had the flyer upon the on the wall at the store, at the front door, wherever it was. He said he asked for a lot of information in regard to Daljit and Baljit through each other, they try to get them to give information through each other, about each other. He’s she made a point of going in that he left a business card with the Stanislaus County logo, his name and his title as a deputy sheriff on the card and it was given to Bobby Atwal. I really don’t know what that’s all about unless maybe was a conversation that there’s one wiretap where they say somebody came but he was a private investigator and not a cop so I don’t know.

He talked to Kathy Grinolds’s and on June 23, 2012 again he gave her a flyer had identified himself as a Sheriff’s officer. He also had the flyer he said when he talked to Daljit Atwal and showed them a picture, now she went back to that again. Kathy Grinolds, lived at 912 9th St and there was an older lady that lived on the 9th Street also that he talked to I believe he said it was 914 9th and 908 9th St which was a neighbor at 838 with next door to the alleged theory location and he talked to a Bill Borba and he identified himself as a Sheriff’s office deputy.

He also did the 700 block of the 800 block the 900 block of Ninth Street knocking on doors to see if anyone had any information in regard to the missing person. He said it was important to talk to people that might be witnesses for information. At 838 9th St there was no answer at the door and he left the flyer and the card in the mailbox, remember this is where Christine DeFilippo lived at the time. He was contacted, but he didn’t say when she called him back, but on June 28, 2012 he did talk to her a little after 11 o’clock in the morning and then he had a phone conversation with her about an hour later, he called her back for something. On June 25 the 2012 he also canvassed East Ave. And he said it was on the 1100 block and that’s where Pop and Cork is in that area he said there is no information received. He talked to Robert Woody when he saw him at Pop and Cork he said he was actually leaving Pop and Cork when he saw him on June 25. He did not say he showed Robert Woody a flyer at that time.

On June 28th he received a call from Christine DeFilippo he interviewed he went over and talk to her and then he talked to her again I like I said an hour later on the phone. He told her that the there was a missing persons investigation, (remember that was really a lie because it was a homicide investigation by this time) of Korey Kauffman. Christine Filippo said she is not seen the photo but she did have contact with the Korey Kauffman family a few days prior on around the 30th due to him being missing and they gone canvassing themselves. Marlisa Ferreira approach the witness and gave her evidence number 423 which was the flyer, one of the flyers that was made up by the Kaufman family. It was made by Kevin Pickett, on the flyer it says March 29, 2012. Marlisa Ferreira was insisting that it was March 30 but on the flyer it says March 29th.

The DA asked a whole flurry of questions, confusing questions a lot of objections. The judge was was getting that look on her face. She asked a lot of questions about when the flyer was shown to Christine DeFilippo. She still trying bring Christine DeFilippo into this thing and hasn’t learned her lesson yet. He said again he met Christine DeFilippo on 28 June 2012 in person at 838 9th St and called her about an hour hour and ½ later he called her back. He did not recall if Christine’s DeFilippo still had the flyer or if he gave her another one. Ken Barringer kinda looks like just a good old boy but he has a terrible memory problem, he has real no recall, even when he reviews his report. If there’s more than a two minute delay in giving the answer what he just read he has to read it again. He asked Christine DeFilippo the date that the family had come by the house. He couldn’t remember if Christine DeFilippo was volunteering the information on the family or if he was drawing information out of her with questions, he he had no recall whatsoever. He did read the report again and it says that she was volunteering not asking. He said that she did say that she had problems with thefts on the property they were stealing mom and dad’s stuff. She said the Frank Carson owned the property and Frank Carson’s parents own 914 9th St which is one door over. He was asked if he asked her about the detached garage by 838 9th St and he said that she said Ryan Schmidt used to live in the detached garage but apparently not at the time. She was not aware of the last theft that that had occurred. He asked her if she had had any contact or referred to anybody on the opposite side of the fence. She said there was two men on the opposite side of the fence, remember she called in the white trash boys, and it was about two years prior to that day that they were talking. They were just standing there on the other side of the fence and they gave her the creeps. On June 28, 2012 Christine referred him to Frank Carson to inquire about searching the property and the number that she gave him to call was Frank Carson’s office. Marlisa made a point of asking did he give his cell phone number? Did you get did she give a home number? But it was just an office number and Christine to Filippo had told him it was an office number. He said that the Christine DeFilippo said she had heard a scuffle in the back but it was way back on the property and it was some time ago, so she didn’t know when it occurred, but I don’t really know but it sounded like he was prior to their theory night. She says she knew that there were people watching the property and didn’t really clarify that but by the next question asked I’m assuming it was outside people watching property, not Frank Carson or somebody along that line because she talked about a female come over and told her there was stuff going on on the property and people were coming into the yard. Now that’s when Linda Sue Burns and Eula Keyes had gone to her house and for some reason they were doing the thefts but they wanted to go tell her about it. That’s a Tweaker mentality to be honest with you.

I made a note in the sidebar my notes here that says Barringer was constantly referring to his reports and even saying did not recall after he read his report. Now Ken Barringer seems like a pretty good guy just looking at him, I don’t know him personally but he does have a terrible memory problem. He reminded me a little bit, I’m sorry about this Mr. Barringer, but Jim Cook. Jim Cook would read something, he’d have to write down what he read on a piece of paper on the witness stand and then when he answered the question he read off the paper.

Barringer talked about July 12, 2012 they had a surveillance on Frank Carson. They are doing a surveillance, getting search warrants and wiretaps and Remember to the search warrant was on July 15, 2012 they were doing wiretaps during this time and interviews are based on some of the results of the search but they are saying it’s just a missing person investigation. Well you cannot get a wiretap legally, based on a missing person case, there have to be other factors involved, like a possible homicide so that’s been brought up several times before.

He actually he said on July 12, 2012 they were doing a surveillance on Frank Carson, then he realized it was July 13, 2012 after reading his report again. He was following Frank Carson. He came out of his house in Modesto, it is not where he lives now, but where he lived at the time. He saw Frank Carson leaving in a 90s suburban so he followed Frank Carson. He traveled to some different locations, some of them he didn’t recall and from his house he went down Sherwood Drive and then to Briggsmore and then on the Highway 99. He exited Crows Landing Rd. And went east on W. Main Street. He stopped at a residence on Main Street and walked around the property, he did not see anybody else and after West Main he went southbound on Crows Landing. Now he’s saying this address was either in Crows Landing or Turlock I think that’s what he said. He went west bound on Fink Road from Crows landing Road. Judge Zuniga was funny during this point because she said What Road? Fink Road. What Road? Fink Road. She finally got FINK Road. He turned to I5 and went northbound on I5 to Stir Road exited I5 and turned back onto I5 Southbound then back to Fink Rd. He went westbound on Fink Road and Frank Carson was in his big suburban and Barringer was not able to continue the surveillance, he was not able to keep up with him. This occurred in the middle the day, not late at night or anything like that. It was like in the morning 10 – 11 o’clock in the morning.

So we took a break and we came back from break. Again they talked about his role in the investigation. He was the first person assigned he did participate in the search warrants on July 15, 2012 the search warrants were at 838, 912 and 914 9th St. There was photos taken and some items taken in the search warrant some computers and phones and things like that were taken. The DOJ was present doing most of the work on the search warrant. Remember on at 838 9th St, their alleged crime scene, the DOJ brought in cadaver dogs and specialized equipment, the running cameras and took pictures, but didn’t find any evidence. There is not one piece of evidence that was taken out in the yard, the lot or anywhere in the back of any of these properties where allegedly Korey Kauffman was bludgeoned to death and shot or whatever happened. When the search warrant was over he went the Pop and Cork did some standby for security at the Pop and Cork. He did not recall if he saw Agent Brody over there. That was asked I don’t know why. He was asked if he knows at the time Deputy Mariscal because he was at the Pop and Cork and he said he didn’t but I guess Mariscal was actually handling the search warrant a Pop and Cork is what it sounded like. He helped process some of the items from Pop and Cork after search warrants were done. They went to Ceres Police Department afterwards and it was actually operational headquarters for the search warrants and what was going on prior to the search warrant. It was done at Ceres Police Department and then they debriefed at back at Ceres Police Department. All investigators were there he was given some items from Pop and Cork, they were locked up in some lockers at the evidence room to be secured and they were saved for Corey Brown who had come in and processes evidence personally. most of it is the stuff has his name all over it. at the ninth Street properties he did pretty much the same thing. He was talking about that Christine DeFilippo interview again, he had asked if anyone is allowed on the property? She said Frank Carson and mom has access. he said he attempted to contact Frank Carson on July 12, 2012 at the office. the DA had them identify Frank Carson and both Atwal brothers in the courtroom to prove that he knew they were. You know I always, laugh when they have witnesses identify suspects in in court because it’s not like they’re going identify somebody else that’s in courtroom. It’s not like they’re gonna they’re going to look at the court reporter and say oh yeah its her. It’s pretty obvious you know who they are but they always do that in court. Except for Kimberly Stout she didn’t know which Atwal was which.

He went with the Frank Navarro, they both went to Frank Carson’s office and I believe that was around August 9th when they dropped off the questions, because on August 8th he went in talk to Frank Carson and Frank Carson told to put their questions in writing. Frank Navarro was with him. Frank Carson has no love for Frank Navarro and my guess is it’s vice a versa, but did both gone into talk to Frank Carson. They were allowed to walk back into his office and sit down and talk for minute. He did not recall what was said to him but he said he was told they were there to investigate a missing person. Remember it is a missing person’s case. Frank Carson told them to provide a list of questions and he would answer them and asked them to leave. Both officers left fairly quickly when asked to. He was asked if he did present a list of 14 questions in a letter that was given to Frank Carson on August 9, 2012. if you recall August 9, 2014 Ken Berringer dropped off a list of questions at Frank Carson’s office for him to answer at Frank Carson’s request. It was about ½ hour 45 minutes is when the infamous Kirk Bunch, Jon Evers and Frank Navarro went back to Frank Carson’s office and hey had that escapade at the office because some of the questions were really pretty extreme. They asked how much blood was there when he killed Korey? What did you do with the body? There were many questions like that, 14 of them. Remember it’s a missing person’s case.

there was a transcript that Marlisa Ferreira was waiting on for a bit. She decided at the last minute play this recording of him first visiting Frank Carson’s office with Frank Navarro, not on the ninth, but prior to that. I don’t have a date here so they must not of said it, but it was sometime prior to that. She got the transcript, it did show up very quickly from her office and there was a disk that they had shown to Detective Barringer to authenticate. It was a disk he said of the recording , cause he was wearing a recorder that day. They handed out transcript to the jurors, the attorneys and interpreters. The DA played that recording of the visit and he tells Frank Carson here are the questions and return as soon as possible. Beringer is talking to them real nice actually. Frank Carson was very assertive as many know Frank Carson could be and he was asking who the investigators were in the case. Is it Corey Brown? He said is a Kirk Bunch? He said is it the Jon Evers? Frank Navarro? Frank Carson kept saying he just wanted to be clear about who is investigating this case and he wants to know who the investigators are. Barringer never answered the question of who the investigators are and then he finally just left. It was a like a one minute – minute and ½ recording.

He said on his first interview with Mike Cooley was on for 4-10- 2012 and he said that was a first time Mike Cooley was involved in the investigation. Well I don’t think that’s true. Anyway maybe on his aspect of it but there was no other officers and talk to Cooley prior to that, that’s already been testified to, mostly by Cooley. He said the Cooley information came from the CSO Gonzales, I believe her name is and there was a Deputy Garner who wrote a report on the missing person in the report was written on 4-2-2012 and basically what they’re saying is Mike Cooley was the reporting party and the last one to see them alive. He was told that the case involved Frank Carson. He said he did not know the Frank Carson was personally involved, but he knew it was Frank Carson’s property on the backside across the fence from Cooley’s property. He knew that Mike Cooley was the last person to see Korey Kauffman alive and Kaufman was at Mike Cooley’s residence until about 11:45 PM on March 30, 2012. now that’s both what Cooley and Keyes said, but their times are totally different but there were the last one to seem alive on that date. Kaufman had told Cooley that he was and go steal some metals on the Frank Carson property and Barringer said that Korey Kauffman said he was going to just jump the fence. Remember is not what Cooley said, Cooley said there’s a big hole in the fence. The problem of that was that the fence was repaired a year before that and they have the paperwork to prove it. They knew that it was Frank Carson’s property. He did not recall anything being said about any pipes. They just talked about some metals and there was metals everywhere back there. He said only metals nothing was mentioned about pipes. Barringer did not recall anything about pipes. Mike Cooley continually referred to Korey Kauffman in the past tense. Now remember this is on April 10, 2012, this is 10 days since he went missing. He didn’t even note in the report of the past tense usage. He kept saying he was a good kid, he was like a son to me, you know he was my best friend. So this is how the conversation continually went. There was no talk about a hole in the fence. He was told to Korey Kauffman was going to jump the fence. He said he did look in the back, he didn’t look too close but he did look back there and he can see the whole fence and there was no holes in the fence. Mike Cooley never said anything about a hole in the fence until he testified, but he never said anything to Barringer. He said Mike Cooley did give some theories of what happened and Cooley also mentioned the houses on Ninth Street which were 908 and 838 Ninth Street. remember 908 is Bill Borba’s house which is right next to 838 9th St and they’ve they don’t have the fence in between them if I remember right. Beringer went to 908 ninth Street and talked to the owner Bill Borba on June 25, 2012. on 4-10-12 when he was talking to Cooley did not recall any metal looking when he looked through the fence he did not recall any metal pipes or anything like that back there. He did know that 838 was Frank Carson’s property 914 was Frank Carson’s parents property and he again he did not recall any metal. Mike Cooley did he said kept saying that 908 Ninth Street which was Borba’s property was Frank Carson’s property. Again Mike Cooley said the Korey Kauffman left at 1145pm or so that evening and he was going to go steal the metal across the fence and he said he’d be back. Mike Cooley said there was a caretaker on the property, it was a friend or relative of a Carson.

They ended up in a sidebar and is I don’t really know what was about, but their sidebars have been pretty animated recently, but they didn’t seem too bad today. There was one earlier that seemed a little contentious.

He said there was a person that had accused Mike Cooley of doing the thefts on the property. He said that Mike Cooley said the day that the law enforcement officers talk to the person that person said he was a private investigator and law enforcement never talk to anybody that I’m aware of other than Frank Carson, there was no effort to hide his identity. He did not know the name of the caretaker given by Mike Cooley, but did know that the 838 9th St was owned by Frank Carson. They are really going heavy on the ownership of these properties. Mike Cooley talked about rumors that were going around about Kevin Pickett said it was 3-29-2012 that was a missing date of Korey. He did not recall Kevin Pickett saying the last day that Korey was alive. He was shown the missing person flyer again that the he got from the Picketts, he said there were several apparently that were done in this one said it was on the 29th. He first talked to the Picketts on April 10 but did not really really did recall where or who we got the flyer from. He said Kevin Pickett did not see any other flyers, but Kevin Pickett did apparently make some other flyers. There was another unknown amount of flyers that were that were made and seen around the area.

This is around 4:10, it’s late in the day. The jury was sent home.

There some questions that the attorneys had. The defense is trying to get some of this information out and this last part up so I apologize it was Percy Martinez’s cross and Judge Zuniga said they are trying to get some of the third-party culpability out on that flyer. it said that somebody had attempted to run Korey Kauffman over with the car just a few days before he went missing and that person was a Rudolfo Gonzales. So there was some issues going on there is some some things going on with Rudolfo Gonzales. Apparently they had scrapped a horse trailer. Rudolfo Gonzales provided the trailer Korey Kauffman scrapped it and according to Rudolfo Gonzales he didn’t get his share of the proceeds when he scrapped it. They’re trying to get some third-party culpability out there and the judge says it’s not allowed. The only one that she’s allowing third-party culpability and is Mike Cooley because it’s been pretty much established he has a obsession with knives and he has has a temper which pretty much everybody admitted to.

at this time is about 4:15 Marlisa Ferreira realizing that Ken Barringer’s got to come back tomorrow that were not starting tomorrow until 10 AM. there is an issue with a juror who has a family court hearing in the morning. They think the be done by 10 o’clock. The judge talked to the court down there they think the be done by 10 o’clock. Marlisa advised the court at 4:15 that today that Ken Barringer has some type of surgery going on it tomorrow at 2 o’clock. She never mentioned this earlier. She never told anybody about it. She said she just found out on this last break. To be honest with you and Judge Zuniga said it the way he is testified I believe you because he can’t remember what that he has a really poor memory. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. The judge does not want to break up this testimony. That was the end of the day.




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