Strap in, folks. We’ve got another case of “bigotry” to debunk. This time, a bar had the audacity to have a dress code. Those bastards. This led African American people of color on the interwebs to cry racism.

Check it out:

Rochester, N.Y., resident Herbert Smith wasn’t aware of the controversy he was about to create when he was moved to post a photo of a local bar’s dress code to his Facebook page. But since he took to social media to share the long list of items that can’t be worn inside the Murphy’s Law Irish Pub in his neighborhood, some people are calling out the bar for enforcing a “racist” dress code.

Nearly 200 comments later, Smith now realizes he wasn’t alone in his feelings about the restrictions against items such as straight-brim caps, hoodies, bandanas, white tees, and Timberland work boots. Multiple commenters said the list was a clear example of “prejudice.”

“Code for no black people,” one person wrote. “Racist. Hands-down,” said another.

Here’s the dress code in question. Ready your safe space:

Notice how the garments on the list are far from “black only” attire. White tees and hoodies are in every male and female’s closet in ‘Murica. Camo, sleeveless shirts, and ball caps are style staples of every honky south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Allow me to head the mob off at the pass. There’s no racism to be found here. The bar is just trying to uphold their reputation as a choice establishment. So, they don’t want their patrons dressing like slobs. There are worse things. Have you seen Walmart after 6 pm? Or at any time at all? If only eye-rape were a punishable offense.

No, “slob” is not a dog whistle for “black.” It doesn’t matter if you’re the darkest shade of black or whiter than Conan O’Brien in February. Dressing slovenly transcends skin color. Sweatpants are equal opportunity ugly. If the code is stopping you from entering their place of business, perhaps an upgrade to your wardrobe is in order. Class it up a little. While you’re at it, pick up an iron and an ironing board. Maybe just one shirt without your favorite band emblazoned on the front. No need to get too crazy, just try to fall somewhere between Beavis’ Butthead and James Bond.

We’re all free to criticize a business, sure. Though, in this case, the mob is blowing a simple dress code out of proportion. As usual, squealing racism where there is none. There are two simple solutions when confronted with a dress code such as this. Get an outfit befitting of somebody older than 13, or get your drink on at an alternative establishment. Fair enough?