Scott McFarlane had a scheduled court date this afternoon at 1 o’clock in department eight.

McFarlane’s attorney Larry Niemeyer and a few other people including myself were there at 1 o’clock on the dot.

Problem was Marlisa Ferreira was nowhere to be seen and calls to her office indicated that they were attempting to locate her. Around 1341 hrs. Marlisa Ferreira finally showed up in court and immediately went into chambers with Larry Niemeyer. They were in their about five or six minutes.

At that point all attorneys Scott McFarland and Kirk Bunch went into a side room, which look like the custody area to me, and they were in there about 15 minutes.

Judge Moody was on the bench around 1407 hrs. and all parties had agreed to continue today’s date until March 4, 2019. Judge Moody also noted that the preliminary hearing will be had on that date with no exceptions, unless a deal can be struck.

At that time the court was called into recess and there are no other scheduled hearings until March 4, 2019.

Also note that the clerk’s office has prepared a copy of the District Attorney’s Office response to the recent defense misconduct motion regarding Jim Cook. They have notified me and I will pick it up tomorrow.