WEEK 24, DAY 80

Court resumed this morning at 9:17AM out of the presence of the jury. We start out with defense attorney Jai Gohel making arguments that a time limit should be imposed on the prosecution in this case. He states that it took until week 22 before any evidence concerning the death of Korey Kauffman was presented to the jury. Jai Gohel states that the prosecution has just turned over hundreds of pages of new discovery to the defense, and that this has been a continuing problem during this case. He calls this a delay tactic designed to make sure that a verdict is not reached until the election is done in November. Birgit Fladager, our DA, is up for re-election, and I am sure she does not want any possibility that an acquittal could affect the results of the election. Jai Gohel states that these tactics have impinged on the defendant’s rights to a fair trial, and due process. He wants the prosecution to put Robert Woody on the stand as soon as possible. Jai Gohel states that this case is already “baked,” and after Robert Woody testifies it will really be done. He complains of the many cumulative and irrelevant things that have been presented by the prosecution.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez states that he just received 1200 pages of new discovery, and it is time consuming to go through everything that has been presented at this late date.

Marlisa Ferreira counters that Percy Martinez asked for a day off just last week. She states that her original estimate was for this trial to last 8-10 months, and that she knows that the defense was banking on 4-6 months. She states that the defense chose to take their estimate over her estimate on how long the trial was going to take. She now goes into a rather long and animated rant. She states that she has never called in sick, and never asked for a day off. She calls the defense request absurd, and not based on case law. She states that she wants to find out how much it cost for the defense to put on Dr. Leo, who testified about coerced confessions. She states that this is a circumstantial evidence case, and each witness is necessary for her to prove her case. She talks about how all the witnesses provide pieces to the puzzle.

Percy Martinez states that this case will rise and fall with the testimony of Robert Woody. He states that he needs the 10th of October off so that he can attend to a kidnapping/robbery case that is having its arraignment. Judge Zuniga states that this case is a homicide case, and takes priority by case law. Percy agrees to be here on the 10th, and states that he will also be able to be here on October 12th.

Judge Zuniga asks Marlisa Ferreira about two report that she had just turned over in discovery. Marlisa states that one of the reports is 15 pages long with some attachments. She talks about how Praveen Singh is going to testify, and allegedly will say that Frank Carson had told him that he was going to be at his Turlock property on the night that Korey Kauffman was allegedly killed. Marlisa Ferreira now speaks about a report that describes an incident between Frank Carson and a Deputy DA in her office that allegedly happened. This could result in yet another hearing. Marlisa Ferreira states that a testimonial agreement has been signed between Scott McFarlane and the DA for his testimony.

Judge Zuniga states that all parties are guilty for prolonging this trial. She disagrees with Jai Gohel that the delays have impinged on the defendant’s rights to a fair trial and due process. Judge Zuniga speaks about the huge number of objections, side bars, and repetitious questions by the defense attorneys. She speaks about the re re re re-direct examinations by Marlisa Ferreira. She speaks about the many problems with the jurors that have popped up, and the health issues that have plagued this case. Jai Gohel’s request for a time limit for the prosecution is turned down by Judge Zuniga.

At 9:54AM, the jury is brought into the courtroom, and Detective is brought to the stand for Marlisa Ferreira to finish her re-direct examination. Detective Barringer testifies that he reviewed the case information before he interviewed Kevin Pickett the first time. He testifies about reviewing the original report that had been written by Jason Garner. Marlisa Ferreira has no further questions at this time.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez gets Barringer to admit that he had looked up police contacts with Michael Cooley. He could not remember if any of the contacts involved Frank Carson. I believe that none of the contacts involved Frank Carson. Detective Barringer could also not remember if any of the calls from Eula Keyes involved Frank Carson. Barringer was asked about a report concerning the Cooley clan reporting that someone calling himself a private investigator came over to talk to them. Detective Barringer states that no report was written on this. Detective Barringer states that when he looked out at the Carson yard, he did not see any hole in the fence. Percy Martinez has no further questions at this time.

Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson gets Detective Barringer to testify that when he spoke to Kevin Pickett on 04/10/2012 that he did not ask him about the last date that he had seen Korey Kauffman. Detective Barringer testifies that on 05/18/2012, Kevin Pickett had told him that he last saw Korey Kauffman on 03/29/2012. Hans has no further questions at this time.

Jai Gohel now takes over asking the questions. Jai gets Detective Barringer to once again state that he was told on 05/18/2012 by Kevin Pickett that he last saw Korey Kauffman on 03/29/2012. Jai gets Barringer to state that Kevin Pickett was using his visit to Mulberry Mobile Home Park, which was documented by police reports, as a way of establishing 03/29/2012 as the last day that he had seen Korey Kauffman. Detective Barringer states that he was not targeting Frank Carson in his investigation and had never had any problems with Frank Carson. Jai has no further questions at this time.

Marlisa Ferreira gets Detective Barringer to state that he was present during regular briefings on this case, and that no other suspects had been discussed. Barringer states that he shared the results of his interviews with the other investigators, and that witness statements had caused him to interview different people. Detective Barringer testifies that he used information gathered from the wire-taps for his investigation. Detective Barringer states that he was never able to identify the caretaker/private investigator discussed earlier. Marlisa Ferreira has no further questions at this time.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez gets Detective Barringer to speak about an interview with Mike Cooley on 04/10/2012. Barringer states that Michael Cooley never said that Frank Carson had said that he was the private investigator/caretaker. Barringer denies that Michael Cooley spoke to him about an incident that happened on 02/06/2011, and also another incident that I was unable to get the date on.

Marlisa Ferreira gets Detective Barringer to state that he was not tasked with doing any follow up on Mike Cooley. Barringer states that Kirk Bunch had this responsibility. Kirk Bunch is like a handler for Mike Cooley, and any follow up would have been minimal (In My Opinion.) We are now done with Detective Barringer, and he is allowed to step down from the stand.

The next witness that Marlisa Ferreira calls to the stand is the biological mother of Korey Kauffman. We all know her as Trina Richardson, but she is now called Trina Hutson. This poor lady is simply terrified as she takes the stand, and is shaking. She presently lives in Trenton, Tenn. In 2012, she testifies that she lived in Midloatian Texas. She is shown Exhibit 429, and recognizes her signature on the piece of paper. She states that she was called in to provide a buccal swab (for DNA.) She tearfully states that she had spoken to Korey Kauffman on the phone frequently. She states that she last spoke to Korey Kauffman about two weeks before 04/10/2012, and that someone else had told her that he was missing. She states that Tony Kauffman was the father of Korey Kauffman. She states that Tony Kauffman worked on “Lumping trucks,” and was out of state in Washington State. She states that she tried to call Korey Kauffman many many times after he disappeared, but would only get his voice mail. She states that she called friends, and texted friends to try to find out information concerning her son. She states that she called the local hospitals looking for him. She states that Korey Kauffman was living with Kevin Pickett when he disappeared. She states that Korey Kauffman usually got around on his bicycle, and it was unusual for him to leave his bike somewhere, and never pick it up. She now fully breaks down on the stand, and begins to sob uncontrollably. Judge Zuniga calls a morning recess till 11:00AM.

After the jury and witness are out of the courtroom, Sarah and Tom O’Keefe are brought into the courtroom. They are told to be back in the courtroom on November 8th at 9:00AM. I heard something about Tom O’Keefe being a CHP Officer, and Sarah O’Keefe being someone who had heard something at Pop N Cork Liquors while she was in the bathroom. I simply can’t remember anything about this folks.

It is now 11:08, and the jury is brought back into the courtroom. Nobody has any further questions for Trina Richardson (Hotson.) Judge Zuniga speaks about Ms.Gonzalez being on the stand at 1:30PM. The jury is sent to lunch.

Judge Zuniga now speaks about some pictures that she had reviewed last night. They involved the 2014 search warrant of Robert Woody. There were 5 photos that were discussed. One of the photos shows a smashed body wire recorder that was sitting on a front step. Another dealt with some ammunition. Percy Martinez states that these photos will only be relevant when Robert Woody testifies. Judge Zuniga throws out one of the photos that shows the body wire recorder in a close up in someone’s hand. Judge Zuniga states that a picture of a 22 caliber round taken 2 years after the disappearance was irrelevant. There was a picture of something the prosecution claims is a box of Winchester Super X 22 caliber ammunition that is copper jacketed. Judge Zuniga could not see the X on the box even with a magnifying glass. Marlisa Ferreira states that this is relevant because traces of lead and copper were found on the alleged bullet holes found in Korey Kauffman’s jacket. Marlisa Ferreira states that she will get a digital copy of this photo so that the judge can view it. Judge Zuniga states that she will need a better copy of the picture to view for herself. The next picture is a staged picture of Frank Carson holding a knife to a cat’s throat that was allegedly sent to Christina DeFelippo as a joke. Marlisa Ferreira tries to implicate that this is the knife that caused the slashes in Korey Kauffman’s coat. She states that a similar looking knife was found wrapped up in a black plastic bag in one of Frank Carson’s closets. Judge Zuniga states that this is: “So prejudicial,” and will not allow it to be shown to the jury. We have now run out of time for the morning session. I will be there tomorrow morning to report on what I hear and see.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)