Good evening everybody, this Marty from Dawgs Blog. Tonight Show is on October 9, 2018. here we are in week 25, day 84, doesn’t that make you proud? Wow! Anyway, if you listened to the noon time report, the transcription of that is up and Tom’s report is up.

Today they brought in Robert Branco. Just to clarify Robert Bronco is Mary Woody’s son, cousin of Woodrow Woody (Robert Lee Woody Junior), Robert Woody, who is in custody on this thing, is his uncle. they all lived in the same house together over there on East St., just a few doors down from Pop and Cork.

Court actually got started around 1:35 PM this afternoon. Attorney Hans continued his cross examination of Robert Bronco. Hans Hjertonsson was asking about when he was interviewed on February 26, 2014. the second time he was interviewed was August 19, 2015 and he was talking about the incident where Daljit Atwal was running and shooting a gun in the air, Bronco said that he ran outside and fired two rounds up in the air because there was a homeless person did a beer run and shot out the door with a case of beer. He said law enforcement came. There was one patrol car, it wasn’t a bunch of cars, so apparently it wasn’t over the gunfire. He did not personally talk to law enforcement officers, he only talked Daljit. He said he was truthful in talking to Kirk Bunch and in the interviews. In 2015 Kirk Bunch asked him if he had seen any violence or violent activities at the store or anybody involved in the store. He said no right at first and then he said, well he said no at first, because it is not in the report and then he said yes later. He was kind of wishy-washy. He was asked if he was truthful? He said yeah. He was asked if Korey Kauffman was his friend? He said he was more of an acquaintance. He told Kirk Bunch that Korey Kauffman was his friend and he’d met him about two weeks prior to Korey going missing.

There was an objection to this and a long, long, long sidebar. We had several long sidebars this afternoon. These witnesses kinda tend to drift off into areas that haven’t been allowed and the doors are kind of opened by the way the questions were asked by the DA.

He was asked about being at a house with Kaufman and a guy named Jason Mosley, I believe was the name. He told Kirk Bunch in February 2014 that he had known Jason for about a year. So it was a it was about a year prior to that that he met Korey Kauffman, so it was around 2013 when he met Korey Kauffman. His story just morphed again. He said he was not under the influence when he talked to Kirk Bunch, but he had used the day prior. He said he was a spot user and used and maybe a couple three times a week. He was asked if he’s under the influence right now? He said no, but he last smoked last week. He has no problem remembering things. He does sleep a lot at times after being up for days. Well, that’s what meth users do. To anybody is not familiar with that, the users use a massive amount of methamphetamine for several days, they’ll be up 2-3 days at a time than the body collapses and their down for 2-3 days at a time. That’s how the body reacts to being so accelerated by methamphetamine.

He said on the 2/26/2014 interview he saw photo or was shown a photo of Korey Kauffman, but he said it was Kenny Shipman, I believe is what they were talking about. Not sure when he learned that Korey Kauffman went missing, he says it was sometime from the news sometime in 2014. the DA was asking questions about that he kind of morphed a little bit on that because then originally he said it was the just a couple weeks prior to when he went missing.

Hans Hjertonsson was asking about Daljit Atwal conversations at the store. He says Daljit Atwal never mentioned Korey Kauffman’s name in his presence. A good buddy had told him about Korey Kauffman. Now almost the same breath, in the next sentence he says now says his Mom and Mary Bronco talked about Korey Kauffman and the situation a lot. He also said that Robert Woody had talked about the situation a lot. He said no one else was there when he talked to Robert Woody except for Robin (remember Robin Atenhoffer who has since deceased. She was the girlfriend/wife of Robert Woody. She had one the one that allegedly wrote the deathbed letter to the Pickett family). Robert Woody, he said, told them that something needed to be done about Korey Kauffman. Something about how Korey Kauffman had screwed over Kevin Pickett and his lawyer. So there was something about Kevin Pickett, a problem with Korey had done something, apparently ripping off his lawyer. The DA is trying to make it sound like that lawyer is Frank Carson and the way she tried to bring out the information. But when you look at it in its entirety, it is saying Kevin Pickett and his lawyer. Frank Carson was never Kevin Pickett’s lawyer to my knowledge. Hans had no further questions.

Jai Gohel started to cross Bronco and he was asked he was there during the search warrant at the Woody house and who was there, who was actually was living in the house. At the time of the search warrant Beverly Woody, Pebbles Bronco (I think it is Bronco’s sister), Tim Woody, Robert Woody, Miranda Dykes, (she was there after she had fled the witness protection) Robert Woody Sr. And Mary Bronco. They were always around and just talking about stuff- STUFF-as he put it.

There was another search warrant on 2/26/2014. they were actually looking for Robert Woody at that point. Robert Woody was not there, that’s when Robert Woody was hiding out in the hotels.

He said there was a altercation between Daljit Atwal and somebody, a shoplifter or something. Again I think that was the beer run. Daljit Atwal fired a shot in the air. But he had told Kirk Bunch that he’d never saw anything. Kirk Bunch specifically asked him if there were any violence tendencies that they were seen in anybody from the store. He said he never saw anything. He says he did tell Kirk Bunch a second time he talked to them, that was in August 2015. he says later in the interview he mentioned it. Jai Gohel was having the witness read the transcript of the report and he was trying to locate where in there he mentioned the Daljit Atwal incident. He says he does remember saying something, but it’s not in the report.

The other person at the house, he talked about Woodrow Woody (Robert Woody Junior) and he that court here today and he went to lunch together with Woodrow Woody. He said he never talked about his testimony to Robert Woody Jr. Or anybody else. He said the shot in the air occurred in the middle the day. Law enforcement officers never asked him what he saw, because he said he was at the store.

Percy Martinez began cross and he talked about the 2/26/14 interviews and using meth every other week which is what he said one time, then he said he was using two or three times a week. He also said that he had used methamphetamine the day prior to the Kirk Bunch interview in February 2014, but he did not tell Kirk Bunch that he had. He said he still uses meth every now and then. He was asked how he was brought the court? That was by Steve Jacobson. He did not talk to Steve Jacobson about his testimony. He did not talk to Steve Jacobson about his testimony. There is a reason I repeated that. He said he did tell Kirk Bunch it was Kevin Pickett’s lawyer’s property that Korey Kauffman was ripping off. Then Kirk Bunch brought Frank Carson into the conversation. Kirk Bunch was the first one to bring Frank Carson into the conversation. He said he didn’t know who Frank Carson was. He said D and Robert mentioned Frank Carson and he said he did tell Kirk Bunch about Frank Carson in 2014. again he refreshing his memory with a transcript of the report and Percy Martinez says well read their entire report and tell me where it says in there you told him about Frank Carson. We’ll wait.

the DA objected because it’s a 61 page report. So they go to sidebar while he’s reading the the report. And the judge decided to stop it and they’re going to do something different. They kinda put the report thing aside for a minute, having him read the report. they said they were going to go back to it, but just put it aside for the minute.

The DA went back on redirect and she was asking him about the person that had said something needed to be done. Now he’s saying, that the DA is asked him something else. The room lit up with objections. She’s really started leading questions with this witness. She’s trying to get specific answers out of him by leading him. It’s a habit that she’s gotten into. There was a long sidebar, a long sidebar. Finally the jury was sent out and Robert Bronco was sent to the side room to read the report. everything is kind of in disarray right now.

So what they did was they let Robert Bronco read the report in the side room and they brought up another witness by the name of Andrea Minetti. Andrea Minetti in 2013 she was a TV news reporter for Channel 13, she covered Sacramento down through Stanislaus County. She did not recall covering a story on Frank Carson’s office being broken into. She did review a film on on the break, prior to her coming in. Marlisa Ferreira is asking if if it was shown on TV? she said I don’t know if it ever aired. I don’t remember it. The video of the news report, which is a very short video was moved any evidence. She wants to play the video and the defense objects: no foundation. So Marlisa Ferreira asked her how she was assigned to that case? She says she refuses to answer how she was assigned on the California shield law for journalists. Unknown if it assigned by anybody else or she actually covered the story, she didn’t know and she doesn’t have to reveal her sources or how the story came about came about because of the California shield law for journalists. She was very distinct and very articulate about that. The video was played and it was a short, about a 20 second news byte. Sam Shane from Channel 13 introducing the story. she was did a live shot in front of Frank Carson’s office. They did a couple soundbites with Frank Carson himself, talked about the break-in and Frank Carson’s response to it. He said it was kind is unusual that it happened, the timing of it that happened.

Now Marlisa Ferreira tried asked more questions. She would not answer the question because first of all she didn’t have any recall and second of all she had journalistic rights that protect her revealing her sources. Finally the DA says no further questions after playing the video. Again there was a long sidebar. The defense had no questions, it was really a silly thing to put this witness on. I don’t know what the DA was trying to prove with that.

They came back to Robert Bronco and the DA asked him if he told Kirk Bunch that he didn’t like Korey Kauffman. He said yeah, said that because Korey Kauffman was ripping off his own Dad and his Dad’s lawyer. The Atwal conversations apparently included Robert Woody and she asked if the statements occurred prior to Korey Kauffman going missing? He said yeah. She asked if Pop and Cork was in a residential area? It’s pretty much a residential area. He said he did not have any idea what Daljit Atwal said the police when they showed up.

Judge Zuniga stepped up and started asking questions if he came out of the back part of the store when the police were there, because they were kind of on the side of the store towards the back apparently, but he said he didn’t hear any conversations or what was going on. Hans Hjertonsson went into cross again. He said was Turlock Police Department that was there. He was asked if he told Kirk Bunch that he could or would lie in a homicide case for his family members, namely as his uncle right now? He said something to the effect you just go with it, just improvise maybe is what he meant, I don’t know.

Percy Martinez went back to cross. He had reviewed the transcript that Percy had wanted him to look at and he said that some lawyer was Kevin Pickett’s lawyer, he said it was not Frank Carson. Frank Carson was not that lawyer. He also told Kirk Bunch that it was not Robert Woody’s lawyer. He said Kirk Bunch brought up Frank Carson and he did not. Again he did not know who Frank Carson was.

The DA went back to re-re-re-redirect, everybody likes have the last word, and he said that he learned from his uncle, that Korey Kauffman was stealing from Kevin Pickett’s lawyer. He said something to the effect to Kirk Bunch that all lawyers are the same, but he did not recall what he was referring to. Robert Woody and Daljit Atwal said Frank Carson was a lawyer and he was telling Kirk Bunch about it. He was willing to lie in a homicide, but he right now he was telling the truth to Kirk Bunch and he would never lie under these circumstances.

Hans Hjertonsson went back to re-ross and asked him if he would lie for Robert Woody? He said well, maybe a little bit.

Percy Martinez asked him, remember before in 2014 when he talked Kirk Bunch would his memory be better than that it is now? He’s saying he remembers everything now and 2014 he did not say it was the Frank Carson property that was being stolen from.

Again Marlisa Ferreira’s went into redirect and he said Woodrow Woody found out on his own about the incident in the store. He didn’t tell him. I don’t even know why she asked that. He said they never talked about it, even though they sit around and talk about everything is what he said. No further questions of Bronco and he was done.

Robert Woodrow Woody was called to the stand. He’d been sitting outside pretty much all day, in fact he’d been sticking his nose in the window of the door in the back of the courtroom and the judge finally told Kirk Bunch to remove him from those doors and they sent him down by the elevators.

Robert Woody Jr. was on the stand. The DA went on direct. He and he said he lives with Beverly and Robert Woody Sr and “a bunch of people”. this kid strong struck me as being fairly intelligent, but very arrogant. Sometimes the defense would make an objection and he would echo that objection. He said he knew D and Bobby from Pop and Cork and he saw some stuff in Pop and Cork. It was something with D and a homeless person where that altercation occurred. He didn’t recall when the altercation occurred, but he saw an incident he said then he kept saying I saw a lot of incidents or lots of things happened. He said there’s an incident with a homeless person that did a beer run, Daljit chasing down and Robert Woody also chased him down. Then he said they did not really catch him, but there was lots of running. Then he was asked if D if he saw D beat this homeless person and he said no, there’s a better incident than that. There was an objection and it just kinda turned everything upside down. They’re supposed be talking about specific instances and he’s going into a lot of other things the judge has not allowed some of this stuff it he keeps bringing up. The other incident was Daljit Atwal was shouting at somebody. He was asked if he told Kirk Bunch that Robert Bronco saw somebody shoot at someone at the store. He said that incident occurred on 3/6/2004. Kirk Bunch had asked something about it, but he did not recall the time frame that that it happened.

He says he never “legally”, and he put his two fingers up, worked at Pop and Cork. He helps outside some, when he was in junior high around 2008 or so. He never knew Korey Kauffman and he never heard about Korey Kauffman disappearing until Kevin Pickett had mentioned something sometime when Kevin Pickett was at the store, but again he doesn’t remember when it happened. He did not know Kevin Pickett, I think he said he saw him a couple times in the store. But he said he did talk to Kevin Pickett at Pop and Cork and he couldn’t remember when and that’s when he was talking about Korey Kauffman. He’d gone to Pop and Cork many times after, which he did not tell Kirk Bunch about, but he turned around immediately and said that he didn’t go to Pop and Cork after he told was told that Korey was missing. This is kind of the way his testimony would go, he’d say something and immediately say the exact opposite. He saw police officers at the Pop and Cork on occasion. In 2012 he saw law enforcement both off and on-duty. He saw Q, somebody by the name of Thomas, somebody by the name of Tim and Walter Wells. He saw Walter Wells and Tim drinking in the bar, there’s a minibar at the back of the lot, sounds like it was outside in the back lot outside the store.

At this point the jury was sent out for the night, it was 3:56 PM. They’re coming back tomorrow at 9 AM. the attorneys had a couple things they had put on the record. Hans requested a review of responses the of other incidents this witness has spoke of, that he told Kirk Bunch only on this this one incidence and the DA should have advised the witness to not respond to the other incidents. The DA should had the witness better prepared.

Jai Gohel says this is 1101, remember that’s prior bad acts, and has been extremely vetted. The DA did not get thorough enough with all the other incidents in what’s been allowed and not allowed. They need a remedy because it’s been said in front of the jury. Jai Gohel made another motion for mistrial.

Percy Martinez argued that being codefendants this information could hurt all of the defendants including Frank Carson. The DA had the responsibility to talk about one incident and one incident only. The bell cannot be unrung. The witness was not directed to talk about the one incident.

The DA responded by saying the witness was given report to read and told to talk to only about the one incident. She said she tried to lead the witness, but the defense objected and she had to ask those open ended questions. She is saying is she she wants to be able to lead witnesses, which is improper questioning in court, to get the right answers, but the defense is objecting so she can’t ask leading questions that she had the answer to, she had to ask open ended question that she didn’t know the answer to. Which you never asked a question that you don’t know the answer to. And she asked if they want a mistrial that they have to do a written motion for mistrial. We do have one motion already next week, a mistrial motion on the Jim Cook stuff.

Jai Gohel said if the witness is prepped, no leading is necessary. Proper preparation of your witness is really the cornerstone that attorneys do and these witnesses, even police officers coming in haven’t been properly prepped and he does want to have a hearing on the motion.

The DA said she can put the witness up and the investigators do the interviews to find out the information. She said investigators are used for preparation of the witnesses. She says objections to the questions by the defense is a, what she’s trying to say is that they’re trying to intimidate witnesses or something little bit, I don’t know. She also noted that it was Judge Zuniga’s fault that she told her that she had to get the witness the court because like the Michael Cooley and Eula Keyes days, they were not able to get to the court on time, they had transportation problems. So she blamed the judge for her Steve Jacobson having to transport them, because she said they were under court order. The judge said no you’re not it only pertains to Eula Keyes. Judge Zuniga saying that it was not an order, just in an issue with Eula Keys and has told the witnesses not to volunteer any other information and she did chastise him a bit when he was out after jury left the room. She said that the defense can file a motion.

That’s where we were at the end of the day. I don’t know why we did the things we did today, like the news reporter, I have no idea why she was there. so that was that’s about it. We are down the 3 alternate Jurors now. Coming back tomorrow at 9 AM.

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