WEEK 25, DAY 87

We start out at 9:09AM this morning outside of the presence of the jury. Jai Gohel immediately requests that the prosecution be compelled to reveal just how much money the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office has spent on this fiasco. Jai cites testimony that the prosecution has presented that infers that all of the funding has come from the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. All of us know that this is simply not true. Marlisa Ferreira opened this up as fair game with her line of questioning, so I really expect that we will eventually know just how much the DA’s Office has spent on this case. Jai Gohel asks where the recording of Ryan Schmidt at his workshop on Laurel Ave is. Marlisa Ferreira had stated that such a recording exists.

Marlisa Ferreira immediately goes into damage control, and states that she was mistaken yesterday when she said that a recording of this incident exists. She states that she had mixed up this encounter at the workshop with another visit that had been recorded. She states that Ryan Schmidt was supposed to take a polygraph examination, and that the investigators had showed up at the workshop to ask him about taking the polygraph. Marlisa Ferreira disputes that: “those words were exchanged” at the workshop. I note at this time that Marlisa Ferreira looks terrible this morning. This case is destroying all of us, but she shows it the worst.

Defense attorney Percy Martinez states: “This is the whole case in a nut shell.” Percy: “There was no confusion.” Percy: “The confusion came up only after we asked for the report and the recording.” Percy: “She is now backpedaling. Percy: “The investigators always come armed with a recorder.” Percy: “DA Investigator Kirk Bunch did not respond when Marlisa Ferreira said that a recording was made.”

Judge Zuniga: “This has to be remedied in front of the jury.” Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson states that he wants to know what recording that Marlisa Ferreira mixed up with the incident at the workshop on Laurel Ave. Hans: “Did she know it was recorded?”

Jai Gohel states: “How incredibly duplicitous she is.” Jai: “She covers up a lie with a lie.” Marlisa Ferreira literally explodes in her chair, and interrupts Jai Gohel at this time. Judge Zuniga: “Ms. Ferreira, you interrupts all the time.” We have a huge argument at this time.

Marlisa Ferreira immediately goes into one of her rants. Marlisa: “Every time I make a mistake (A Lie) I am accused of lying.” She did lie. Marlisa Ferreira now continues her rant for a very long time. Now, Marlisa Ferreira tries to deflect her own guilt. Marlisa: “This was all set up by the defense, this witness was lying.” More rant follows. Marlisa to Judge Zuniga: “The look I gave you yesterday, they coached him, he refused to take a polygraph.” Marlisa Ferreira now complains about how Frank Carson had made contact with Ryan Schmidt while driving him to and from the courthouse yesterday, and at his office. She states that this is a violation of Judge Zuniga’s orders for Frank Carson not to talk to any of the witnesses. There is just a little problem with this argument folks.

Percy Martinez brings up the fact that Ryan Schmidt was excluded from the list of people that Frank Carson was forbidden to talk to. Ryan Schmidt works for Frank Carson as a handyman, and Judge Zuniga has allowed Frank Carson to talk to Ryan Schmidt as much as he wants to. Percy Martinez states that the DA’s Office is doing constant surveillance of Frank Carson and his office, and that Marlisa Ferreira asked all the questions. Percy Martinez: “We never went into Ryan Schmidt calling officers assholes.” Percy: “Marlisa Ferreira got into that on re-direct.” Percy: “There is no evidence that we are coaching Ryan Schmidt.” Percy: “Ryan Schmidt works for Frank Carson.”

Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson states: “Not being prepared is not an excuse.” Hans: “She is deflecting.” Jai Gohel: “She always turns it around on us, it is the same pattern every single time.”

Marlisa Ferreira now goes into excuse mode. Marlisa: “There are over 1400 recordings in this case.” Marlisa Ferreira now attacks Jai Gohel. Marlisa: “I have spoken to DA’s all over this state.” She says something like all of the DA’s she has spoken to say that Jai Gohel does bad things. I couldn’t take notes fast enough, so I really had to paraphrase that statement of hers. Marlisa Ferreira now goes into another very long rant. Marlisa Ferreira is shouting and turning red as a beet.

Judge Zuniga now begins to speak. She tells Percy Martinez that he had said that the defense is searching for the truth. She states that it will be up to the jury to find the truth. She states that a lot of accusations have been made by both sides in this case. She talks about all the acrimony that exists, and how she has never seen acrimony at this level before. Judge Zuniga: “Ms. Ferreira, you absolutely explode.” Judge Zuniga now sternly warns Marlisa Ferreira that she will be in terrible trouble if it is found that she is lying to the court. I really don’t think Marlisa’s lies are in question. This has happened more than once folks. Judge Zuniga states that Kirk Bunch talking to Marlisa Ferreira during testimony is a problem. Judge Zuniga states that Marlisa Ferreira has indicated that this was all a mistake, and that she will accept that. Judge Zuniga states that this must be remedied in front of the jury.

Marlisa Ferreira states that she could not find a report or a recording of this incident when she searched last night. She states that she is still looking for a report or a recording. I thought that she had just said that a recording never was made. She states that Kirk Bunch thought that he had written a report, or that a recording had been made. Judge Zuniga states that she will remedy this by instructing the jury that Marlisa Ferreira was mistaken when she said that a recording was made of the incident. Are we really sure that a recording or report does not exist?

Finally, at 10:57AM, the jury is brought into the courtroom. Detective Cory Brown is brought to the stand. We immediately have a side bar. I must note that I did not see Judge Zuniga refuse a side bar that was requested by anyone this morning. She has been criticized for refusing side bars. This has resulted in some testimony that should have not been said in front of the jury. This side bar was requested by Percy Martinez. Judge Zuniga, after the side bar, instructs the jury that when Marlisa Ferreira had asked the question: “Did you know it was recorded?” that in fact there was no recording made. I really don’t think this was an adequate remedy. There is so very much more that was wrong with what Marlisa Ferreira did yesterday.

Marlisa Ferreira now starts to ask Detective Brown a question concerning his coming on as an investigator in this case. Judge Zuniga immediately calls for a side bar. After the side bar, Marlisa Ferreira gets Detective Brown to state that information that he got about an incident at Michael Cooley’s house that involved Baljit Athwal and Robert Woody was the early evidence he had gathered when he began working on this case. This alleged incident happened on 05/23/2012. Detective Brown states that the wire taps began right around the time that that alleged incident happened. Detective Brown testifies that he was the writer of the search warrants. Detective Brown states that the early evidence was booked and kept at the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. Detective Brown states that he itemized the evidence. Detective Brown states that during his first 6 months on this case, he was also working for Save Mart in loss prevention.

Detective Brown now testifies about the roles of the various investigators in this case. He states that Kirk Bunch was working on interviews, Jon Evers was working on interviews, he could not recall what Navarro was working on, Tim Redd was working on electronic evidence and writing search warrants. He states that Steve Jacobson was working on wire taps. Detective Brown states that the first thing that was done was attending briefings after receiving a call from Cherie Hendrix in Mariposa County. She was the Mariposa County Officer that was sent to the grave site of Korey Kauffman who was found in the forest. We now have another side bar. After the side bar, Detective Brown testifies that he drove up to Mariposa, and went to a trailer to meet Cherie Hendrix on 08/22/2015. Brown states that he went up there with Kirk Bunch. Brown states that they were shown bags of clothing and items that were transported to the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. He states that he took possession of some jeans, a Carhart Coat, some keys on a carabiner, a spent lead bullet, a silver ring, a head lamp, a live 22 caliber bullet, and two leather boots with lining and foam mostly missing. One of the boots had two metal screws that were holding on the sole.

After these items were taken to Stanislaus County, Detective Brown testifies that he showed a picture of a T-Shirt that was found at the grave site to Kevin Pickett and Shadow Pickett. He states that Kevin Pickett recognized the T-Shirt as being one of his T-Shirts. Detective Brown states that he showed the keys on the carabiner to Kevin Pickett and Shadow Pickett, and took the keys to their house on S. Johnson St. where he was able to open up a Chateau brand lock with one of the keys. Detective Brown states that at this point, he was convinced that the body that was found was that of Korey Kauffman. He states that DNA analysis of the remains proved that the body was indeed Korey Kauffman. Detective Brown is now shown 6 pictures that he had taken of the evidence, which he recognizes on the stand. These pictures are entered into evidence. Detective Brown states that on 09/13/12 he retrieved all the evidence from the Sheriff’s Department and itemized, and repackaged, and booked them.

Detective Brown testifies that on 08/23/2013 he went to the grave site in Mariposa County with Officers Kylie, Soria, Ridenour, Mindy, and Hendrix to look for further evidence. He lists the GPS of the grave site as 37.67578-119.985049. Someday, I am going to have to go on an excursion to satisfy my curiosity. Detective Brown states that more items were found, including bones. Some bones were found in a rat’s nest. We are now done with our morning testimony. I will be there next Tuesday morning to witness more of this fiasco.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)




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