WEEK 27, DAY 93


We start out late like usual this morning at 10:09AM with Jean Daly, a very old dog handler who brought her cadaver dog for use in the investigation of this case. Marlisa Ferreira immediately goes into asking Ms. Daly questions concerning her qualifications. She states that she brought her dog Reo to use in the investigation in 2012. She has handled cadaver dogs since 2006. We now go into an endless series of questions that seemed to be overkill to me. I am operating with a very limited amount of time this afternoon, so I will spare you all the very boring questions and answers. Reo did go through a very thorough training, and did have all his certifications at the time that the searches were made. Ms. Daly went through a very thorough training, and had all her certifications at the time of the search warrants. Judge Zuniga, and the defense attorneys had no objections to her being certified as an expert to testify in this case.

Ms. Daly states that when it is cold, the scent stays lower to the ground. She states that when it is hot, the scent rises into the air. She states that wind makes the scent move, and that water can affect the scent. She states that light rain is good because it makes the scent stay in place, but heavy rain can make the scent disappear. She states that Reo is trained to not alert to any other scent than human cadavers when he is searching for a cadaver. He was trained with the use of human blood, brain tissue, human placenta tissue, and bones. During his training, the human remains were buried 15 inches deep. Reo also was trained to detect human remains that were suspended in trees three feet above the ground. Reo will not alert to animal remains. She works for the Madera County Sheriff’s Department, and a search dog association named CARDA. She states that FEMA calls CARDA, and then she gets a call to bring her dog for a search.

Ms. Daly states that she has no training on if plowing a field would affect Reno’s ability to detect human remains. She states that Reo did not alert on any human remains when he was searching at 838 9th Street, or any of the other properties that her dog searched. Marlisa Ferreira tried to get Ms. Daly to state that her dog would not alert to human remains after a period of 1 ½ years had gone by. Ms. Daly states that her dog would be able to find human remains after that period of time, and even longer. I don’t think Marlisa Ferreira wanted to hear that answer. Ms. Daly is taken out of the courtroom for some arguments. When she returns, defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson asks her questions concerning Reo, and his ability to detect human scent in grave dirt. I think he is trying to show that Reo would have alerted to the soil at Pop N Cork Liquors even after the body was allegedly moved. Ms. Daly states that the longer the body was in the ground, the more likely it would be that Reo would pick up the scent. Ms. Daly states that the amount of body fluids that escaped from the body would affect Reo’s ability to pick up the scent. She states that Reo’s ability to pick up the scent would be affected by numerous factors, but it is possible for Reo to pick up a scent from a body that is moved. She states that it is possible for Reo to pick up the scent years after a body is moved. Defense attorney Jai Gohel also asks questions about this topic, and Ms. Daly states that Reo would indeed be able to pick up the scent years after a body was moved. Nobody had any more questions for Ms. Daly, so she was allowed to step down from the stand. We now take a break for the court recorder.

At 11:07AM, the jury is brought back into the courtroom, and Marlisa Ferreira puts DNA expert Gary Harmon on the stand. He had testified yesterday afternoon. Marlisa Ferreira asks Mr. Harmon many technical questions that I will not try to confuse you with. We have a side bar. It is a very long and animated side bar. The issue is that Marlisa Ferreira is trying to show that very small fragments of DNA that were recovered would possibly incriminate one of the defendants in this trial. The problem is that the DNA that was recovered was not sufficient to show that any of the defendants had left any of their DNA on the evidence. None of the defendants charged in this case left any of their DNA that could be found on any of the evidence. After the side bar, Marlisa Ferreira was allowed to ask questions about the traces of DNA, even though Mr. Harmon stated that he could not find any DNA from the defendants on anything that he analyzed. Mr. Harmon eventually states that all the defendants had been ruled out, and that the only DNA he found could possibly come from Korey Kauffman.

Percy Martinez brings out the box with the shoes that were found at the grave site. Again, Mr. Harmon states that the only DNA that was found was from Korey Kauffman. Percy Martinez starts asking Mr. Harmon about the toe areas of both shoes that were protected from the elements. Mr. Harmon states that he did not find any blood stains inside the boots, even in the areas that were protected from the elements. The protected areas had no holes that would have exposed these areas to the elements. Mr. Harmon states that the boots tested negative for blood. This seems impossible to me if the boots had been put back on the body of Korey Kauffman after the feet had been cut off. That is the crazy story that Robert Woody has testified to, and the evidence simply does not support his lies. Mr. Harmon states that he did analysis on the T-Shirt on stains that were found on the left and right shoulder areas. He states that the presumptive test for blood was positive, but the confirmatory test for human blood was negative. No human blood was found on the T-Shirt. The presumptive test can test positive by the presence of animal blood. The confirmatory test is the test that would have tested positive if human blood was present. It is now time for lunch. I will be there tomorrow morning to report on more of this fiasco. It seems as though all of Marlisa Ferreira’s witnesses are not turning out well for her. She looks older every day, and more stressed out every day. Someday, this thing will be over. Her case in chief is failing miserably. Kirk Bunch looked like he had a booger on back of his head all morning. I think it was a lump of his hair jell. We all noticed it.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)




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