Just a note on some of the information I received from court today.

Jack able continued to be on the stand this morning Percy Martinez continuing his cross examination but it was short with the highlight being the interview where he told officers that “all bets would be off” if Navarro was present at any interviews was Frank Carson.

Jai Gohel then began cross examination with the highlight again being Michael Cooley and others picked up in Escalon after their car broke down on 29 March 2012.

Marlisa Ferreira went into redirect trying to highlight that it would be significant of Korey Kauffman cell phone had been paying after Cooley statement to Odell, also would be significant that Linda Sue Burns said she saw Kaufman after Cooley’s statement to Odell.

Jack able said he had picked up his contract with Frank Carson from Carson’s office, and Marlisa Ferreira was unsuccessful in trying to get Jack able to admit the contract was signed on July 18, 2012.

It was also noted that Judge Zuniga again admonished Marlisa Ferreira for talking over defense attorneys during objections stating she is disrespecting the court reporter. Zuniga noted that she does it all the time and it needs to stop.

Marlisa Ferreira also went through a long list of names involved in this case and asked Jack able if he interviewed any of them which he said no to each. During this time Jai Gohel had objected to this under 352 which is the evidence code and it is undue consumption of time and irrelevant, which was overruled.

Marlisa Ferreira also attempted to get Jack able to admit he told Charlie Odell that Frank Carson would help him out, but Jack able was adamant about saying no.

Again, Jai Gohel did cross it was brought out that law enforcement had search Frank Carson’s 90-year-old mother’s house. Which led to a sidebar.

At this point it appears Jack able was done on the stand.

Apparently they then had a 20 minute break that lasted the typical 40 minutes, after which Marlisa Ferreira came in with new transcripts claiming all the page numbers had changed when the corrections were made. I believe this is in regard to the Daljit Atwal interview. Which delay things even longer because everybody has to be given on new paperwork. Also noted that Steve Jacobson was in the courtroom helping her with this.

Jon Evers retook to stand in regard to the July 15, 2013 interview of Daljit Atwal. Evers talked about the search and Daljit Atwal’s house and the car accident that happened on July 15, 2012, and in the interview, they tried to get Daljit Atwal to agree that was not their fault because a car had run into the police car not the other way around.

This was apparently the third time they have interviewed Daljit Atwal, and he kept repeating that he didn’t do anything wrong, and Kirk Bunch was saying that people are talking about this and what does he know, and he said it’s none of my business. Again, Kirk Bunch asked him what does he know about the disappearance of Korey Kauffman, and Daljit kept repeating he doesn’t know anything and he hasn’t done anything wrong.

He also noted that he did not have anything illegal in his house but did have some guns at the store but no guns at his house. Kirk Bunch is also asking where the tape recorder is at pop and cork because they couldn’t find it, it was also noted, as normal, Jon Evers had very little to say in this interview is mostly done by Kirk Bunch. But they had Evers on the stand.

Daljit Atwal talked about Robert Woody had worked at the store and helped out for about three or four years and they had fixed his teeth were rotten and real pussy and it was probably going to kill him. In the tape Daljit gave more specific description of what Robert Woody’s mouth was like.

He also said they would give Woody and their family milk and some cash for helping at the store, but they weren’t really friends with the Woody’s when he was given a list of possible choices by Kirk Bunch of what kind of relationship that they had.

Eventually Woody was let go because he was stealing from the store, and it was Bobby Atwal that had fired him. Daljit agreed with Kirk Bunch when he said that he hates thieves, and he said they work hard for what they have, and nobody likes thieves. It was also noted that Kirk Bunch was really aggressive and never let Daljit finish a lot of his answers and talked over him constantly.

Daljit said he never saw Korey Kauffman at his store and had only seen a picture of him and had told officers the same thing in previous interviews. Kirk Bunch showed him a bunch of pictures and Daljit doesn’t know any of them except for one he said was the mayor in Denair. Kirk Bunch also showed him a picture of some private investigator that works for Frank Carson and Daljit says he never saw that guy before.

He also noted that this Highway Patrol officers don’t come to the store anymore they’re all afraid.

Kirk Bunch then says would it surprise him to know that they have arrested Robert Woody for the murder of Korey Kauffman, and he said Woody had told us everything that had happened and said that he was there, Daljit emphasized that he was not there.

Bunch went on to say we have Woody connected and we know that Bobby had Woody burn his truck and that Daljit went to get him after it was done. Again, Daljit was adamant about saying no I did not and Bobby is a good guy would not do such a thing. I believe my brother never did anything, I never picked up anybody.

Bunch continues to say Woody says it is so and we know you and Frank and Bobby are going to be charged with murder with special circumstances, do you know what that is? Again, Daljit emphasize I don’t know anything I told you the truth.

Bunch continues on saying you need to tell us the truth or so you’re okay with being charged with murder. There’s a reason why this is happening, we have evidence and cooperation. Just tell the truth and be honest. Daljit said he has never been to Frank Carson’s property, says he doesn’t know anything, he’s never seen this guy, I told you this the last time, I told you the truth, I know I never did anything.

At that point the tape was over.

Also, of note at this time Judge Zuniga advised the jury that they will be in court up to December 23, 2018, they will then be off from December 24, 2018 until January 8, 2019. So apparently this case is going way past the first of the year.

Jai Gohel made an objection on the unreasonable length of the trial and is a violation of due process. The judge says he has no legal reason and it is denied.

The jury was release for the day at 11:50 AM and apparently were not happy about being done for the day. And that has been an ongoing issue with the jury

Also, of note from today was that Marlisa Ferreira made a motion to have another cell phone expert testify in an effort to rehabilitate Jim Cook. That motion was denied by Judge Zuniga and I am not aware of the reasons that she gave, but typically to have experts testify you have to give 30-day notice prior to the trial to the opposition. Obviously, that was not the case here.






Just for information I was not feeling very good this morning but did get up and get go to court

As I was waiting for the doors to open, I’ll spare you the details but it was not pretty, I was not feeling good at all so I finally left the court around 8:15am and went home.

Hopefully things will start coming around for me next week, as it was a major struggle just to get through yesterday in the podcasts.

Any information I receive about today’s activities I will pass on as soon as I get them.








WEEK 31, DAY 107


As I was walking from the parking garage to the courthouse this morning, I could see two jurors across the street heading the same direction. I was thinking that possibly today, they could finally hear a full morning of testimony. I could have not been any more wrong. They heard none. This trial has literally ground to a halt. The entire morning was consumed hearing arguments while the jury sat downstairs waiting to be called up to the courtroom. I was pleased to be greeted by my friend Marty Carlson when I reached the second-floor elevator area. He is finally well enough to endure some more of this torture. This day had so much promise. Present was Jack Able, who was last on the stand, and Eduardo Quintanar with his attorney Alonzo Gradford.

Judge Zuniga was once again on time to the courtroom, and we started discussing issues concerning the testimony of Jack Able, who had worked as a Private Investigator at times for Frank Carson. Percy Martinez starts out by stating that Jack Able’s attorney Mr. Bonilla is going to turn over to the court transcripts and tapes of interviews that were done during this work. Percy states that it is clear that Jack Able had been hired by Frank Carson to find out why Frank’s property was involved in the investigation concerning Korey Kauffman. Percy states that the contract was signed on 07/13/2012. Percy states that the contract was signed before the search warrants had been signed on 07/15/2012, and executed on 07/20/2012. Percy Martinez states that they are claiming attorney/client privilege. Percy states that the People have introduced an E-Mail to the court requesting information concerning cell phone usage at the time.

Percy Martinez speaks about a case that was handled by Frank Carson named the People v Kelly Valle that has not been totally completed. He states that Jack Able was involved with that investigation while working for Frank Carson, and Frank Carson would not be able to defend himself because he would not be able to disclose details in court that involve his client in that case. Percy states that Frank Carson would be forced to disclose privileged information, and that this information would give the People an undue advantage. Marlisa Ferreira states that during the Kelly Valle case, the pinging of Korey Kauffman’s cell phone was impossible because it was either turned off or was not working at the time. Marlisa Ferreira states that Kelly Valle was given another attorney to handle his legal defense. She states that it was Georgia DeFelippo who signed the contract with Jack Able, and not Frank Carson. Percy Martinez states that Jack Able has testified on the stand that he was hired by Frank Carson, and that this signing happened after the search warrant had been executed. Percy states that therefore, Jack Able’s assignment had changed from what was originally signed in the contract. Percy Martinez states that Frank Carson has a right, as an attorney, to represent himself. Percy states that the defense has not used the Jack Able interviews to impeach any of the witnesses put on by Marlisa Ferreira. Because the defense did not use these interviews, Percy Martinez states that the People can’t use a Subpoena Ducas Tatem (sp?) to get access to these interviews. Jai Gohel chimes in by stating that what Marlisa Ferreira is trying to do is not supported by the law. He states that the defense did not open the door on cross examination by asking any questions concerning the interviews. Jai states that it was the People who called Jack Able to the stand, and that the crime/fraud exemption does not apply because Jack Able committed no crime or fraud.

At this time Judge Zuniga realizes how much time this issue is going to take, and tells Eduardo Quintinar, and his attorney Alonzo Gradford that they will have to come back at 10:00AM next Tuesday.

Judge Zuniga begins to speak and tells the attorneys that she has heard so many arguments, and that some conflations had been made by both sides. Jai Gohel states that Jack Able is not a party to this litigation. He speaks about Frank Carson putting his initial on one of the copies of the Jack Able contract. Judge Zuniga states that the issue is who has privilege. She states that the crime/fraud exemption would apply more to Frank Carson than Jack Able. Judge Zuniga now goes into Justice Hoffstedt’s book, and how it states that the attorney/client privilege does not apply when it would enable anyone to commit a crime or a fraud. She cites Gillum v Superior Court. She states that the party trying to pierce the privilege has the burden of proof that a crime or fraud has been committed. She states that there needs to be an intention to abuse the client/attorney privilege in order to cover up a crime or a fraud.

Percy Martinez speaks about making an assessment of the credibility of the prosecution witnesses. Judge Zuniga states that based on the evidence presented to the court, and the timing of the contract, that Frank Carson had hired Jack Able to find out what the police knew to protect himself, and to obstruct justice. She states that the problem is that the crime/fraud exemption does not apply to work product. Work product is exactly what Jack Able produced when he worked for Frank Carson. Judge Zuniga speaks about a case named BNP Petroleum Alaska v Superior Court, which seems to be the only case law that applies to this issue. She states that she has her research lawyer working on analyzing this issue right now. She questions how Marlisa Ferreira is going to pierce the work product privilege, and is concerned about an appeals court tossing out a conviction if one is obtained. She has Alonzo Gradford’s attorney Mr. Bonilla put all of his report in a large envelope, and she seals the envelope. Mr.Bonilla tells the court that he has already turned over some of the interviews via an E-Mail to the DA’s Office. Marlisa Ferreira states that the DA’s Office has been unable to open up the files because she thinks they are password protected. I don’t believe this to be true, but that is just my opinion folks. Judge Zuniga tells Marlisa Ferreira that 3rd parties (Like Jack Able) can still exert work product privilege. Judge Zuniga orders Marlisa Ferreira to delete the E-Mail that had been sent by Mr. Bonilla, and wants confirmation from DA Investigator Steve Jacobson that the material had not been accessed. She states that she wants to see a copy of the Subpoena Ducus Tatum. (sp?) She is provided a copy, and tells Mr. Bonilla that she agrees with him that it is overbroad.

Judge Zuniga finally thinks about the jury that has been sitting in the basement since 9:00AM, and tells the Bailiff to release them until 1:30PM. She then tells Mr. Bonilla that his sealed papers will not be opened up without an order from this court. Judge Zuniga: “I don’t know how you are going to proceed Ms. Ferreira.” The problem is that Marlisa Ferreira will be very limited in the questions she can ask Jack Able on the stand until Judge Zuniga rules on the defense motion to re-consider her earlier ruling on the admissibility of the Jack Able interviews. These interviews were done on people that were spelled out in the contract that was signed. Marlisa Ferreira states that her questions will be based only on what Jack Able told the officers when he was interviewed. She states that she will stay away from what the people on Jack Able’s list said to him. It is stated in court that Jack Able is leaving for vacation to Viet Nam on December 3rd. If Judge Zuniga rules that Marlisa Ferreira can pierce the work/product privilege, he will have to return to the stand after he returns from vacation. It is now 11:33AM, and everyone is sent out for their lunchtime break. Marty Carlson will be back for the afternoon session to report on what happens. I certainly hope that the jury can finally hear some testimony, and this trial can make some progress towards an eventual end of the People’s case in chief.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)










WEEK 31, DAY 106


This morning was like a photo copy of yesterday morning. The only improvement was that Judge Zuniga was on time to the courthouse. The jury was brought up, and Detective Jon Evers was put on the stand at 9:15AM. Marlisa Ferreira asks Detective Evers if the 03/03/2014 interview of Daljit Atwal was recorded. Evers states that it was recorded. Marlisa Ferreira enters the People’s 722 into evidence. It is the DVD of the interview that was done at the Stanislaus County DA’s Office. While the interview was being done, Daljit Atwal’s house was being searched. Marlisa Ferreira then enters the People’s 722A into evidence. It is the transcript of the interview.

We immediately have a short side bar, and then the DVD recording of the interview is played for the jurors at 9:20AM. Daljit Atwal was in the interview room with DA Investigator Kirk Bunch along with Detective Jon Evers. Kirk Bunch is the one who was asking the questions during the interview. Kirk Bunch immediately gives Daljit Atwal his Miranda Rights, and informs Daljit Atwal that his house is being searched. Daljit Atwal states that he is willing to talk because he is a nice guy. DA Investigator Kirk Bunch tells Daljit Atwal that he is a nice guy too. I think our readers have chimed in on that subject folks, and the consensus was that Kirk Bunch is actually an asshole. Daljit Atwal is asked some questions about his family that lives with him in his house. Kirk Bunch tries to explain that it was not the investigators fault that they had an automobile accident while transporting Daljit to the DA’s Office. Kirk Bunch reminds Daljit Atwal that they had last spoken on 07/15/2012. Kirk Bunch asks Daljit Atwal if he had anything illegal in his house. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that he has nothing illegal in his house. Daljit Atwal speaks about having 2 firearms at the East Ave Pop N Cork Liquors. Daljit Atwal states that he has a surveillance system at the store, but that it only records 8 hours of tape.

Kirk Bunch asks Daljit Atwal the nature of his relationship with Robert Woody. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that he has known Robert Woody for 6-7 years and did work for him at Pop N Cork Liquors. Daljit Atwal states that he tried to help Robert Woody and paid him with cash for the work that he performed. Daljit Atwal states that Robert Woody was not a good friend. Daljit Atwal describes how Robert Woody had badly infected teeth, and had puss coming out from his mouth. He states that Robert Woody would have died if he did not get this situation treated by a dentist. Daljit Atwal tells Kirk Bunch that he and his brother Baljit Athwal paid for the dental treatment that Robert Woody needed. He states that they still owed the dentist $1500 to $2000 for the treatment.

Daljit Atwal states that he and his brother let Robert Woody go when they discovered that he had stolen 6-7 Pepsi Colas from Pop N Cork Liquors. Kirk Bunch now shows Daljit Atwal a series of pictures. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that he never saw Korey Kauffman at Pop N Cork Liquors. He states that he saw Frank Carson around Christmas at his office. Daljit Atwal speaks about he and his brother owning a bar and having legal problems that were handled by Frank Carson. Daljit Atwal is shown pictures of two Private Investigators that had been used by Frank Carson. Daljit Atwal is asked if the CHP Officers were still visiting Pop N Cork Liquors. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that they were not coming to the store anymore because they were all scared. Kirk Bunch then asks Daljit Atwal if he had a female CHP girlfriend. Judge Zuniga immediately blurts out stop at the same time that Hans Hjertonsson blurts out some objection. The jury is sent out of the courtroom at 9:59AM. They would not return. The jury has only been listening to testimony for 39 minutes, and everything has ground to a halt. Detective Jon Evers is asked to step down from the stand but is allowed to stay in the courtroom. We immediately have a rather lengthy side bar.

After the side bar, an extremely agitated Judge Zuniga states that the “Girlfriend Stuff” had been excluded and should have not been shown to the jury. During the discussions, it is revealed that the entire CD is full of stuff that had been excluded by Judge Zuniga several months ago. It is evident to Judge Zuniga that this is going to take a very long time, and she sends the jury from the hallway to their downstairs break area. Hans Hjertonsson berates Marlisa Ferreira for not redacting the video. Marlisa Ferreira goes into a rather lengthy rant, stating that she was working at the DA’s Office with one clerk only, and the help of Steve Jacobson over the Thanksgiving break. She states that all the rest of the employees were home enjoying their holiday week. She tries to turn this all around and blame Hans Hjertonsson for the mishap. She really reveals her ugly side when the jury is out of the courtroom. Jai Gohel speaks up, and Judge Zuniga tells Jai and Marlisa they she could report both of them to the State Bar for their conduct. Marlisa Ferreira asks Judge Zuniga: “What can we do now?”

Judge Zuniga now painstakingly goes through the redacted transcripts, and the DVD to find all the sections that should have been redacted. She found numerous things that should have been redacted. This took the rest of the morning. All the while, Private Investigator Jack Abel was sitting in the hallway waiting to testify. He is supposed to take the stand this afternoon. The defense attorneys argued that Marlisa Ferreira is intentionally doing this to prolong the trial. They state that Marlisa Ferreira is trying to prolong her case in chief so long that it will result in a mistrial. We have all been thinking this for quite some time. There is no way that Marlisa Ferreira can win this case with the jury that is seated. If we run out of jurors, she gets a mistrial, and we are back to square one. She will get a re-set, and we will be back to a sick episode of the Twilight Zone that I remember from past, where everything repeats itself forever.

Once again, I plead for help from our readers. Marty is trying to recover from a serious illness, and I will not be able to attend court on Friday. We really need someone to fill in and take notes. We need to keep these articles going and prevent this fiasco from happening in a vacuum.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)












WEEK 31, DAY 105


I am going to go on a short rant again. This trial has bogged down to less than a snail’s pace. Judge Zuniga started out being 30 minutes late to court once again. What was supposed to start at 9:00AM started out at 9:40AM. We then immediately started discussion of some potential testimony from Praveen Singh. Mr. Singh was a bail-bondsman who worked for Frank Carson at times. He is embroiled in several Federal cases currently involving real-estate fraud and is apparently willing to say anything the prosecution wants to get some relief from the realities of his legal troubles. There is a question if he will invoke his Fifth Amendment Rights and refuse to testify. The defense attorneys are convinced he will eventually testify under a partial immunity deal offered by the Stanislaus County DA’s Office. Judge Zuniga had ruled on what she was willing to put in front of the jury. These rulings were focused on objections made by defense attorney Percy Martinez, who represents Frank Carson, and by defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson, who represents Daljit Atwal. Somehow, her notes on these rulings, and some of the redacted transcripts have been misplaced. This has forced the judge and attorneys to go through transcripts all over again to determine what will be allowed to be presented to the jury.

It was like watching paint dry this morning, as the judge and attorneys went over the transcripts. All the while, the jury was sitting down stairs waiting to be called up to the courtroom. That call never came. Judge Zuniga stated that she will allow Mr. Singh to testify, even though Hans Hjertonsson and Jai Gohel voiced their concern that they will not be able to adequately impeach him on the stand. Judge Zuniga is going to preclude the defense from going into anything concerning his Federal cases, because Mr. Singh’s partial immunity does not cover him for his Federal cases.

Praveen Singh was at the courthouse today, and was supposed to testify, but Marlisa Ferreira had not straightened up the mess with the transcripts during her week off as requested by Judge Zuniga. He was sent home, and his testimony has been rescheduled for December 18th at 9:00AM.

We then began discussing a bunch of new discovery that has been turned over by the prosecution to the defense. This new discovery includes transcripts and recordings of interviews of Robert Woody, Daljit Atwal, Baljit Athwal, Scott McFarlane, and Eduardo Quintinar. It also includes discovery about someone named Jesse LaVue (sp?) that I have never heard about. The discovery concerning Scott McFarlane is according to Judge Zuniga voluminous, and involves tapes and transcripts on over a 6 hour interview that was done by Sargent Domby of the CHP. This Scott McFarlane discovery was what they called a “Compelled Statement.”

Defense attorney Jai Gohel stated that he has written two letters to the prosecution requesting discovery concerning Victor Navar and has not received much of what he has requested. He tells Judge Zuniga that it will be quite a long time before Victor Navar can testify. Judge Zuniga seems surprised by this statement. Once again, this trial is bogged down by discovery issues that should have been taken care of months ago. Jai Gohel states that much of this requested discovery involves Mr. Navar making false statements. Jai Gohel wants transcripts and recordings of a 2016 interview of Victor Navar by Detective Jon Evers. Jai Gohel states that Victor Navar is cooperating on 3-4 cases to get a reduction in his sentence. He was facing 21 years to life for his involvement in a triple homicide and is now apparently facing 11 years. Jai Gohel wants all of Victor Navar’s gang files. Jai Gohel states that the Northener gang wants to kill Victor Navar. Victor Navar had fled to Mexico, where he was eventually apprehended. Jai Gohel wants all the statements he made when he was arrested in Mexico. He states that he sent letters concerning this discovery and has not received much of what was requested.

The Bailiff now hands Judge Zuniga a large stack of letters that have been written by the jurors to her. One by one, Judge Zuniga goes over the letters. She finds one that states that one of the female jurors had previously requested the afternoon off to attend some training for her job. Judge Zuniga had granted her the afternoon off but had forgotten that she had done so. Marlisa Ferreira is forced to cancel her planned witnesses for the afternoon session. More wasted time in this travesty of justice folks. Jai Gohel states that the discovery issues should have been handled by the DA’s Office and has caused an entire morning session to be wasted. I must agree. This whole trial is being handled like a Chinese Fire Drill. Marty and I are getting so burned out. Once again, I am requesting that someone out there help us to keep these articles going. Working for free for three years is insanity, but I am hopeful that someone else will help us continue this crusade. In the end, I know that it will all be worth it. I am simply not going to allow this fiasco to happen in a vacuum. The light that Marty and I shine on this will hopefully prevent this from ever happening again in Stanislaus County.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)





Picked up right where we left off

Just a quick note I was not able to get to the morning session till about 11:30 this morning, and when I arrived there was no jury in the courtroom and there was long discussions about some things that I have no idea.

Apparently a couple things happen this morning, upon arriving into the courtroom this morning all jurors past the judge a note that said there was supposed to be no jury this afternoon, and it’d been approved by Judge Zuniga, and apparently Judge Zuniga had forgotten all about it. Notes from all the other jurors was a confirmation of the first jurors allegation of the promise.

Investigator Jon Evers had apparently taken the stand, and Marlisa Ferreira apparently went into some areas of testimony in regard to Daljit Atwal statement that had previously been ruled inadmissible by Judge Zuniga in the in limine motions almost a year ago. Judge Zuniga could not recall what she had approved or not been approved and deputy district attorney Marlisa Ferreira had lost her copy of the transcript where those rulings had been made. And obviously Judge Zuniga is not willing to accept the defense representations on such things. Judge Zuniga apparently was not able to decipher whether she ruled are not on those issues and abroad things to a screeching halt. The jury had left the courtroom to never return today.

Tom Jensen was there for the entire morning session and will have a report coming up soon.

It appears that nothing of significance is can be done this afternoon they’re just going to go over some housekeeping things and try to find these transcripts as a jury is has been released for the day. So myself not feeling well I did go home and trying to get some more medication for my issues.

It appears that the extended break for the holiday did not do some people any good whatsoever.

Again tomorrow Tom Jensen will be in court in the morning I will be there as soon as I can as I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning.






Tom Jensen will be in court in the morning session, 

I will be in the afternoon session.

Unknown witnesses on the stand.

I am still having a lot of congestion and not feeling good overall.

So, no noon report tomorrow and since I cannot talk

for long period of times,

probably no podcast tomorrow night

It is on a day to day basis now.