WEEK 28, DAY 98


I am so frustrated how long this bogus trial is taking. I have spent three years of my life covering this case, and it seems to be going nowhere slowly. I long for the day when we can stick a fork in this monstrous thing, and all of us can return to a normal life. Marlisa Ferreira was fifteen minutes late to the courtroom this morning, and court got going at 9:15AM. All the attorneys went immediately into the judge’s chambers for a conference, and returned three minutes later at 9:18AM. Marlisa Ferreira hands some discovery to the defense attorneys. Judge Zuniga speaks about some discovery issue. Percy Martinez starts talking about how Leonard Hall had fled to Tennessee, and Judge Zuniga states that this is not she wants to talk about at this time. The jury is downstairs in the basement at this time.

Marlisa Ferreira starts talking about how someone in the DA’s Office had called Leonard Hall, and it was not noteworthy enough for her to have provided discovery to the defense. She states that there was nothing exculpatory, and that Mr. Hall’s testimony is not changing. Percy Martinez states that this is a vastly different story than what Marlisa Ferreira was saying yesterday. He states that Marlisa Ferreira had made a comment that Frank Carson was trying to influence Mr. Hall’s testimony. Percy Martinez states that Frank Carson was in custody in August of 2014, and it seemed very important to Marlisa Ferreira yesterday. He states that the defense has had a problem with timely discovery since day one, and that the problem should have been reported immediately to the defense. He calls this: “Trial by ambush.” He states that Marlisa Ferreira is now saying that this is not important. Jai Gohel starts citing the law regarding discovery. He cites Rolland v Superior Court. Marlisa Ferreira states that the issue is that this was not an interview with Mr. Hall. She states that there was an objection, and that Judge Zuniga shut it down immediately. Percy Martinez states that Frank Carson dropped charges against Heather Hall, and that Marlisa Ferreira’s theory is not supported by her arguments. Marlisa Ferreira begins to get very agitated at this point. She states that during the conversation with Mr. Hall, he said: “By the way, my wife just called me.” Percy Martinez states that it is very clear that this was very important to them. He states that there was no communication between any of the Carsons and Heather Hall. He states that Marlisa Ferreira could show no link between the Carson family and Heather Hall.

Hans Hjertonsson states that there was another incident where there was non-disclosure concerning Kathy Grinnolds that resulted in Judge Zuniga scolding Marlisa Ferreira about untimely discovery. He states that now Marlisa Ferreira is arguing that this was not noteworthy. He states that Marlisa Ferreira brought it up in a side bar yesterday, and said this was: “Extremely relevant.” He states that Marlisa Ferreira was very agitated during the side bar, and was tapping the bench while she was speaking to the judge. Jai Gohel asks: “Is there no limit to her duplicity?” Marlisa Ferreira states that if she has a theory, she is not mandated by law to discover it to the defense. She goes into another one of her very long and animated rants. Percy states that she had said yesterday that it was “Very pertinent information.” He states that Marlisa Ferreira accused someone from the Carson family of having contact with this witness. Jai Gohel argues that Marlisa Ferreira is now saying it is the defense’s fault now. Jai Gohel: “Does she get to get away with saying anything she wants?” Hans Hjertonsson states that you don’t throw out allegations like that, and the facts behind Marlisa’s theory are discoverable. He goes into the Kathy Grinnolds incident where discovery was held back from the defense. Judge Zuniga: “You all make inflammatory comments about each other.” Marlisa Ferreira complains about numerous filings by Frank Carson that calls lawyers involved in this case as being unethical and liars. She talks about how Robert Forkner had made disparaging remarks about Lou Wentz earlier in the preliminary hearing. Judge Zuniga tells Marlisa Ferreira that she makes broad statements that are not appropriate. Marlisa Ferreira states that the defense attorneys have been working as a team since day one. She states that this all being run by Frank Carson. She complains how she has seen Jai Gohel talking strategy with Frank Carson. Judge Zuniga complains to Marlisa Ferreira how she is arguing collusion. Judge Zuniga: “It just doesn’t track mam at all.” Marlisa Ferreira wants another discussion in chambers. Judge Zuniga tells Marlisa Ferreira: “You were late this morning, and the jury is still sitting in the basement.” Judge Zuniga speaks about a possible discovery violation that was disclosed during a side bar yesterday. She states that it is clear that the evidence was not disclosed to the jury, and that she had stopped it. Judge Zuniga states that she is going to have to research this issue, and get back to it later to determine if a discovery violation occurred. We now go into a very lengthy discussion of the arrest records of Heather and Leonard Hall. This lasted over an hour. On 9/17/05 both of them were arrested in Waterford for drug possession. Methamphetamine, a small amount. On 07/10/2004 they were arrested for 273.5 but the case was rejected for insufficient evidence. Percy Martinez starts talking about a stolen check that was taken from Terry Carson that was used to pay off a bail bondsman. On 12/31/2004 the Halls were arrested for grand theft. They were arrested for receiving stolen property, and bailed on that case. I think that was where the stolen check was used. On 0/16/2005 Leonard Hall was arrested for failure to appear. There was a preliminary hearing on 12/13/2005 that he failed to appear at. He was arrested for this on 03/21/2006 and entered a plea. On 04/17/2006 he was convicted, and released to drug court. He had a failure to appear on 04/24/2006.

Judge Zuniga states that the fact he has been arrested is fair game. Percy Martinez states that Marlisa Ferreira is arguing that he fled because he was afraid of Frank Carson. Judge Zuniga: “That is a separate issue.” Percy Martinez: “I want to use the fact he failed to appear on both cases in different times to counter arguments that he went to Tennessee because he was afraid of Frank Carson.” Judge Zuniga states that the fact he fled before is not relevant because of the timing being off. She states that the failure to appear happened before he fled to Tennessee. At this time, Marlisa Ferreira has Frank Carson’s mother removed from the courtroom. Judge Zuniga rules in favor of Marlisa Ferreira on this issue. She states that it is relevant that he had a warrant issued and he fled. Judge Zuniga delves into the stolen check issue, and reads a police report from Terry Carson. It has another person that allegedly stole the check listed in it. Percy Martinez states that Leonard Hall knew it was stolen, and he thinks that this is relevant. This incident involved a bail bonds company named Luna Bail Bonds that we think is not still in existence. Judge Zuniga states that the stolen check is not relevant because it was stolen by someone else. What about receiving stolen property? Just asking folks.

It is now 11:19AM, and the jury is finally filing in. Leonard Hall is put on the stand. He gets Leonard Hall to talk about the broken window and burned carpet that resulted from a mattress fire that was cause by Heather Hall falling asleep with a cigarette. He states that Frank Carson had some antique books that were stored under a car port, and in a garage. He states that Heather Hall was asked to get rid of the car port books, but not the books that were stored in the garage. The car port books had been water damaged. They sold all the books, and got around $3400 in checks, and over $500 in cash. He states that Frank Carson kicked in their front door, but did not kick in the bedroom door. Frank Carson was upset about losing all his books. There were over 177 books that were stolen and sold by the Halls. Leonard Hall testifies that he did not tell Frank Navarro that Frank Carson had kicked in the bedroom door. He states that Frank Carson met them at the bedroom door. Leonard Hall testifies that he and Heather fled out the bedroom window, and went around the house to their car and sped away. He admits that he told Navarro that he had called a friend for a ride. He admits that this is not true. He admits that he told Navarro there was some damage to the house before they moved into it. He talks about some scratches on the walls and some markings on the walls. Percy reminds Leonard Hall that he said Frank Carson had threatened to kill him yesterday on the stand. Leonard Hall testifies that Frank Carson had actually said: “If I ever see you again nobody else ever will.” He states that night was the only time he ever met Frank Carson, except for passing him in the courtroom one time. He states that after the incident, he went and lived with Frank Carson’s sister Rhonda for a couple of days. Leonard Hall states that when Heather Hall fell asleep with a cigarette, the mattress was smoldering. He got her off the mattress and tried to drag the mattress to the window and throw it out. That is where the window got broken, and the carpet got burned. Two days later, he went to stay with Rhonda, and stayed there for 3-4 months. Leonard Hall states that he does not know the birthday of his son. What a low life. Even scum bags know when their children were born. Heather Hall was pregnant when the mattress incident occurred. He states that he is still scared of Frank Carson. He states that he got on a Greyhound Bus, and left for Texas, and that Frank Carson had never tried to contact him since. After staying with Rhonda, he went to Waterford for a short time, and then went to Texas. He got extradited to California from Texas, and was released again for time served. He went back to Texas for a while, and then moved to Tennessee. He does not remember if he was in California from January of 2005 to December of 2005. We have a side bar. After the side bar, he does not remember if he was brought back to California in late 2005. He does not remember being in California on 12/31/2004. He denies being in California in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, or August of 2005. I think the defense attorney have proof he was in California during that time period. Judge Zuniga tells Percy Martinez to move on. Leonard Hall states that Heather Hall was already pregnant when they moved in with Frank Carson’s sister Rhonda. He does not remember how long he stayed with Rhonda. He states that he moved to Texas right after his son was born. He states that he stayed in Waterford for around one month, then moved to Texas. He states he was brought back to California, and spent a week in California before the case was dismissed. He states that he made all his appearances on that case. He speaks about his 04/2006 drug case, and sentence. He does not remember being in court nearly every month during 2005 in California. He starts to be refreshed on this, and it time for us to break for lunch.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)