Good Evening everybody, this is Marty from Dawg’s Blog with tonight’s podcast of the Frank Carson, et al Trial on November 8, 2018.

The Judge was on the bench at 1:47 PM. If you listen to the noon time report you remember that they were coming back at 1:30 for Charlie O’Dell to listen to the recording of his interview with Corey Brown sometime in 2013 and Kirk Bunch interview was in November of 2013. He is confused about some things, they had to keep refreshing his recollection. So he wanted to listen to the recordings. He listened to the full recording of both interviews. It took a little over an hour for him to listen to the recordings. The Jury didn’t come up until 3:25 PM. The jury was supposed to come up around 2:30 PM and they came up at 3:25 PM. What does that mean? It means they had 35 minutes of court time this afternoon. This is how this case is going.

I wrote a lot of notes on this recording and it was pretty interesting. Charlie O’Dell is finally admitting that Michael Cooley made some admissions in this thing. Corey Brown started out in this interview saying: You all reached out to me? What happened? I believed that this was done at the Sheriff’s Office or the DA’s office. It was in an interview room setting. I saw Marlisa Ferreira’s computer, it was just a small picture but, looked like it was an interview room.

Charlie O’Dell started talking about Michael Cooley. He had known Mike Cooley for years. Mike Cooley had some antiques to sell in Delhi. He was selling these things all over. Mike Cooley admitted on the stand that he was ripping people off. Charlie O’Dell is saying he was massively ripping things off. Mike Cooley kept taking more and more antiques. Korey Kauffman, he said, knew a dealer or a buyer of antiques in Sonora and he took some antiques up to Sonora, he was supposed to come back with the money for Mike Cooley and he never did. He never came back to Mike Cooley’s house with the money. He said it was several thousand dollars owed. Mike Cooley said he needed Charlie O’Dell to help with the thefts. Keith Hobbs (Eula Keys son) said they would go to Frank Carson’s property and steal everything not nailed down and they had been for some time.

One day, Frank Carson showed up over at Mike Cooley’s house looking at the cars and through the cars. Charlie O’Dell had two cars at the Cooley house. Linda Sue Burns car was also there. He say Frank Carson there looking in a car, he was actually inside the car, bent over with his head inside the car. He went up and kicked him in the backside. Later on, he admits that Cooley did that. He said also that was the same incident where Mike Cooley spit in Frank Carson’s face.

He got out of jail on March 26, 2012. Keith Hobbs said Do you know what Mike Cooley did to Korey Kauffman. He hadn’t seen Korey Kauffman for some time. He hadn’t seen him since he got out of jail. Keith Hobbs said that Mike Cooley buried Korey Kauffman in the backyard. Hmmm, I thought it was a bike back there. This is what he told Corey Brown and Kirk Bunch and whoever else was there.

He was in jail with Mike Cooley in 2013. They were talking regularly about Korey Kauffman. Mike Cooley blamed everyone else for Korey Kauffman, he blamed everyone, but himself, including Frank Carson, Jason Armstrong and some Indian dudes. Mike Cooley had mentioned a hog farm in Sonora and some of Korey Kauffman’s property, namely the bicycle was still at Mike Cooley’s a week later. He said what Mike Cooley was saying was not adding up to him, especially after Keith Hobbs told him that Cooley did it. Mike Cooley said he would put money on Hobbs’ books, he said he felt he was trying to remain good buddies. Mike Cooley had borrowed money from Korey Kauffman to buy a car and he said that Keith Hobbs knew for a fact that Mike Cooley did it. He kept hearing about the hog farm in Sonora and didn’t have enough time to talk to Keith Hobbs about it. Apparently Keith Hobbs was also in jail for some of the time while he was there. He said Mike Cooley is an old school convict and knows the game, but when he is on Vodka, he gets crazy and wild. Mike Cooley let everyone know he was buddies with Kirk Bunch and there was somebody named Danny. He talked about Danny and said he felt like Mike Cooley did in Korey Kauffman too. Mike Cooley has bragged about people he had done in before. He said there was no doubt in his mind that Mike Cooley or Keith Hobbs are the ones that did it. Keith Hobbs has a long history with Charlie O’Dell as does Mike Cooley. Keith Hobbs had stolen from Charlie O’Dell’s wife, but he said they worked it out and were cool with it later, but its not a cool thing he did. He didn’t go into specifics.

Keith Hobbs was with them when Charlie O’Dell picked them up in Escalon, but he really has no confirmation of the information about Korey Kauffman. He said Eula Keys had called him and they were on McHenry and Escalon by the Tractor Shop. He said it was at the end of March or early April and it was about 3 AM in the morning. He thinks it was on a Thursday, which would make it the 28th or 29th. When he went to pick them up they were all muddy and dirty. Mike Cooley said that’s what the M*****F******* gets for playing with my money. They also said they had gone to Sonora and something about a hog farm in Sonora. He talked about Mike Cooley getting crazy and chasing some white guy out of his house over some antiques. Mike Cooley started losing his associates. Many people quit hanging around Mike Cooley because of the thefts. Charlie O’Dell said his wife had heard the stories and wanted him to stay away from Mike Cooley. He said somehow, someone had helped MIke Cooley get out of jail, he didn’t know how they helped, if they helped with bail or what, but somehow he got out of jail when they were there together in 2013. He said Keith Hobbs wanted to tell him some facts and talk to him again about what happened. Mike Cooley and Eula Keys were talking about that he was warned to stay away from them by his wife. Jon Evers had told him that Mike Cooley and Eula Keys had taken the voice stress analyzer test and Charlie O’Dell said he wanted to take one too, to prove he was telling the truth. I noticed Jon Evers didn’t say what the results were.

They were talking about some general topics. They bounce around in these interviews, kind of like they do in court. Evers was asking about picking them up after coming back from Sonora. Again it was Eula, Mike and Keith Hobbs. He picked them up in Escalon and they were dirty.

The second interview they played with Jon Evers and Kirk Bunch when O’Dell was in prison in Avenal, I believe. Kirk Bunch told him they found the body, but not where he said at Sonora by a hog farm. O’Dell said he talked to Jack Able twice and Kirk Bunch stated he is telling the DA about Charlie O’Dell cooperating with them in this investigation. Kirk Bunch said they have more information than the last time they talked and he’s been listening to the tier talk. So somehow he’s been monitoring the jail talk and jail calls. They talked about interview with Jack Able. It was a separate homicide case that Able was sent to talk about. Korey Kauffman’s name came up and he said Jack Able quit writing and just wanted to talk about it. Jack Able had originally gone there for the Thomas Franks case. Charlie O’Dell said he told Jack Able that things were stolen, sold and traded.

Kirk Bunch said at this time that he is confident Mike Cooley is not involved. He knows the others that are involved. This is after they found the body. The body was found in August of 2013 and this interview was in November of 2013. Kirk Bunch asked if the Escalon story was true? O’Dell said he asked Jack Able if Frank Carson was under investigation. Jack Able asked him if knew where the body was and O’Dell said he didn’t. Able asked him about Frank Carson going thru the cars at Cooley’s and a couple of times the police had showed up. Frank Carson was going thru Linda Sue Burns car at Cooley’s. He said he kicked Frank Carson in the butt, but then said it was Mike Cooley and then Mike Cooley spit in his face as law enforcement was pulling up. He knows Frank Carson from the courthouse and from the Cooley incident. He was shown a picture by some one of the name of Praveen and Charlie O’Dell said he’d never seen him. No one else had visited Charlie O’Dell to talk to him about this. Kirk Bunch asked him if he was a member of the Northern Riders Prison Gang? He said No I’m just running on my own.

They were showing him quite a few pictures from what it sounded like. All people he has not seen before and he was talking about Praveen Singh and the fraud charges and the bail bond issues (where he hired bail bonds persons to shoot up a correctional officers house). He also talked about how Praveen Singh would hire Northern Riders to rob the marijuana growers and shoot up a correctional officer’s house. When he was at the Cooley house, Mike, Eula, Keith and whoever else was there and Charlie O’Dell had enough and went out to smoke. He saw three guys working by the fenceline. There was a hole under the fence. He said they put a board with barbed wire under the fence. He told Kirk Bunch that he was pretty spun out and isn’t sure what happened.

He was shown more pictures and said they looked familiar, not sure if they were from the yard, but they look familiar. The fence work was done the end of March, but could have been the beginning of April. He heard someone talk about trapping someone.

Jack Able was talking about Mike Cooley and his involvement. He said Keith Hobbs told him some things, just like Jack Able was about Cooley. He told Jack Able about the Escalon trip. Apparently they had a broken fan belt. He also insisted now, it was a black car that Eula had, but he keeps saying it was silver in this interview. He said the Thomas Franks information that Jack Able had initially come for was hardly talked about once he found out there was Carson information. He said Jack Able would also be able to get him out because Frank Carson is an attorney. Charlie O’Dell knew Mike Cooley was mad at Korey Kauffman and those antique he sold that he never came back to give him the money. Mike Cooley never received the money from Korey Kauffman. He said he never told Jack Able about what Mike Cooley said about Sonora and said he had known Mike Cooley since he was about 14 years old. After Mike Cooley spit in the face of Frank Carson, Frank Carson kept saying you guys keep stealing from me, you’re a bunch of tweakers…blah…blah…blah. He also said Frank Carson’s wife was there, but he did admit it was just a female as he doesn’t know what Frank Carson’s wife looks like. Again he saw Cooley spit in the face of Frank Carson as he was pulling up to the house, just prior to law enforcement pulling up. He said Frank Carson was M******F*****-ing everyone and said: Don’t let me catch you on my property.

He did say at the Cooley’s house there was always drama, always something going on. It was just another day with this type of drama happening at the Cooley house. Charlie O’Dell told Kirk Bunch that Cooley was behind all the thefts on the Frank Carson property, I think he used the term ringleader. He also told Kirk Bunch that Mike Cooley said he got rid of somebody. He said Mike Cooley, Eula Keys and Keith Hobbs were pretty well spun. They were smoking dope and Keith Hobbs was kind of shook. Mike Cooley never clarified what he was getting rid of in Sonora, but said he got rid of somebody who messed with my m******f****** money. Everybody was very dirty and muddy. The car was dirty. Eula Keys was not as bad as the others, but Keith Hobbs and Mike Cooley were covered in mud. Keith Hobbs later said that they got rid of Korey Kauffman. Eula Keys had told him Hobbs was trying to get rid of Cooley because they weren’t getting along. He said Cooley was trying to do the same thing to Hobbs. So there were some issues between Cooley and Hobbs. At the end it said just another day at the Cooley house. That was the end of the recording.

That was very interesting revelations, I thought. The jury wasn’t listening to these recordings, but if O’Dell denies any of what he said in those recordings then they can play those recordings in front of the jury.

The jury came up at 3:25 PM. Jai Gohel continued his cross of O’Dell. The interviews were with Corey Brown February 2013 and with Kirk Bunch and Jon Evers in November 18, 2013. Jai Gohel was asking in the interview if he ever mentioned two dark complected individuals that were with Frank Carson? He said there was two Hindu or Arabs or middle eastern people, males with Frank Carson, but he never said that in the interview. Charlie O’Dell said Frank Carson did say all the tweakers always get what they deserve, but he never mentioned that in either interview (Frank Carson saying that) Remember I just heard both those interviews.

He said he got out of jail on 3/26/2012. About a week later he saw Korey Kauffman’s bike at Cooley’s house and he had not seen Korey Kauffman since he got out of jail. Jai Gohel asked him if he had any discussions in regards to Mike Cooley and Korey Kauffman. He did say in the Feb 8, 2013 interview with Corey Brown he did say when he was in jail with Mike Cooley, Cooley did say I know that Korey Kauffman is dead and is buried on a hog farm in Sonora. He said the 3 Hindus at the Carson property, he saw them after smoking a lot of meth with Cooley and Keith Hobbs, that was in late March or early April of 2012. Jai Gohel asked if those two interviews were prior to him facing 25 years – to life? (Remember on the 290 registration for sex offenders, he failed to register and he was facing 25-life because of his history). He was saying these things prior to facing 25-life, after he interviewed with Steve Jacobson the story morphed a bit because he was facing 25-life. Then he started talking about the beat-downs from little Jimmy Jackson and the other people.

The Escalon story was all made prior to his 25-life possibilities. In the preliminary hearing he was subpoenaed by the defense, but now he’s subpoenaed by the prosecution. In the preliminary hearing he refused to testify. Judge Zuniga said she would force him to testify and then she never did. So he was sent back to prison in the preliminary hearing. He was subpoenaed after the Steve Jacobson interview in light of the assault stories and now is subpoenaed for the prosecution. Jai Gohel was done.

Percy Martinez asked if he listened to the interviews with Corey Brown and Kirk Bunch. In the Corey Brown Interview in 2/8/2013, he told Corey Brown it was the Dodge Intrepid, the one that had the dome light one. Now he’s saying the Intrepid didn’t have the dome light, it was the Monte Carlo with the dome light issues. He said Linda Sue Burns car was on the street. His cars were parked in the driveway, someone was in the car and he ran over and kicked someone in the butt, he realized then it was Frank Carson. Now he is admitting it was Mike Cooley that did that and that is what he said in the interview too.

Again he said Mike Cooley borrowed money from Korey Kauffman. On the bus to the courthouse, Mike Cooley told him he knew for a fact that Korey Kauffman was dead and the body was placed on a hog farm. He got out of custody on 3/26/2012. He told Corey Brown that the Escalon trip was on a Thursday, a weekday, but unsure of the date. He did see Mike Cooley chase a white guy at knifepoint from his house and he told that to Kirk Bunch in the 11/2013 interview. He talked about Frank Carson and his 1984 Monte Carlo with the light on, saw him going thru the vehicles. He had left, went to the store to buy a crack pipe, came back and was stopped on the way home by law enforcement and then pulled up as Cooley was spitting in Carson’s face. Then law enforcement pulled up too and separated everybody. Said he was shown a picture of Frank Carson and he knew him from the courthouse and the incident at Cooley’s house. He never told Corey Brown in the interview that he saw him with any Hindus or Arabs or middle easterners and he never told Kirk Bunch that either. He did say he did see 3 Arabs on the back property, but could not ID anyone. He never told law enforcement he saw Frank Carson at all in the back lot. That was all Percy Martinez had.

Marlisa Ferreira started re direct and asked about guns with Frank Carson and Mike Cooley. I don’t know where she was going with this. She had him looking at page 35. There was objections. Then they went off to somewhere else. It was confusing and I don’t know what happened there.

In the Kirk Bunch interview he said that Frank Carson had come over a second time when he came back from the liquor store and there was 2 Hindu’s with him.

At this point, there was massive objections. There was a sidebar. The Judge ended up sending the jury home. The afternoon session was 35 minutes with the jury.

Tomorrow we start at 9 AM. Court will shut down at noon.

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