Just a short commentary on some of the blood evidence that Marlisa Ferreira try to bring in through Detective Corey Brown of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. This was testimony on October 18, 2018.

Judge Zuniga questioned her about her trying to bring in Corey Brown’s expertise in respect to blood evidence. And Marlisa Ferreira confirmed that yes that’s what she was trying to do. Judge Zuniga asked for what purpose, of all the investigations that Corey Brown has done that blood dries and changes color as it dries.

Judge Zuniga asked her why she cannot wait until someone who is qualified to testify in that area as she is not establish qualifications and detective Brown’s background as far as expertise.


Marlisa Ferreira argued to the court that the defense is now suggesting through there questioning that Corey Brown is lying when he says is discoloration in the boots and that type of thing.

In the defense is trying to undermine his credibility. She is also accusing the defense of saying they are lying when they say there’s blood and the defense is claiming there is no blood.

She is saying that his observations of what blood does at a crime scene lays a foundation that is very important for his credibility and what the experts are going to testify to.

Judge Zuniga told her I think you’re not quite understanding the gist of the testimony.

At this point Alyssa for again began doing her typical sign and showing attitude towards the judge and judge Zuniga took her to task for it.

Judge Zuniga noted that she has talked to her several times in the past about her attitude and being disgruntled and so moody all the time. The things that she has demonstrated in court and sometimes in front of the jury which includes facial expressions can be cited for contempt as she knows that she is well aware. The court advise Marlisa Ferreira if you want to go down that slippery so go ahead but she also warned her and noted again previous notations about her attitude. Judge Zuniga noted that she is getting very tired of it and will start taking action soon if it does not stop.

She also noted that she doesn’t get to come in the court and take out her frustrations on the court because she doesn’t like her rulings plain and simple.

Marlisa Ferreira stated that she agreed with the judge, but the problem is with the defense which is a typical deflection that she does. And when she did that Judge Zuniga noted as she had interrupted her again and she does many times. The defense is trying to show that she trying to come across to the jury that the discolored parts of the clothing and whatever else was shown in fact was blood.

Judge Zuniga continued that Melissa Ferreira in fact knows based on the results of the testing that it is not blood. All this has nothing to do with Corey Brown, is that you’re trying to mislead the jury that was suggest their cross examination, that it’s not blood. But she tried to infer that it was and that’s how it came across to the jury.

Again, Marlisa Ferreira interrupted the judge stating that your interrupting me before I finish. Telling her she’s trying to get through this detective and it doesn’t go to his credibility, what she’s doing is by innuendo challenge the veracity with the jury and the veracity of the investigation has nothing to do with detective Brown.

There is no evidence in the record with respect to blood degradation.

Marlisa Ferreira at that time requested a hearing the next morning because the expert Gary Harmer was coming in the next day, and there was a presumptive test for blood but because of elements and exposure it did not test for human blood.

This is a small area that shows the type of evidence is being presented in this courtroom, and judge Zuniga has noted many times the behavior of people in the courtroom but does nothing to back up what she says about what she will do, so it makes it a simple complaint only and not something that she actually enforces.





  1. From reading and listening to your posts and broacasts, it seems to me that after the Jim Cook debacle, Judge Z seemed to have turned a corner. She seems less biased and even more favorable to the defense than she was before. She seems to be granting more of their objections and motions. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this Marty.

    • I have had some of the same thoughts you expressed. But watching her for three years now she runs hot and cold on these things and she really seems to be a prosecutor at heart. If you saw her facial antics every day you would get a lil different picture perhaps.
      But yes, I have noticed some difference since Jim Cook.
      Many of the rulings she makes now are so obvious what is being attempted by the DA. Marlisa is in pure all or nothing mode at this point and keeps stepping deeper into things with her ignorant questioning. She has nothing to lose except the jury and if she loses the jury with a mistrial that is a win for her.

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