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Idaho is home to all sorts of supposedly “haunted” places. Of course there are several haunted hotels and towns that are worth checking out, but what about the lesser-known haunted spots? You’ll find that many unexpected spots around the Gem State are the subject of haunted legends, like this haunted lake and this haunted campground. It turns out that our state is even home to a creepy haunted bridge! You may find yourself staying far away from this bridge once you learn the unsettling legend behind it.

Emmett, Idaho is a delightfully rural town in the southern region of the state. Home to roughly 6,500 people, the living is easy here. However, the agricultural town is also considered a paranormal hotspot and it’s even home to the state’s most haunted bridge.

The bridge can be found along North Plaza Road and is widely referred to as the “Plaza Bridge”. During the summertime, you’ll often see kids of all ages jumping off the bridge into the river below. It’s a popular spot for cooling off in hot weather, but you definitely don’t want to hang around it when night falls.

The details of this creepy legend are murky at best. However, the strange paranormal occurrences speak for themselves. Witnesses have reported many strange happenings but the most common is the apparition of a woman who seems to be searching for her child. The wailing of a baby can sometimes be heard as the woman searches.

A group called Emmett Paranormal Investigators performed a ghost hunt a few years back. What they encountered was the apparition of three child spirits along with a mysterious white mist that floated in front of their car. Most unsettling, they claim to have captured an EVP that said “Please get back to your car”.

People who have camped in the area have also claimed to hear fingernails scratching and tapping on their tents, as well. Whatever seems to be haunting this bridge has yet to prove itself malevolent. However, its presence is unsettling nonetheless.

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