WEEK 31, DAY 106


This morning was like a photo copy of yesterday morning. The only improvement was that Judge Zuniga was on time to the courthouse. The jury was brought up, and Detective Jon Evers was put on the stand at 9:15AM. Marlisa Ferreira asks Detective Evers if the 03/03/2014 interview of Daljit Atwal was recorded. Evers states that it was recorded. Marlisa Ferreira enters the People’s 722 into evidence. It is the DVD of the interview that was done at the Stanislaus County DA’s Office. While the interview was being done, Daljit Atwal’s house was being searched. Marlisa Ferreira then enters the People’s 722A into evidence. It is the transcript of the interview.

We immediately have a short side bar, and then the DVD recording of the interview is played for the jurors at 9:20AM. Daljit Atwal was in the interview room with DA Investigator Kirk Bunch along with Detective Jon Evers. Kirk Bunch is the one who was asking the questions during the interview. Kirk Bunch immediately gives Daljit Atwal his Miranda Rights, and informs Daljit Atwal that his house is being searched. Daljit Atwal states that he is willing to talk because he is a nice guy. DA Investigator Kirk Bunch tells Daljit Atwal that he is a nice guy too. I think our readers have chimed in on that subject folks, and the consensus was that Kirk Bunch is actually an asshole. Daljit Atwal is asked some questions about his family that lives with him in his house. Kirk Bunch tries to explain that it was not the investigators fault that they had an automobile accident while transporting Daljit to the DA’s Office. Kirk Bunch reminds Daljit Atwal that they had last spoken on 07/15/2012. Kirk Bunch asks Daljit Atwal if he had anything illegal in his house. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that he has nothing illegal in his house. Daljit Atwal speaks about having 2 firearms at the East Ave Pop N Cork Liquors. Daljit Atwal states that he has a surveillance system at the store, but that it only records 8 hours of tape.

Kirk Bunch asks Daljit Atwal the nature of his relationship with Robert Woody. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that he has known Robert Woody for 6-7 years and did work for him at Pop N Cork Liquors. Daljit Atwal states that he tried to help Robert Woody and paid him with cash for the work that he performed. Daljit Atwal states that Robert Woody was not a good friend. Daljit Atwal describes how Robert Woody had badly infected teeth, and had puss coming out from his mouth. He states that Robert Woody would have died if he did not get this situation treated by a dentist. Daljit Atwal tells Kirk Bunch that he and his brother Baljit Athwal paid for the dental treatment that Robert Woody needed. He states that they still owed the dentist $1500 to $2000 for the treatment.

Daljit Atwal states that he and his brother let Robert Woody go when they discovered that he had stolen 6-7 Pepsi Colas from Pop N Cork Liquors. Kirk Bunch now shows Daljit Atwal a series of pictures. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that he never saw Korey Kauffman at Pop N Cork Liquors. He states that he saw Frank Carson around Christmas at his office. Daljit Atwal speaks about he and his brother owning a bar and having legal problems that were handled by Frank Carson. Daljit Atwal is shown pictures of two Private Investigators that had been used by Frank Carson. Daljit Atwal is asked if the CHP Officers were still visiting Pop N Cork Liquors. Daljit tells Kirk Bunch that they were not coming to the store anymore because they were all scared. Kirk Bunch then asks Daljit Atwal if he had a female CHP girlfriend. Judge Zuniga immediately blurts out stop at the same time that Hans Hjertonsson blurts out some objection. The jury is sent out of the courtroom at 9:59AM. They would not return. The jury has only been listening to testimony for 39 minutes, and everything has ground to a halt. Detective Jon Evers is asked to step down from the stand but is allowed to stay in the courtroom. We immediately have a rather lengthy side bar.

After the side bar, an extremely agitated Judge Zuniga states that the “Girlfriend Stuff” had been excluded and should have not been shown to the jury. During the discussions, it is revealed that the entire CD is full of stuff that had been excluded by Judge Zuniga several months ago. It is evident to Judge Zuniga that this is going to take a very long time, and she sends the jury from the hallway to their downstairs break area. Hans Hjertonsson berates Marlisa Ferreira for not redacting the video. Marlisa Ferreira goes into a rather lengthy rant, stating that she was working at the DA’s Office with one clerk only, and the help of Steve Jacobson over the Thanksgiving break. She states that all the rest of the employees were home enjoying their holiday week. She tries to turn this all around and blame Hans Hjertonsson for the mishap. She really reveals her ugly side when the jury is out of the courtroom. Jai Gohel speaks up, and Judge Zuniga tells Jai and Marlisa they she could report both of them to the State Bar for their conduct. Marlisa Ferreira asks Judge Zuniga: “What can we do now?”

Judge Zuniga now painstakingly goes through the redacted transcripts, and the DVD to find all the sections that should have been redacted. She found numerous things that should have been redacted. This took the rest of the morning. All the while, Private Investigator Jack Abel was sitting in the hallway waiting to testify. He is supposed to take the stand this afternoon. The defense attorneys argued that Marlisa Ferreira is intentionally doing this to prolong the trial. They state that Marlisa Ferreira is trying to prolong her case in chief so long that it will result in a mistrial. We have all been thinking this for quite some time. There is no way that Marlisa Ferreira can win this case with the jury that is seated. If we run out of jurors, she gets a mistrial, and we are back to square one. She will get a re-set, and we will be back to a sick episode of the Twilight Zone that I remember from past, where everything repeats itself forever.

Once again, I plead for help from our readers. Marty is trying to recover from a serious illness, and I will not be able to attend court on Friday. We really need someone to fill in and take notes. We need to keep these articles going and prevent this fiasco from happening in a vacuum.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)






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