Just a note on some of the information I received from court today.

Jack able continued to be on the stand this morning Percy Martinez continuing his cross examination but it was short with the highlight being the interview where he told officers that “all bets would be off” if Navarro was present at any interviews was Frank Carson.

Jai Gohel then began cross examination with the highlight again being Michael Cooley and others picked up in Escalon after their car broke down on 29 March 2012.

Marlisa Ferreira went into redirect trying to highlight that it would be significant of Korey Kauffman cell phone had been paying after Cooley statement to Odell, also would be significant that Linda Sue Burns said she saw Kaufman after Cooley’s statement to Odell.

Jack able said he had picked up his contract with Frank Carson from Carson’s office, and Marlisa Ferreira was unsuccessful in trying to get Jack able to admit the contract was signed on July 18, 2012.

It was also noted that Judge Zuniga again admonished Marlisa Ferreira for talking over defense attorneys during objections stating she is disrespecting the court reporter. Zuniga noted that she does it all the time and it needs to stop.

Marlisa Ferreira also went through a long list of names involved in this case and asked Jack able if he interviewed any of them which he said no to each. During this time Jai Gohel had objected to this under 352 which is the evidence code and it is undue consumption of time and irrelevant, which was overruled.

Marlisa Ferreira also attempted to get Jack able to admit he told Charlie Odell that Frank Carson would help him out, but Jack able was adamant about saying no.

Again, Jai Gohel did cross it was brought out that law enforcement had search Frank Carson’s 90-year-old mother’s house. Which led to a sidebar.

At this point it appears Jack able was done on the stand.

Apparently they then had a 20 minute break that lasted the typical 40 minutes, after which Marlisa Ferreira came in with new transcripts claiming all the page numbers had changed when the corrections were made. I believe this is in regard to the Daljit Atwal interview. Which delay things even longer because everybody has to be given on new paperwork. Also noted that Steve Jacobson was in the courtroom helping her with this.

Jon Evers retook to stand in regard to the July 15, 2013 interview of Daljit Atwal. Evers talked about the search and Daljit Atwal’s house and the car accident that happened on July 15, 2012, and in the interview, they tried to get Daljit Atwal to agree that was not their fault because a car had run into the police car not the other way around.

This was apparently the third time they have interviewed Daljit Atwal, and he kept repeating that he didn’t do anything wrong, and Kirk Bunch was saying that people are talking about this and what does he know, and he said it’s none of my business. Again, Kirk Bunch asked him what does he know about the disappearance of Korey Kauffman, and Daljit kept repeating he doesn’t know anything and he hasn’t done anything wrong.

He also noted that he did not have anything illegal in his house but did have some guns at the store but no guns at his house. Kirk Bunch is also asking where the tape recorder is at pop and cork because they couldn’t find it, it was also noted, as normal, Jon Evers had very little to say in this interview is mostly done by Kirk Bunch. But they had Evers on the stand.

Daljit Atwal talked about Robert Woody had worked at the store and helped out for about three or four years and they had fixed his teeth were rotten and real pussy and it was probably going to kill him. In the tape Daljit gave more specific description of what Robert Woody’s mouth was like.

He also said they would give Woody and their family milk and some cash for helping at the store, but they weren’t really friends with the Woody’s when he was given a list of possible choices by Kirk Bunch of what kind of relationship that they had.

Eventually Woody was let go because he was stealing from the store, and it was Bobby Atwal that had fired him. Daljit agreed with Kirk Bunch when he said that he hates thieves, and he said they work hard for what they have, and nobody likes thieves. It was also noted that Kirk Bunch was really aggressive and never let Daljit finish a lot of his answers and talked over him constantly.

Daljit said he never saw Korey Kauffman at his store and had only seen a picture of him and had told officers the same thing in previous interviews. Kirk Bunch showed him a bunch of pictures and Daljit doesn’t know any of them except for one he said was the mayor in Denair. Kirk Bunch also showed him a picture of some private investigator that works for Frank Carson and Daljit says he never saw that guy before.

He also noted that this Highway Patrol officers don’t come to the store anymore they’re all afraid.

Kirk Bunch then says would it surprise him to know that they have arrested Robert Woody for the murder of Korey Kauffman, and he said Woody had told us everything that had happened and said that he was there, Daljit emphasized that he was not there.

Bunch went on to say we have Woody connected and we know that Bobby had Woody burn his truck and that Daljit went to get him after it was done. Again, Daljit was adamant about saying no I did not and Bobby is a good guy would not do such a thing. I believe my brother never did anything, I never picked up anybody.

Bunch continues to say Woody says it is so and we know you and Frank and Bobby are going to be charged with murder with special circumstances, do you know what that is? Again, Daljit emphasize I don’t know anything I told you the truth.

Bunch continues on saying you need to tell us the truth or so you’re okay with being charged with murder. There’s a reason why this is happening, we have evidence and cooperation. Just tell the truth and be honest. Daljit said he has never been to Frank Carson’s property, says he doesn’t know anything, he’s never seen this guy, I told you this the last time, I told you the truth, I know I never did anything.

At that point the tape was over.

Also, of note at this time Judge Zuniga advised the jury that they will be in court up to December 23, 2018, they will then be off from December 24, 2018 until January 8, 2019. So apparently this case is going way past the first of the year.

Jai Gohel made an objection on the unreasonable length of the trial and is a violation of due process. The judge says he has no legal reason and it is denied.

The jury was release for the day at 11:50 AM and apparently were not happy about being done for the day. And that has been an ongoing issue with the jury

Also, of note from today was that Marlisa Ferreira made a motion to have another cell phone expert testify in an effort to rehabilitate Jim Cook. That motion was denied by Judge Zuniga and I am not aware of the reasons that she gave, but typically to have experts testify you have to give 30-day notice prior to the trial to the opposition. Obviously, that was not the case here.





  1. Marty, could you explain why it is significant that Kauffmans phone was on after cooleys statement to odell? Thanks.

    1. Author

      Good question Bob and what I have wondered also. Though many things Marlisa asks does not make sense, the Odell statement says Cooley was picked up on the 29th in Escalon. The DA’s theory is Kauffman was killed on the 30th, she trying to discredit one of her own witness’s again.
      That is my best guess. but we all know the phone was being used or called until mid April anyway.

      1. the phone was only (very conveniently ) on to log incoming calls from keys/cooley and literally no other calls , so it looks as if they turned it on , called it so there would be a record then shut it off, and odds are it was done by whoever made the calls to that phone or one hell of a coincedence (like lotto jackpot coincedence)

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