The jury came up for the afternoon session around 1:37 PM judge on the bench around 1:40 PM.

There was about another 20-25 minutes or so left to play on the recording they started this morning. Listening to the recording it was basically a conversation between the four gentlemen that come to visit Frank Carson’s office and discuss the issues with investigators, who were basically pitching a bench about investigators coming around and harassing them on not only this case but other things too. There was conversation about the concern that threats by investigators to take away their kids and trying to influence their wives and girlfriends to stir things up.

One thing that I noticed throughout the conversation, which was a total of about an hour, Frank Carson repeatedly said don’t do anything wrong, don’t talk to the cops, if you do talk to the cops tell the truth. That sentiment was echoed throughout the conversation. Amil Atallaha again had worn a body wire to this conversation with the attorney Frank Carson to gather information on everyone involved. Frank Carson also repeatedly noted that he had not done anything wrong.

They talked about phone records can be accessed by law enforcement to get past phone calls made to and from, and he also noted there was five attorneys that he was aware of in 2012 that their phones were wiretapped. He also noted it was their business lines not their personal phones, so they were wiretapping conversations with clients. Also noted as one of those attorneys was Mary Lynn Belcher. Frank Carson stated several times that he feels bad that all the people that are even remotely acquainted with him are getting harassed and worked over by law enforcement.

After the audio was played attorneys immediately went to a sidebar as Marlys affirmed I had a question about an area that she wanted to go into. When they came back, she asked Atallaha if during the recording Frank Carson said officers get search warrants signed from other judges that are out of county, and she also asked him if he explained that comment any further, he said he did not.

Melissa further asked about Frank Carson said taking the kids and threatening other actions by law enforcement, but he said there was no further information that he had talked about in regards to that. He stated that Frank Carson said the investigators are always mad at him and that they hate him very much. Atallaha who had recorded what sounds like a large number of conversations with the body wire, said he had worked with Kurt Bunche and Frank Navarro four months and never heard them mentioned that they were mad or had any type of dislike for Frank Carson.

Atallaha said that Carson talked about a guy that he got arrested for stealing from his property, probably referring to Michael Cooley, by calling the police after he would been going into his yard. Frank Carson never said the name of the person that had disappeared after alleging going in to his property. Atallaha said some the effect that the person that disappeared was “jumping” onto his property and stealing things.

Atallaha said that he was not with any other people when the officers came to interview him. And when asked the comment that Frank Carson made on the recording that said based on the information of the Indian thing, or Indian angle he was not sure what he had talked about. He did not recall when Frank Carson said some of these things before or after the office recording, especially when he was asked about if law enforcement targeted Frank Carson or anyone else due to the Sikh Temple thing.

I noted that the witness was having trouble understanding some of the questions coming from Melissa Ferreira as I don’t believe his understanding of English was really strong. So many questions had to be re-asked in different ways.

Frank Carson had talked about all three investigators, meaning Kirk Bunch-Jon Evers- Frank Navarro. Especially in the conversation that took place in the garage of Praveen Singh’s house. Again, he stated that Frank Carson said they don’t like him due to the fact that he beats him in court all the time. He said Frank Carson noted that he put a stop to the cop’s investigation by filing complaints against them. He said the Frank Carson said that complaints would stop cops from going after anyone including their friends and family.

Atallaha also said that Frank Carson noted the DA investigators are not real police officers, they are just private investigators for an attorney’s office namely the Stanislaus District Attorney’s Office. He also said that he never received an explanation why Frank Carson said to receive all questions in writing, and he noted that Frank Carson never represented him in this investigation. Frank Carson told him, he said, just give them my business card when they come talk to you.

In a side comment to one of the questions asked by Melissa Ferreira, Atallaha stated that he had recorded just about every conversation with everybody involved including Frank Carson and his friends. He said that between June 2013 and October 2013 he was talking to Frank Carson regularly although he felt he was a suspect along with Praveen Singh. Atallaha stated he never had an agreement for Frank Carson to represent him in this investigation in regard to Korey Kaufman.

He also said that Frank Carson had discussed having knowledge of cell phone tracking and pinging. He said that twice in his office Frank Carson said they can ping phones and listen to calls on a cell phones.

In the recorded conversation he said that Frank Carson said he did all those things that he talked about and it stopped what they were doing about a year ago. This was in regard to Kurt Bunch and Frank Navarro’s investigation of him.

Again, Atallaha was having trouble understanding the questions asked by Marlisa Ferreira and was giving the wrong answers to the question that he didn’t understand. But finally, he said Frank Carson noted the harassing of people stopped. He also said the Frank Carson had said that the complaint had stopped them from investigating. He said the Frank Carson stated that he would work this over but had no idea what that meant. Phone numbers and calls are kept through all the carriers like AT&T and Metro PCS, Referring to the CDR’s.

Marlisa Ferreira asked him if he ever text Frank Carson and he said when Frank Carson was his attorney on the earlier case, he may have but he could remember, but was sure that he had not during the Kaufman investigation.

He was also asked about Frank Navarro not working out of the District Attorney’s Office, but was working for the Turlock Police Department, in addition the Jon Evers was Modesto Police Department. He also noted he had heard of Cory Brown but did not know him.

He said that Frank Carson had said that he wants to sue Frank Navarro as he is a bad guy, and he had stated that somebody wanted his job, but he did not clarify who. He said Frank Carson also noted and after the Sabatino case that he had gotten the head of the county attorney’s office to resign but he did not know how.

Atallaha stated that he thought the Praveen Singh had previously worked as a sheriff deputy, but Frank Carson said he was previously Modesto Police Department officer.

Melissa further then went to a sidebar with the judge had an area that she said she wanted to ask the judge about apparently, she was not allowed to go into that area did come back and said at this time no further questions.

Judge Zuniga had Marlisa Ferreira reserve on another issue as there was another reporting that she was supposed to listen to last night and judge Zuniga did not do it, so is to be determined if it’s going to be allowed.

Marlisa Ferreira was done with her questions and at this point they could not continue on until that issue was resolved and the jury was released for the day at 2:58 PM. The judge will rule tomorrow if she’s allowed to go into that other area whatever it is.

Court was then taken into recess the jury is coming back at 10:30am tomorrow, but the attorneys are coming into port at 9:30 AM to determine the remaining recording.