By Warren Yates



Well hello again all of you searchers for the truth. I am back again after an extended absence due to other commitments. I finally managed to once again show up in court to witness this travesty of justice being played out in the Scandalous County Superior Court. ferreira, Witch ferloser from now on in this commentary and I believe I am her favorite commentator. I know I’m her favorite because of my reporting the truth.

Years ago during the preliminary hearing, witch ferloser at the conclusion of that day’s hearing, stood up in open court and said that she wanted a gag order put on me because what I was writing could inflame the jury if this case were to go to trial. She was waving around a document purported to be one of my commentaries. Judge Zuniga effectively told witch ferloser to “pound salt” by telling witch ferloser file a motion. It has been several years since witch ferloser ranted in court. I’m still waiting for the date for the hearing to put a gag order on me. Chortle, chortle!

There is so much for me to write and I am going to cut and paste some segments of many of my prior commentaries along with the new soon to be released material. I am sure that witch ferloser may have a problem with the truth being exposed. Enjoy witch ferloser. Have a nice day.

After spending this week in court, from the first day I soon realized that fladager’s dog and pony show was still going on with witch ferloser playing the role of the head clown amongst all the other DA clowns, felony witnesses, dregs of society and all the other dregs of society with nothing to lose but everything to gain by the perjurious testimony.

In other words, S.O.S.!!! As this goes on you will see the reason for my title for this commentary. I thought witch ferloser was a vicious, vindictive, nasty, sadistic, spiteful, malicious, rancorous, backbiting, malevolent, implacable, bitter, ruthless, merciless witch lower than whale crap on the ocean floor. I am happy that she has been able to maintain the same level of credibility she has fought so hard to obtain.

We all know she has been trained by the only other one in the DA’s office that has a lower moral compass, whoops sorry, I made a mistake by saying that Lucretia Borgia fladager had a moral compass. My mistake. SHE DOES NOT!! While we’re talking about whale crap on the ocean floor, we can’t forget witch ferloser’s boy wonder made of the same stuff, Cap’n Crunch bunch. bunch and witch ferloser are competing for the title of “World’s Biggest Turd”. Right now they’re running neck and neck with Lucretia Borgia fladager close-up their behind.

While I was doing the commenting during the preliminary hearing, I had occasion to tell a story about what my Mom always told me when I was younger. Thank you for all of the things you warned me about because I have experienced many of those things. Thank you Mom. R.I.P.! My Mom always told me to make sure that every time I leave the house to make sure I had clean underwear on. The reason being, you may have an accident and have to go to the hospital. Because I am a law-abiding citizen, my Mom didn’t say or in case I have to go to jail. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I have a target on my back with someone from the District Attorney’s Office looking through the telescopic sight.

I want to go on record here for all to see and know that I have never taken an illegal substance into my body, I have never smoked and I have never smoked marijuana. If for any reason I am stopped for an alleged traffic violation, any illegal items found in my car were planted for revenge from the District Attorney’s Office. Knowing that I have a target on my back, following my Mom’s advice I will always have clean underwear because it would be so embarrassing to go to a hospital or be booked in jail with skidmarks in my skivvies. We will now get on with the rest of this commentary.

Witch ferloser last week had subpoenaed Eduardo Quintanar as a prosecution witness. She immediately began attacking Eddie’s credibility saying that he is a liar and she continued on and on with those attacks. Marty Carlson and I were discussing her attack during a break. He stated that since witch ferloser had been personally named among other people in the DA’s office committing prosecutorial misconduct in Eddie’s lawsuit against them, that she is trying to cover her behind. If you have never been to court seen her, I will tell you now that that would be a major accomplishment. I’ll leave it at that.

Witch ferloseris such a stinking lowlife piece of crap that continually tries to impugn Eddie’s character. Witch ferloser is so used to handling all of her low life, felon, soon to be felons, embezzlers, drug dealers, drug abusers, thieves, burglars, dregs of society witnesses who are stone cold liars, she thinks everybody lies. I forgot to put witch ferloser and Cap’n Crunch bunch on the list of liars. Both witch ferloser and Cap’n Crunch bunch have been caught lying in open court. I am going to include those verifications in this commentary. I have shown the proof before and am going to cut and paste it again. As I took notes this last week, they may be a little out of sequence but I’m sure you’ll be able to understand them.

Okay it’s time to talk about one of the major players in this Orwellian drama. That would be judge Zuniga. I’m sure that in some of my prior commentaries you’ve read that I only capitalize the names of people whom I respect or have nothing against all for my commentaries during the preliminary hearing, I capitalized Zuniga’s name. But on December 22, 2016 that all changed.

I will digress a little bit and let you know why that date was such a memorable date. All throughout the preliminary hearing witch ferloser had been dribbling out all of the required discovery a little at a time instead. Probably like her dribbling food out of her mouth at the buffet. On that morning she brought in a bunch of new discovery and at that point Zuniga became very upset and had to leave the bench for a few minutes to cope with this Brady violation material. When she got back on the bench she was extremely upset and told witch ferloser that the defendants were gonna be released on her own recognizance because of the prosecutorial misconduct, not the words she used by the way, for misconduct.

Witch ferloser began to rant and rave and moan and groan and piss and cry. Witch ferloser was all blubbery if you get my drift. Well after having the shocking revelation that made witch ferloser and Cap’n Crunch bunch looked like the fools and idiots that they are and they couldn’t face the disgrace. All during the preliminary hearing Cap’n Crunch always parked their Star Wars vehicle in the front and was unable to stay within the lines. While this fiasco in court was going on he snuck out and drove the car around to the back door. Somebody was there with a camera and snapped a picture of Cap’n Crunch and witch ferloser sneaking out the back door to the vehicle. When I wrote the article at that time I referenced a MasterCard commercial that had been popular during that time I’m going to cut and paste it here.

Coffee at Starbucks before court.                          $6.50

Watching Court on December 22, 2016            No Charge

Watching Ferreira and Bunch sneak out the back door of the court like rats trying to escape on December 22, 2016.         PRICELESS

I think that would make a great commercial on national television, what do you think?

That same day that witch ferloser was blubbery, Zuniga said in open court “Mam. I have just saved your case for you”. On December 22, 2016 Zuniga became a prosecutor for the Scandalous County District Attorney’s Office and has been so ever since. zuniga needs to be reported to the judicial commission for performance for failing to declare a mistrial and in fact aiding the prosecution. That is why zuniga’s name will no longer capitalized unless I missed it on spellcheck.

Well it is time to see what a lying, conniving and stinking hypocrite witch ferloser is in real life. In my prior commentaries each time the situation presented itself I have always called witch ferloser a “BALD FACED LIAR”. For those of you people who may not have read any of my prior commentaries I will show you one example of how witch ferloser was shown to be an unmitigated liar in open court. In fact in the example I’m gonna show you, she committed perjury but of course Zuniga did nothing about it.

On November 5, 2015, the defense attorneys had been mentioning that many of the prosecution’s witnesses who are criminals and most are even a couple with badges, have been promised consideration or deals in exchange for their testimony in the Carson 8 trial. All during this time witch ferloser who is deemed to be an officer of the court is expected to tell the truth at all times and a myriad of other regulations while being a member of the State Bar.

Witch ferloser vehemently and aggressively denied that “ANY DEALS”
have been made in exchange for these criminals testimony. Witch ferloser expected everybody to believe that these are fine young felons and dopers who are anxious to shed their past transgressions and want to turn their lives around. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Lying witch ferloser thought she had this one in the bag. Wrong!! The defense attorney knowing that she was lying to her jowls, brought an honest, truthful public defender by the name of Ben Rosenstein to the stand.

I am going to paraphrase what public defender Rosenstein testified to. It can be found in the court record of the preliminary hearing.

In answer to a question from one of the defense attorneys, Mr. Rosenstein stated that he remembers Cap’n Crunch bunch tell him “If you give us information that fits in with our evidence that we have you will give consideration”. Bunch also said “I will make sure that happens through the Dist. Atty.”.

Bunch also said “I am going to talk to the Dist. Atty. who is handling this case, meaning the Carson case and that’s obviously good for us, the information that he had, and he was going to try to help him out some more”.

Attorney: “Meaning help Mr. Cooper out more with more consideration; is that correct? Mr. Rosenstein responded That was my understanding, yes.

Witch ferloser immediately shouts “OBJECTION. SPECULATION.

zuniga “OVERRULED”!!

Investigator bunch also said “I’m not going to leave you hanging”. And Mr. Bunch indicated that he would talk to the Dist. Atty. who was assigned to the case about pushing get out some more.

Mr. Rosenstein stated “I actually do remember that, yes.

Mr. Rosenstein also stated “Well, it was so we could work out a testimonial agreement.

Defense attorney: but at some point in December, you are trying– December 2014, you were trying to negotiate a solid deal for Mr. Cooley; correct?

Mr. Rosenstein: yes, I was doing that.

This makes witch ferloser a BALD FACED LIAR. There were deals, many deals made to dregs of society for their testimony. Her henchman, Cap’n Crunch bunch like witch ferloser, were both suborning perjury. That makes witch ferloser just as big a dreg of society as her witness dregs of society. And she has the guts to sit on her GLUTEUS MAXIMUS and call a former honorary member of the California Highway Patrol, a liar. Obviously she does not have a mirror in her residence to see the biggest liar, or is ashamed of herself.

It is obvious in the week that I was watching, that Zuniga has reprised her role as a prosecutor in Contra Costa County. While Eddie was testifying, which loser was asking a lot of questions that were beyond the issues at hand and the defense attorneys were making continual objections but to no avail. If the defense attorney objected, the only words Zuniga new was overruled”. For every objection by the defense attorneys, nine out of 10 of the objections were overruled.

witch ferloser is the dolt is the dolt that subpoenaed Eddie and is a prosecution witness. witch ferloser as shown what an evil and vicious person she is fits the mold of stinking rats. Instead of trying to elicit information about the Carson case, the evil witch has instead put on a diverse six-day inquisition trying to make Eddie say something that will interfere with his being rehired at a hearing in February. And yes she has a huge conflict of interest because of the fact that witch ferloser is one of the individuals named in Eddie’s false arrest civil lawsuit. Remember about that behind.

I have so much more to write but I think I want to just get this published to begin with to prep the readers for about what’s more to come. And I want to reiterate again as I will continually through this that witch ferloser a BALD FACED LIAR!! As I said before I will also be showing that storm trooper Cap’n Crunch bunch is also an unmitigated liar based on his testimony and then when the recordings are played it is different. He’s as big a liar as witch ferloser.

And I also did some research and looked up court documents in Scandalous County Superior Court case number 1490969. When I looked at the last exhibit which was authored by Lee J Ervin, Ph.D. I have not had a chance to analyze the whole documents but on the first page it appears that Dr. Ervin released Cap’n Crunch bunch from a psychiatric injury he had as the DA investigator the doctor stated that Cap’n Crunch is permanent disability precluded him from returning to his usual and customary job duties.


bunch therapy

Then apparently a month later Dr. Ervin received a call from Mr. Bunch. He was distraught that he was possibly going to be offered alternative employment working in welfare fraud. He was apparently worried about financial matters as the proposed job didn’t pay as much as his prior duties. He then advised Dr. Ervin that he wants to go back to his old job. Even though psychologically he is precluded from returning to his DA investigator position. He also could not carry a gun as a welfare fraud investigator and we know having a gun in his hand looms large in the legend of Cap’n Crunch bunch as evidenced by the raid he and the rest of the jackbooted thugs pulled one day served a search warrant in the office of AJ Pontillo looking for documents. But the video shows that states storm the place as if the FBI’s number one criminal was there. They roughed up Mr. Pontillo and they terrorized his secretary there and shameful display of I got the gun. In one of my prior commentaries are chosen repeat, some men with a small package using gun as a phallic symbol. I’ll get into all that a little later on though.

I’m gonna have to dig a little deeper also into the Cap’n Crunch bunch letters that need to be analyzed to see if there was some type of fraud or attempted fraud on the part of Cap’n Crunch bunch.

So stay tuned and keep looking for the rest of the story.




Teacher Was Fired For Giving Zeros To Students That Failed To Hand In Their Work


Diane Tirado was fired from her school after giving students zeros for not handing in homework.


An eighth-grade teacher in Florida has gone on the offensive against her former school after she claimed to have been fired for doling out “zero” grades to students who failed to hand in their homework.

Social studies teacher Diane Tirado, 52, was fired from West Gate K-8 School in Port St. Lucie in south Florida after she had been working there for just two months.

Apparently, the school employs a “no zero” policy that Tirado is said to have violated after a group of students failed to hand in one of their first major assignments of the school year. This resulted in Tirado’s forced departure.

The assignment that ended Tirado’s career called for the students to keep an “explorer’s notebook” for two weeks in the same way a 15th-century explorer might have kept a journal in their time.

Diane Tirado claims that parents complained to her over the workloads that their kids received and criticized the teacher of 17 years for giving the eighth graders too much to handle.

“I got called down to the principal’s office because parents were not happy with me,” Tirado said in an interview. “It was ruining my life for weeks.”

She said that during this meeting the principal informed her of the alleged “no zero” policy: “I was not allowed to give anything lower than a 50.”

But after a group of students from her class didn’t hand in any work at all, Tirado felt that they didn’t deserve any credit at all, let alone 50 percent, and so handed them “zero” grades.

“I’m used to kids not handing in work… but then chasing them until the report cards are in to make sure they make it up with extra credit,” she said. “But I don’t give a grade for nothing.”

Tirado was fired on Sept. 14, and the principal’s letter of termination reportedly mentioned no official cause for her dismissal. The teacher says that this is because she was working under her probationary period at the time she was fired, which doesn’t require that an explicit reason be stated.

But Tirado believes that it was the “zero” grades that caused her firing. “I refused to do their policy. I guess you would call that defiance,” she said. “I have been fired for refusing to give you a 50 percent for not handing anything in.”

The school, however, said that their alleged “no zero” policy doesn’t exist.

“There is no district or individual school policy prohibiting teachers from recording a grade of zero for work not turned in,” the school’s spokesman reported.

But Tirado says that the policy is clearly outlined in the school’s West Gate student and parent handbook. An image she shared with the Post states in bright red capital letters, “NO ZERO’S – LOWEST POSSIBLE GRADE IS 50%.”


This school’s alleged “no zero” policy is an example of one of the latest parenting trends known as the “participation trophy” which claims that rewarding kids for mere participation will boost their self-esteem. Those that support “participation trophies” believe that eliminating the possibility of a “loser” gives all kids the recognition required to improve their confidence.

But critics of this style of child-rearing say that this hinders children from reaching their ultimate abilities by eliminating the concept of a “loser” in academics and other activities.

Tirado is one such critic: “It’s absurd to give someone something for nothing and to do that is creating a future that is pretty darn bleak.”

“We’re creating monsters out of our children,” she added. “We have a nation of kids that are expecting to get paid and live their life just for showing up and it’s not real…people that experience that kind of childhood…then you’re entitled for the rest of your life.”





California ‘Text Tax’ Vote Cancelled Following FCC Ruling

Californians can continue to text tax-free.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced on Twitter Friday evening that a January vote on a “text tax” is cancelled.

The move follows an FCC ruling that text messaging is an information service, not a telecommunications service, under the Federal Telecommunications Act.

Here is an update to the #texting surcharge proposal before @californiapuc. pic.twitter.com/6QziYqQKXY