Angela Pratts brother Adam Mayfield has been missing since Dec 2.

This is not like him to stay away! Please please please keep your eyes out for him

& please pray for his safe return! If anyone has any information,

please contact me or authorities also PLEASE SHARE!

Adam Mayfield and sister Angela Pratt

Hes usually in the east side of Modesto he was last seen on Scenic & Oakdale.

No known vehicle.

If seen or located contact Angela on Facebook

or Dawgs Blog and I can pass the info along.




By Warren Yates



As a disclaimer for my commentaries, I wish to go on record as I have in numerous other commentaries that have been posted. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and fully support all legitimate and unbiased law enforcement in our country, state, county and city dedicated men and women who put their lives on the line 24 hours a day to protect us. The three keywords in my commentaries are “legitimate”, “dedicated” and “unbiased”. I totally reject an agenda driven prosecution whose sole purpose is not to find justice, but to decimate the lives, reputations and physical well-being of innocent people. (AND YES I VOTED FOR DONALD TRUMP AND WILL AGAIN IN 2020 AND AM PROUD OF IT. IF MY STATEMENT BOTHERS ANYONE, PLEASE STOP READING AND GO GET SOME CRAYONS, A COLORING BOOK AND HUG A TEDDY BEAR. Remember, Judge Zuniga in effect told Ferrera to piss off and file a motion if she wants to put a gag order on me.

It’s time to start up the old keyboard again folks. After having sat in court for that week and thinking about all of the vicious attacks dear loser and Cap’n Crunch bunch put on Eddie, it makes me want to vomit. They had their heads together so much but it looked like they were on a date at the drive-in movies. If it ever happened that you had to evacuate your stomach (PUKE for lack of a better term :0), forget Ipecac, just watch that dynamic duo of dumb and dumber. You will toss your cookies too.

Then one day when I was in there, I had come back into the courtroom after an afternoon break. It was toward the end of the day and because I am a numbskull, I’ve been told that many times, I didn’t realize that I still had my hat on. Prosecutor witch spotted me immediately and barked out, “Gentleman in the back take that hat off’!!! I barked back “I will when you take off those barracuda fishing lures you’ve got hanging from your ears”. Everybody in the court laughed. “I NEED BAIL MONEY”. A.J.! Where are you when I need you?

witch ferloser was constantly grinding on Eddie, she reminded me of an old tired burned out on her last leg burlesque dancer grinding on a pole in a men’s club that does not want to give it up. But after the tomatoes, lettuce and cauliflowers start being thrown, the old burlesque dancer decides she’s lost it and finally hangs up her old G strings. Witch ferloser needs to realize that she has lost this case. It’s time to dismiss this fraud upon the court case, and begin preparing her defense for the civil suits that have been filed and are going to be filed.

All the questioning witch ferloser has been torturing Eddie with a not concerning Frank Carson’s case but rather trying to discredit Eddie’s credibility by whatever nefarious means that she and the head rat can come up with. The simple fact is that the head rat has never made an appearance in court either during the preliminary hearing or the trial up to this point. Back during the preliminary hearing prosecutor zuniga even said in open court and that the district attorney needs to be in court particularly concerning all the Brady V Maryland violations that her office has been continually doing.


“Well hello out there Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea as Walter Winchell used to open his programs with. As my close friends will verify, I’m no Walter Winchell. And, I don’t have a radio show. I am merely a budding cub reporter that has been absent too long from the scene of what I call a dog and pony show. As I have alluded to in some of my prior writings, the big picture is that this court proceeding by the DA is the Bungling Brother and Sister’s Dumbest Circus of freaks.

Now this circus is re-appearing after three failed prior performances here in Modesto. The Carmen Sabatino, AJ Pontillo and Frank Drummond fiascoes that went in the tank, all at taxpayers’ expense seems to be the norm for the district attorney. And now Ms. Ferreira has produced in the center ring a flock, pride, litter, drove, herd, pod, brood, clutch, colony, band, cast, swarm, troop, horde, plague, fleet, nest, cackle, school, rookery and don’t forget a gang of clowns with a trashy past, present and future, drug users, drug dealers, burglars, embezzlers, violently assaultive, thieving thugs that the proclaimed “Father of Clowns” Emmett Kelly, would not let near a respectable circus.

I was sitting in the back row along with Eduardo Quintanar, Jr. During the proceedings as I recall, which is a favorite phrase of the Dist. Atty. witnesses and investigators, there had been an exchange between the defense and prosecution and an objection was made by the defense. Judge zuniga then asked Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira, simply referred to here on as, whoops, I was going to say MF but I will change that to Ferreira, to explain why the objection should not be sustained.

At this point everyone on the left side of the courtroom including the gallery was quiet enough that you could hear a pin drop. Just as she started her rant, she stopped suddenly looking aghast. As she hesitated, Judge zuniga asked her what was wrong? Ferreira replied that she had been distracted in her thoughts by the noise on the left side of the court. Folks, I’m here to say that there was not a sound or noise coming from anywhere on the left side of the courtroom.

I fear that she has been beaten so soundly about the head and shoulders, metaphorically of course, by the defense attorneys that the little devil demons inside of her head are becoming agitated and making noise. Everyone on the left side of the courtroom had an astonished look on their face that she would say that. It reminded me of the old saying “You see the wheel turning but the hamster is dead”. People who are more crude than I am have been known to call that a “brain fart”. You know, the lights are on but nobody’s home. The elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. Several fries short of a Happy Meal. Just saying…

Witch ferloser has been cracking up for over two years.

I took a lot of notes the week I was there and unfortunately, I don’t have them in any particular order so that means I get to jump around witch ferloser won’t know what to expect. But she can rest assured that it will be bringing out things that she will not have anyone testify to in court. I was thinking it’s time to show how Cap’n Crunch bunch commits perjury in court but it is kissed off and nothing is done by zuniga. So I am going to cut and paste one of the times that I put in one of my commentaries when Cap’n Crunch bunch committed perjury with impunity.

Excerpt from September 10, 2016: Then we have Kirk Bunch. Bunch and his boys testify on the stand to events and interviews witch are contradicted when the tapes and videos are played. Recently Bunch was caught in a direct lie which he kissed off when he uses the term “I was INCORRECT“. So this means that if you are a citizen and lie under oath in a court of law, you are committing perjury, a felony. However, if you’re in law enforcement and you lie on the stand, the liar can say I was incorrect.

Are Cap’n Crunch bunch and witch ferloser the only liars from law enforcement that have been put on the stand? Lemme see. :0) Hey, let’s talk about Jon (Don’t mention domestic violence around me) Evers. Let’s take a look at some examples of Scandalous County’s finest.


Excerpt from March 4, 2016
regarding Baby Huey’s testilying: Jesse Garcia then began to question Evers. As Evers was answering Mr. Garcia’s questions, he would say one thing
and when Mr. Garcia would bring Evers attention to the transcript, the transcript was different than what Evers had testilied to. Evers reply to that was “If I said that it was a mistake“. In answer to another discrepancy Evers made between his testimony and the transcript Evers said “I recall that but that was a mistake too”.

He said that a couple of times after his testimony was different than the transcript. As easy as Evers fluffs off mistakes, it’s really scary to try to imagine what other mistakes Evers made in this case and just fluffed off. Evers responds “My interpretation is that he does”. So Evers wouldn’t give Baljit Athwal an interpreter when he was interviewing him, but now Evers is doing his own interpretation regarding matters in this case.

Mr. Garcia then asked Evers if Rollins told him it was too long ago to remember the video. Evers answered “No”. Mr. Garcia then showed him the transcript and then Evers had to walk back his testimony and say well yes he did. Oh well, just another mistake or another misinterpretation. Take your pick but either way Evers is wrong.

After a break, Evers was seen sitting there by the prosecution desk with Bunch and Ms. Ferreira with the three of them huddling and all were smiling. Bunch and Evers no doubt thinking about that $170,000 or so that both made in 2014 as a result of their fine work in the Frank Carson case. They should be real proud of themselves as I’m sure the citizens of Modesto are. (NOT)

Once Evers resumes the stand, Mr. Forkner asked the Judge if he could just ask Evers a couple of questions. She agreed and Mr. Forkner asked Evers “while you’re over there talking with Bunch and Ms. Ferreira you were there talking about your prior testimony right?” Evers began to turn red in his face and said” No, I don’t think so”. (Oh well, what’s another lie? To quote another liar: “At this point, what difference does it make? “) The people in the gallery chuckled knowing that Mr. Forkner had taken the wind out of Evers sails. Evers demeanor changed from that moment on for the rest of the afternoon.

As we have found out during this preliminary hearing, if you are a dreg of society witness for the prosecution, certain law enforcement personnel or star civilian witness for the prosecution and you make a false statement under oath, it is deemed to be a “mistake“. If an ordinary citizen makes a false statement under oath, the District Attorney’s Office deems it to be perjury. If you look at the Dist. Atty.’s case here, it takes on the appearance of Swiss cheese. There are holes all over in it.

Excerpt from January 25, 2016: Deputy DA Ferreira then stated that she misspoke when she stated that Patrick Hampton was a “cellie” to a murder suspect when actually Hampton was an elevator operator. I wonder if Hampton had a hard time remembering the route.

Excerpt from June 5, 2016: Now a little about the Ramey Warrant that the Dist. Atty. had to judge shop to find one who would sign it. Robert Forkner then asked Special Agent Bunch if one of the witnesses named Paden (Spelling of?) Called him and told him that the information on the Ramey warrant was incorrect and Special Agent Bunch answered yes. He was then asked if he had told Mr. Paden about the black BMW and Special Agent Bunch answered no. Special Agent Bunch was asked if Mr. Paden accused law enforcement of false information in the Ramey warrant and Special Agent Bunch said yes but Mr. Paden was mistaken. Hmmmn? Really? Really? Special Agent Bunch. Of course, what does a citizen know? (Does trying to worm your way out of something sound familiar?)

Excerpt from October 10, 2016: There are also civilian witnesses including law enforcement who have testilied one way and then when the recordings of the interviews are played, their testimony in court was tailored to avoid the truth and make the defendants look bad. Again, no sanctions against anybody in the District Attorney’s Office. When one of the lead Dist. Atty. investigators, Captian Crunch Bunch was caught in a lie on the witness stand, he was not admonished by the judge for committing perjury but rather allowed to say that it wasn’t really a lie but that “I was just incorrect“.

So there it is fellow citizens, if you
lie in court under oath it is perjury a felony. However if you’re in law enforcement or any of their witnesses and you commit perjury on the stand, it’s not perjury, they were just “INCORRECT”. It sounds kind of familiar in today’s political theater where there is a candidate who would rather lie and deceive than to tell the truth. Hopefully that political liar would be able to share a jail cell with some of the liars currently in Department 26 at the Carson 8 preliminary hearing. WELL I CAN DREAM CAN’T I?????

Excerpt from September 10, 2016: Then we have Kirk Bunch. Bunch and his boys testify on the stand to events and interviews which are contradicted when the tapes and videos are played. Recently Bunch was caught in a direct lie which he kissed off when he uses the term “I was INCORRECT“. So this means that if you are a citizen and lie under oath in a court of law, you are committing perjury, a felony. However, if you’re in law enforcement and you lie on the stand, the liar can say I was incorrect.

Excerpt from August 23, 2016: The fact that the information about the polygraph was not brought out immediately was now called by the Dist. Atty. a “huge inadvertent mishap“. That’s a term that is likened to the term that was used when Special Agent Bunch was caught lying on the stand. Then that was referred to as “incorrect” rather than what it should have been, perjury.

So now instead of a Brady violation the semantics coming out of the District Attorney’s Office now call a Brady violation a “huge inadvertent mishap“. Looking at it that way I see several persons, places or things in the courtroom that could be called a “huge inadvertent mishap”. If you get my drift. JUST SAYING…

Excerpt from August 12, 2016: Now we already know that deputy public defender Ben Rosenstein proved that Mme. chief deputy Dist. Atty. Ferreira lied in court when she said that there had been no deals or considerations given for any of the dirt bag tweaker’s testimony in court. Mr. Rosenstein said that in fact there were deals made including a deal for Ronald Cooper and for Michael Cooley. Liar liar panties on fire! (That would be a considerable blaze!) Just saying…

Excerpt from August 8, 2016: “When asked again by Hans Hjertonsson if he had said that Brian Woody had said that Baljit Athwal was doing security, Bunch admitted that he had said that on the stand. Bunch looked destroyed on the stand at this time. Bunch admits that his testimony was Incorrectabout Robert Woody, Daljit Atwal, and Baljit Athwal being on the Carson property that night.”

Incorrect? Bull pucky!! When I was a kid, if I broke a window by a bad throw with a baseball, when asked by my dad if I did it, if I said no or I don’t recall as most of the prosecution’s witnesses seem to say, then when dad would say well Mrs. Smith saw you do it and I would then say oh, sorry dad, I was “incorrect“. After I had my butt beat, my dad would have said that’s for being incorrect or as we know the real word “LYING“.

Some of my notes from December 11th indicated that the judge was late arriving to court again. This is an ongoing situation. With the tons of shekels Witch is making, she should arrive to work on time. Many commentaries ago I mentioned what I thought about the courts hours. When I was in active law, judges put in as close to an eight hour day that they could and they were not regularly late.

I indicated in the commentary that the court should be in session from 8:30 AM (And traffic was very bad is not an excuse. LEAVE EARLIER!!) until 12 noon and from 1 PM until 5 PM. A 15 minute break in the morning and a 15 minute break in the afternoon. The cases would flow much faster but maybe that’s a negative to zuniga. Because when the defendants are all found not guilty and their lawsuits are filed zuniga’s gravy train will grind to a halt. Hey there’s that grinding again. :0)

That particular morning, zuniga told witch ferloser to “stop testifying ma’am”. Witch ferloser does like to try to run the courtroom. Then also at one point zuniga told her “Do not keep that bad habit of continually talking after an objection”. From now on I’m gonna call witch ferloser Marlisa Magpie. So from now on my commentary we know that witch ferloser means Marloser Ferrera. That will now be shortened down to MM.

Then on another day in court on the December 6th, something I heard gave me the impetus to write that liars that lie together like MM, Cap’n Crunch bunch, Jon Evers, Cooley, Cooper, Romero, and on and on and on, die together. And they’ll all be burned down in the end. Then they had the $300 an hour CHP lawyer sitting in taking notes as MM used her vicious vitriol to try to save her gluteus maximus from a civil suit while at the same time trying to prevent Eddie from getting his job back. People like MM, Cap’n Crunch bunch, Jon Evers and all the other law enforcement that have sold their soul to the devil turned into the same dirtbags that they arrested.

While sitting there watching the jury come back into the courtroom as a march up the aisle old horse’s fanny MM standing there with a defecation eating grin. The week I spent in there I noticed that a majority of the jurors are not looking at her but in fact appear to glance to their left as they approach her.

Then MF’r , doggone spellcheck anyway I mean MM then again continued her relentless assault on Eddie. What a stinking witch she is. Continually attacks Eddie’s character, credibility and honesty. If you have watched this proceeding as much as many of us have over the years, you know that MM can’t even spell credibility or character when it comes to her own life. If you believe that witch has any character or credibility, I’m sure that you in your addled little mind probably think that Jeffrey Dahmer was a fantastic chef that won on Hells Kitchen’s. Probably voted for the head rat at the DA’s office too last month.

I’m going take a little more time this week to research that letter from Dr. Ervin to bunch regarding that if he went back to his regular job it would be detrimental to his health possibly and would definitely leave Scandalous County open for another huge lawsuit for putting bunch back in his regular position against the Dr.’s orders. But we know that this county has no problem to be blunt, screwing people over and then being faced with civil lawsuits to be paid for at taxpayers’ expense.

So I’m gonna put this commentary to bed for tonight so I can wake up fresh in the morning to put out another commentary as soon as I can and to further show the dank underhandedness and dark and evil side of the rats supposedly administering “justice”.

Next we are going to talk about more lying and the skulduggery the DA rat pack are perpetrating upon innocent citizens. So there will be more cut and pastings coming up fresh or recollection about how a travesty of justice like this continues.

We are also going to talk about lie detector tests since in the foreseeable future, Robert “Here hold my pipe” Woody is due to get his 15 minutes of fame on the stand. We will go over again the covey of idiots that MM and Cap’n Crunch bunch used to administer the polygraph to Woody. Talk about a bunch of idiots holding their tales running around in a circle together.

Oh, and yes, Eddie took a polygraph. Want to know the results of his test? Keep your eyes open for chapter 3. Good night.