The jerk deemed responsible for the murder of Newman police officer Ronil Singh has been arrested in Bakersfield.

There has been a lot of social media keyboard warriors all over this and have posted different names and pictures and dramatically different stories by the media.

One example is some of the news outlets said the Dodge Pick up had paper dealers plates but watching the video of the truck being towed away showed it had two license plate on it.

My point is as emotional as this is for people, unless you saw what happened, it is more helpful let law enforcement just do their jobs and quit making it more difficult for them.

As dysfunctional as the justice system is, let it run its course.



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  1. The emotional response of the citizenry has been enormous. Calls from Port Orchard ,WA and Austin, TX with suggestions as to what to do to the perp. Lets let the family grieve, that includes every sworn officer and their kin. I hope he is tried in some county other than Stanislaus where there is no intelligent District Attorney or staff.

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