Cop Killer Sues Victim

A man facing the death penalty for the 2014 slaying of Officer Perry Renn has decided that his best course of action at this point is to sue the slain officer and the city of Indianapolis for millions of dollars.

Major P. Davis II is awaiting his criminal trial for the killing of an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer who was responding to call of shots fired at Davis’ residence.

The State has alleged that Davis was using the mother of his children as a human shields as he fired at Officer Renn with an AK-47 that was reported to have been owned by his mother.

The State also believes that it was the human shield obstruction that Davis was using that caused Officer Renn to hesitate, which ultimately led to his death. Renn was shot three times, with one of the bullets piercing his heart.

Witnesses say that the confrontation led to a 3-4 minute shootout between Davis and police officers, and that during the incident, Davis claims that he was shot in the “right cranial,” torso, abdomen, and back.

Davis also claims that the shootout began when he had his back turned to the officers with his empty hands out, and was complying with their instructions. This is the reason that Davis is suing the deceased Officer Renn as well as the city of Indianapolis for $2.3 million dollars.

He claims that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department used “illegal,” and, “excessive force,” considering that he was unarmed.

Suspect AI 1

A little wrinkle in Davis’ story is a report from Wish TV– Channel 8’s reporting of the murder suspect’s family’s side of the story. Published in July of 2014, the report explains that the family was surprised that Davis would have shot and killed a police officer. It was just not like him. They also held Officer Renn partly responsible:

“The family did say it is sorry for Officer Renn’s family, but they said the tragedy may have been avoided if Officer Renn would’ve stayed at his car since he could see Davis had a gun.” 

The family also attempted to make excuses for the Davis’ reaction to the police. They cited the fact that his father had died of a heart attack while in police custody when Davis was younger. A relative of Davis, Pam Moornan, said,

“He wasn’t a bad person. His father was killed by IMPD. That is enough to hurt a person and scar him for life.”

Apparently, having a relative who passes away of natural causes while in police custody, entitles an individual to fire at and kill police officers.

While Officer Renn’s family continues to mourn his loss, they now have to put up with a second assault from his alleged killer through the legal system.

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