NOTE: This is a total propaganda piece but a point is being made.

A group of illegal immigrants turned up at the home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Monday, attempting to “seek asylum” in the senior Democrat’s mansion. The handful of illegal aliens was led by self-described investigative journalist Laura Loomer, who live-streamed the effort that ended when Pelosi reportedly had police officers remove them from the grounds of her house. Freelance journalist Nick Monroe reported that Pelosi – who has been unwavering in her opposition to funding the Southern Border wall, which she’s declared an “immorality” – personally ordered police to remove the migrants from her property. Loomer erected a tent on the lawn of Pelosi’s multimillion-dollar vineyard estate, accompanied by illegal immigrants from Mexico and Guatemala, Monroe reported Monday. The tent was decorated with photographs of people murdered by illegal immigrants in the United States and had the word “immorality” written across the front in red spray paint.

It is a bit long but fast forward to the police being instructed by Nancy Pelosi personally (?) to remove them.

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