Good evening everybody this is Marty from Dawg’s Blog with tonight’s podcast on February 14, 2019. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Everybody, I’m sure, heard the noon report. Praveen Singh still on the stand and we got started around 1:35 PM this afternoon. That’s not too bad. There were a couple issues to talk about, some minor housekeeping stuff. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even take notes on it.

The jury came up at 1:52 PM. Marlisa Ferreira went back into direct with Praveen Singh. They were talking about the double-decker bus that Frank Carson was hanging around and sleeping allegedly in the bus on his property and she asked him if he, Praveen Singh, had ever talked to Robert Woody or the Atwals? He said no, he had not. He never told anybody else about the bus until those late interviews in 2018. She asked him did Stephen Duden ever say what work he was doing for Frank Carson? He had a funny look on his face, and he kept saying he was doing private investigator work, doing investigations. She was looking for something else, that he wasn’t quite catching on to, so she started asking leading questions. Steve Duden never said what type of investigating he was doing for Frank Carson. He said that Steve Duden never said anything about tracking cars with GPS trackers, but he did have GPS devices in his office. He said Steve Duden was tracking some vehicles, but he wasn’t really clear in what he was saying, if he was doing that for Frank Carson or is just something else that he was doing. After a few questions he finally said no, he never said it was for Frank Carson. He was answering in an area that he wasn’t sure about and he was little confused about it. Finally, he said he (Steve Duden) never said he was doing it for Frank Carson. She asked him if he told Steve Jacobson that Duden had put trackers on cars for Carson. He didn’t recall that and refreshing with transcript, he says Steve Duden said he did put tracking devices on vehicles. There was no specific reason given and he could recall what was done for. She asked him again about when Korey Kauffman went missing in 2012 and was that about the time the Steve Duden was using trackers for Frank Carson? Before or after Korey Kauffman went missing? He did not recall if it was prior to him going missing or not. She asked Praveen Singh again if he had told Steve Jacobson that? Again he did not recall. Refreshing with the transcript of the interview, (he said something that didn’t make sense to me, I guess they were making sense out of it) he said he learned when the investigators were looking at what was going on, he never knew who was being tracked. Steve Duden had access to his computer to track vehicles in the office. He never saw trackers on the cell phone, any tracking done on a cell phone, or any pictures on the cell phone.

He was asked about anything that Frank Carson said about the people that live behind him, the meaning the Cooley residence? Frank Carson described them as dirtbags (or I think he said dirtbags or defecators or something like that). He said that Jack Able was also working for Frank Carson during the investigation by law enforcement. He does not recall how he knew that. He said he never had conversations in regards to that, but then kind of turned around and contradicted himself. Jack Able had come to the office one day and they went into a room privately to talk and so he doesn’t really know what what was was said. Jack Able also came to the office because they were concerned about the phones being tapped in the office and apparently, he did a sweep or something. He said that Frank Carson said he was concerned about the investigation on the homicide, so the phones might be tapped. Praveen Singh said he was also being investigated himself. He said the Frank Carson had a shotgun in his truck, but he never seen it taken out of the truck? She asked if he had seen Frank Carson and with any type of gun? He said he did not recall, then he turned around said well, yeah, he did see a small handgun, but he didn’t recall when. He said that Frank Carson did say he was willing to shoot somebody in the yard if they got caught. Again, he had to read transcripts to refresh to get everything straight in his story. What he said was Frank Carson said he would shoot mother fuckers. He said Frank Carson looked upset and frustrated when he made that comment. Frank Carson said he had an ongoing problem with thefts, but now the problem was solved. He didn’t know what that meant. He never knew if Frank Carson was still staying at the property at night. He told Steve Jacobson that Frank Carson had hired Jack Able to investigate why they were being investigated. He discussed being investigated for for the homicide because Praveen Singh was actually largely investigated in this thing. Frank Carson said that he didn’t do anything, don’t worry. He didn’t recall exactly when he found out Korey Kauffman’s body was found, but Frank Carson told Praveen Singh to have bail ready for if they got arrested for the homicide. Frank Carson repeated they will be taken into custody he also told him to find an attorney. She recapped it said Frank Carson said they will be arrested and to get an attorney and prepare bail for himself and Frank Carson. He said that he took care the paperwork, but it was never actually went through because they knew that there would be no bail anyway, so he never put the papers in place.

She asked if he ever discussed was Frank Carson the thefts that were going on, the people, and what he told investigators? There is an objection that the question was asked really poorly, and it really didn’t make sense to me. Praveen Singh was talking about the discussion that he had in 2012 with Frank Carson in the office and he did not recall what he told investigators. He kind of had to be refreshed on everything, he is not as bad as Woody, but almost. He said the Frank Carson was always upset about the thefts on and the mother fucker cops aren’t doing anything. This conversation, he said again was in 2012. Frank Carson had a cell phone in 2012. He would call Frank Carson on that cell phone. She asked him did he call in on different numbers? Apparently, they both got throwaway or burner phones as they call them. He says in 2012 – 2013 they got burner phones. Frank Carson got one first, then he got one. He said was due to the phones being wiretapped. Praveen Singh gave the investigators, Frank Carson burner phone number and she showed him a picture of a cell phone and he said that was his burner phone. He gave investigators permission to go through his phone for numbers and he was unable to remember Frank Carson’s number, but then he turned around said the only number ever called on that phone was Frank Carson, he never called anyone else.

She was asking about Christine DeFilippo for some reason. She was staying on Ninth Street. He became aware through the office talk that Frank Carson had been staying several nights out on the property, in the back lot. He said Christine’s DeFilippo said that Georgia had told Praveen Singh that Frank Carson was in the back. He does not recall what Frank Carson did with his burner phone. So, he is saying there was conversation in the office between somebody and Georgia DeFilippo and Christine DeFilippo, overheard the Frank Carson was staying on the back property. He said the Frank Carson wouldn’t talk on the burner phone and he was using that burner phone before he was taken into custody, in this in this case.

Marlisa Ferreira got really confused in some of the questions she was asking, and she asked if he could recall Frank Carson using burner before or after the time? (and I think they were talking about the the disappearance of Korey Kauffman) There were objections and she had to do it all over again. She asked him if he was there using burner phones prior to his (Praveen Singh) arrest? Yes. She asked something about who was the first to be arrested? There was objection with a sidebar and that all went away.

He also talked about that Frank Carson had called him on the phone and told him he was going to run for District Attorney. Frank Carson had told him during the phone call, he told him on the phone and then he talked to him the next day. Praveen Singh said Frank Carson said he is to run for district attorney so not to be arrested. If he was arrested and if he was district attorney, it would have to be done by the Feds or somebody else. He said he didn’t say much on the phone due to being wiretapped and again he said the Feds would have to take over the case and process the case if he was District Attorney.

Marlisa Ferreira asked him if he ever talk to Frank Carson in regard to talking to the police and reporting his problems? He said yeah, of course he had. In 2013 to 2016 he (Praveen Singh) had gone to talk to Kirk Bunch and he had told Frank Carson that and Frank Carson says never talk to the police, you can’t trust them. He didn’t recall anything else he said. Again, refreshed with the transcript and he said the Frank Carson’s says don’t go talk to those idiots. He did not recall talking about Korey Kauffman. He didn’t ask. Asked if he talked to an investigator working for Percy Martinez in 2014?

Again, there was an objection. There was a long sidebar. I have no idea what was about but it kind of put an end to that area of questions.

She asked him if he recalls Frank Carson saying around November 11, 2013 after the call that telling him he’s gonna run for DA, he met the next day. Then he said well, I don’t really recall if it was the next day or not. She asked him if he asked any questions or if they would want to meet, in regard to that? He didn’t recall. He got refreshed again and then he said he asked Frank Carson how much money do they make as a DA? Frank Carson said it so he wouldn’t be arrested. She asked if he talked to Michael Cooley? He said no. Did you talk to Charlie O’dell? He said no. Praveen Singh said he asked why he was being blamed and Carson said that Cooley is the one that did this, and Cooley is the one deflecting blame. He told investigators that Jack Able had got information from the jail and he’s talking about the Jack Able interview Charlie Odell about one case and ended up talking about the Korey Kauffman case. Apparently Frank Carson told Praveen Singh about what Odell said at the jail. He also said that Frank Carson said they are barking up the wrong tree in this one. They’re going after the wrong people. He said he never told anyone Frank Carson took care of the “problem”. He had numerous contacts with investigators (meaning Praveen Singh) and he was being accused of being involved in the homicide. He was upset and the investigators should do things right the right way and not the way they’re doing it. They went into his temple, telling lies about him, meaning the investigators lied. Apparently, they were just looking for some Indian guys to the pin this on. He was asked the Frank Carson ever brought up the Atwals? He said no. He was not even aware of the Atwals relationship with Frank Carson until later on. He did talk to Frank Carson after learning of his relationship with the Atwals.

There is objection over that. Judge Zuniga asked for the location of the text that Marlisa Ferreira was working from and she said no, she’s just throwing it out there, she’s just kinda winging it as she goes. So, she didn’t want to say where she was getting this information, for all we know she could been picking it out of her backside.

Praveen Singh said he never had a problem with Ryan Schmidt, Georgia DeFilippo, Christine DeFilippo and then there was no problems at all with all these people after Frank said the problem of been taken care of. Asking if Frank Carson ever talked about Christine D Filippo? He didn’t recall, but he said but he did know the police had been talking to Christine DeFilippo and she was upset. Frank Carson was upset that he didn’t want anybody talking to police because they make stuff up. He again had to refresh with a transcript of the interviews that he gave. Frank Carson didn’t talk to the police, he says the police did come, but he told them he wouldn’t talk to them and told them to put their questions in writing. He had never told investigators that Frank Carson gave him a direct order. (Course he never really recalled that) Refreshing with the transcript of the interview and then he said Frank Carson ordered him to not talk to police again. He said Frank Carson said the police tried to talk to him by going to his office and he told them to put in writing and he said they never did. Frank Carson wanted everything in writing always. He was asked if Frank Carson had ever called in on the neighbors? He said probably three or four times. Again, refreshed with the transcript. He says now he called police 10 to 15 times. After he said he had taken care of the problem no more calls to the police or thefts. She asked him if they were arrested what did Frank Carson say they will do? He said that Frank Carson said there would be no bail in this case. Again refreshing and he said that Frank Carson said they would work him over.

It was a little after four o’clock. At that time to it was the end of the day. Praveen Singh is more than willing to talk about his lifelong friend, and I think that’s interesting. You decide for yourself what you think it’s worth.

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