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I was not in the courtroom this morning. From what I learned, Praveen Singh did indeed testify about a “Murder Bag” that was supposedly given to him by Frank Carson for safe keeping. The defense attorneys had been expecting this and were well prepared for their cross examination that started shortly before the lunchtime break. Please listen to Marty Carlson’s podcast for all the details that happened in the morning session.

Court resumed this afternoon at 1:30PM, with defense attorney Percy Martinez continuing his cross examination of Praveen Singh. Percy gets Praveen Singh to admit that he is being charged with a number of criminal cases. His charges were brought up by Percy, and I was taking notes as quickly as I could, and still it was impossible for me to get all of the charges down. What I was able to capture in my notes include Medi-Cal fraud, Perjury, Violations of the Insurance Code, and Solicitation for the shooting of a correctional officer. This last charge got objected to, and it was eventually termed solicitation for murder. I heard from people who have knowledge that the correctional officer was one of Praveen Singh’s neighbors. Defense attorney Jai Gohel requests judicial notice on this last charge. Now it is revealed that Praveen Singh has been charged with solicitation for robbery, Federal charges for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, bank fraud, and making false statements to banks. I think the false statements might concern false statements on loan applications. Like I said earlier, there were more charges that I simply could not capture in my notes. It is doubtful that the Stanislaus County DA’s Office can wave the magic wand for him and make all these charges go away. He is likely to be doing some very extensive time. I guess it will be an opportunity for him to explore the benefits of male companionship. It is always nice to look at the bright side of things.

Praveen Singh denies that he had the interview with DA Investigator Kirk Bunch on 11/05/2013 because he wanted to get a deal for his legal troubles. Percy Martinez then asks Mr. Singh if, during that interview with Kirk Bunch, he had told Kirk Bunch that the reason he was “Giving Up” information was he wanted a deal. Praveen Singh: “Yes and No.” He admits to telling Kirk Bunch that he wanted the investigators to: “Basically brush his stuff under the mat” for offering details on the Carson cases. Frank Carson was representing several homicide cases at the time, and Praveen Singh was willing to hand over his notes concerning those cases for leniency. Mr. Singh now denies that he tried to get benefits by trading information to the investigators. Percy Martinez reminds Mr. Singh that he had just said that he gave up information because he wanted to get a deal. He has to admit that he testified that he provided information on three murder cases to get a better deal. Praveen Singh admits that he said that he would bring in his notes on those cases and provide them to the investigators. I believe it is illegal for investigators to violate the privacy between a lawyer and his investigator, but anything seems to be fine in Stanislaus County. Praveen Singh admits that he told Kirk Bunch that he was doing this because: “His boat was sinking.” Praveen Singh, during the 11/05/2013 interview, told Kirk Bunch that: “If Frank Carson did something, he did not know about it.” He admits to telling Kirk Bunch: “If I’ve given up my own brother, why wouldn’t I give up Frank Carson?” During this interview, Praveen Singh denies holding anything back about Korey Kauffman. Praveen Singh: “I don’t want to sit even 1 fucking day in jail.” I am sure, when the time comes, he will be comforted by some male companion that will make the time pass more quickly for him. Praveen Singh admits to telling Kirk Bunch: “I’m ready to do what you want.” He admits to offering to wear a body wire to spy on Frank Carson.

Percy Martinez now gets Praveen Singh to admit that Frank Carson had denied to him any involvement in the killing of Korey Kauffman. He now denies that Frank Carson never spoke to him about hiding on his property to catch the thieves.
Percy now reminds Mr. Singh, that on 11/05/2013, Frank Navarro asked him about Frank Carson hiding on the property to catch the thieves, and that he told Frank Navarro that Frank Carson never spoke to him about hiding on his property. Percy Martinez now gets Mr. Singh to admit to saying: “I don’t know shit on Korey.” Later on, in this same interview, Mr. Singh admits to saying: “Fuck it, I will testify on Frank Carson.” During that interview, he admits to then saying: “Look, I don’t know anything about Korey Kauffman, I don’t care about anyone, Fuck everybody, I got arrested about Carson, I have no knowledge of the murder.”
Praveen Singh now admits that Kirk Bunch suggested to him that Frank Carson said: “It is done.” Praveen Singh testified yesterday that Frank Carson told him this statement. Now it is clear that Kirk Bunch fed this statement to him. Like I have said, this trial is all about the prosecution suborning perjury from their low life witnesses. At this time, I can see Kirk Bunch’s ears turning bright red as he sits at the prosecution table. This must be so stressful for him. We have a side bar on this issue. After the side bar, Praveen Singh has to admit that he never told Kirk Bunch that Frank Carson had told him: “It is done.” Mr. Singh admits that Kirk Bunch told him: “Frank Carson put you in this position.” Percy Martinez now starts to ask Praveen Singh if he filed a 20 million dollar law suit against Stanislaus County. This gets cut off after the 20 million dollar point by an objection. I heard from a person of knowledge that he is suing the county for harassment. We have a side bar on this issue, and it seems as though the judge will not allow this question to be completely asked. Percy now tries to ask Mr. Singh if he went to one of Frank Carson’s properties on McHenry Ave and told the tenants (objection) Side bar. This apparently happened when Frank Carson was in jail. Judge Zuniga: “Later, Mr. Martinez.”

Now we go into a very contentious issue that took the rest of the afternoon. Percy Martinez asks Praveen Singh if he had made a false statement under oath during the last ten years. Praveen Singh: “No.” It is quite obvious to many of us in the audience that this is not true. I must note that he is under oath when he denies making a false statement under oath. Percy: “Did you testify on direct examination in the US vs Ron Solatto case in Fresno?” Praveen Singh: “No.” We all know that he did testify in this case in Federal Court in Fresno. Percy Martinez requests that he be able to impeach Mr. Singh on this issue.
We have a monster side bar, and the jury is sent downstairs for an extended break. Praveen Singh, and his attorney Jared Jordan are sent out of the courtroom. After a very long side bar, Marlisa Ferreira states that Praveen Singh had his testimony stricken in that case. Much time is taken going over the transcripts, and it does appear that his testimony was indeed stricken. It was stricken, because Praveen Singh never came back to court as ordered, and was never able to be cross examined. There is some discussion about him saying that he was sick. Judge Zuniga seems to be leaning towards not allowing this question to be asked by Percy Martinez. She states that case law is clear that stricken testimony can’t be used in a trial. Percy Martinez gives a spirited argument why he should be able to get into this question. He states that Praveen Singh’s credibility is central to this case, and his testimony. Percy states that Praveen Singh took an oath to tell the truth and had testified that he had worked as a reserve police officer for the Fresno Police Department for around 7 years. Percy: “He perjured himself, and the People are trying to hide the truth.” Judge Zuniga has already made it abundantly clear to Christina DeFelippo that the truth does not matter in a court of law. Jai Gohel states that Praveen Singh testified that he never testified in the Federal case. He states that the oath part of his testimony was not stricken. Hans Hjertonsson states that he wants time to go over the case law concerning this issue. We are now done for the day. Court will resume at 9:30AM next Tuesday. I don’t think Judge Zuniga is going to allow the truth to be told to the jury about this issue. It is clear to me that the terms “Justice” and “Truth” do not exist in the same universe in Stanislaus County. Despite all of this crap, I have never been more convinced that the jury “Gets It” and are ready to find the defendants not guilty. In the end, The Truth Will Set Them Free.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)



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