1. Time wasted. We all knew how the Judge would rule. She let Marlisa get away again with her shit. This Judge is off her rocker. How many more times will this crap happen. I said it before and I will say it again. This Judge is one sided and should be held accountable for this and replaced. She is having trouble remembering things and delaying the case herself. Case should have been dismissed a long, long, long time ago. Defendants have been put through enough. When will it end and let them get on with their lives? Sure will not be in March as the Judge indicated. Tax payers dollars could be used for other needed things in Stanislaus County. Justice for Carson and the other defendants wrongly accused.

  2. Judge Z finally figured out that it is a lot less work for her if she does not require the attorneys to prepare briefs when they make a motion. I was wondering how long it would take her to figure it out

    1. Author

      Very true and especially since she already knows what she is going to rule.

    2. I was also wondering how long it was going to take Marlissa to figure out she needed to try the hostile witness card so she could have been asking leading questions. She finally figured it out, after 11 months of testimony.

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