Please follow my friends journey on my YouTube channel! Its called “ Kaiser refuses Stockton cardiology nurse leave despite terminal illness because of secret incentive policy” https://youtu.be/BqKZFs5SgbA

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Kaiser Permanente refused one of their Stockton cardiology nurses leave despite her having a symptomatic 5 cm brain tumor because of a disgusting executive incentive policy Kaiser had been sued over just one year ago.

Kaiser executives are paid extra to control employee sick leave. In the case of terminally ill Kaiser nurse Edith Fillon, a total of at least three Kaiser doctors refused to place her off work before her brain surgery.

Edith’s disability insurance delayed and the State of California is still demanding money back because Kaiser lied to EDD about when she first became disabled.

Edith Fillon’s FMLA leave from 10/11/18 (the very same day her primary care physician, Dr Kermin Zhang, purported she was “evaluated” and able to return to work at “full capacity” when she could not even walk due to an already diagnosed symptomatic 5 cm brain tumor) was ultimately denied on 1/26/19 because “you are not eligible for FMLA/CFRA leave because the information provided on the Health Care Provider Certification did not meet the definition of a serious health condition.”

Edith has been told she only has a couple months to live by multiple Kaiser doctors. Apparently that’s not serious enough.

Kaiser continues to refuse to supply Edith’s family the following:

1) Copy of any and all notes Dr Kermin Zhang made in regards to the clearly fraudulent 10/11/18 “evaluation” that deemed Edith was able to return to work at full capacity after being placed off work for one solitary day.

2) A copy of the “Health Care Provider Certificate” that Kaiser based their 1/26/19 FMLA denial decision upon.

Despite working over 15 years for Kaiser, Edith’s medical insurance was cancelled on 2/1/19.

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