Trial witness #12

June 1, 2018/June 12, 2018 /June 13, 2018 /June 14, 2018: Michael Cooley: The last one to see Korey Kaufman alive he testified they had discussed going over to the Carson property to steal the irrigation pipes, did not go because he got into an argument with Eula Keyes, testified Korey Kaufman was going to go get the pipes himself. He was not aware of any injuries to Korey Kaufman’s hand. Mike Cooley was the last one to see Korey Kaufman alive. In addition, he had buried Korey Kaufman’s bicycle in his backyard with no explanation. Also said he received no benefits from his testimony. Was a three-strike candidate in his pending case and was sentenced to 17 days’ time served.

Trial witness 13

June 5, 2018: Amber Keister: lived in the front house on Lander. Testified seeing some altercations between Frank Carson and Mike Cooley on the Cooley property.

Trial witness #14

June 5, 2018: Daniel Adams: lived with Amber Keister in the front house on Lander also testified to the altercations between my Cooley and Frank Carson. But had never seen anybody stealing anything from the Carson property or cross his property to go to the Carson property commit thefts. Confusing as to why he was called in the first place.

Trial witness #15

June 5, 2018/June 14, 2018: Ronald Cooper: testified he was hanging around the Cooley house doing drugs during that time that Korey Kaufman disappeared. Saw the altercations between the Cooley clan and Frank Carson. Stated that there were armed guards on the Frank Carson property. Had seen many instances of people going into the property steal.

Trial witness #16

June 15, 2018: detective Dave Shaw: Turlock Police Department: officer Shaw had been called by Mike Cooley in regard to Korey Kauffman’s disappearance. Mike Cooley called him directly and not through the Police Department dispatch. Also noted Detective Shaw after getting the information in regard to Korey Kaufman’s disappearance, he placed a phone call directly to Kirk Bunch to advise him of the situation that Mike Cooley was reporting. This was on April 2, 2012. This was not a Turlock Police Department case, this was not a Stanislaus County district attorney’s case at this time, the location of alleged occurrence is a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department jurisdiction.

Trial witness #17

June 15, 2018: Sabrina Romero (Reedy): Sabrina Romero had moved into the front house on Lander Street during the times that altercations were happening between my Cooley and Frank Carson. Never actually identified Frank Carson personally just called him the “white guy.” Also walked away from a $12,000 embezzlement from her dentist employer with a misdemeanor, no time served, or any order of restitution by the court.

Trial witness #18

June 19, 2018: unknown Turlock Police Department officer: had responded as a backup to the Sheriff’s office call of an altercation at the Cooley house. Did not take any action was only there briefly, also I believe he’s the officer that had encountered Frank Carson sitting in his car across the street doing a surveillance on his own property.

Trial witness #19

June 19, 2018: Justin Reedy: Sabrina Romero’s husband also noted that he did see some altercations, had trouble recalling anything in particular nor have any contact with the guy that had come to the property.

Trial witness #22

June 19, 2018: officer Lee Medlin: Turlock Police Department: at also responded to the Lander property after being called in regard to an altercation. Did do a consensual search of the Cooley property and barn. No report was written just a notation in the computer aided dispatch report.

Trial witness #23

June 19, 2018/June 20, 2018/June 21, 2018: Kathy Grinnolds: was renting the ninth Street property from Frank Carson when the alleged occurrence happened. Stated that her motherly instincts had told her that there was a body hidden in the chicken coop in the back of the property. No indication was ever noted that there was.

Trial witness #24

June 21, 2018: Everett Wenstran: had a secondhand shop in Hilmar that twice some of Frank Carson’s stolen property ended up in his shop and was eventually confiscated by law enforcement. He blamed Frank Carson.

Trial witness #25

June 26, 2018: officer Kim Briggs: Turlock Police Department: had made contact with Frank Carson in his vehicle parked next to Al’s transmission on Lander, Frank Carson was doing a surveillance on his property in regard to the thefts.

Trial witness #26

June 26, 2018: Eddie Dixon: owner of a business next door to the Cooley residence, testified Frank Carson had approached him and his daughter in regard to thefts that were going on in his property and was accusing the daughter of doing some of the thefts.

Trial witness #27

June 26, 2018: Shaniqua Texiera: the daughter of Eddie Dixon was also at the business that day and testified she got accused of stealing from Frank Carson property. Did not have a good recall of the altercation.

Trial witness #28

June 26, 2018: Edward Ragua: state prison inmate, hung out on Lander knows Mike Cooley and Korey Kauffman. Stated Korey Kauffman was there only a couple times a month. Was playing horseshoes at the horseshoe pit, also stated seeing laser pointers being pointed towards where they were.

Trial witness #29

June 27, 2018: Teresa Nichols: testified in a motion but basically said she could not recall anything. Was not happy about being in court. A customer of pop n cork. The last time she had any interaction with pop in court was in 2010 as they had moved out of the area at that point. Husband a deputy and said there was conversations about wanting her husband to spotlight a property, but no specific property was mentioned.

Trial witness #30

June 27, 2018: Ted Nichols: Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy custody division: there was conversation with him to spotlight a property, no property in specific was mentioned, he did not want to get involved and also stated that he was a custody deputy and did not work patrol was not able to do it.

Trial witness #31

June 27, 2018: Noel Vento: Stanislaus County deputy sheriff: had responded to the Cooley property when Frank Carson called in regard to a theft. Did investigate and filed a report on a burglary that occurred at the Carson property.

Trial witness #32

June 28, 2019: Janet Fletcher neighbor: she talked about how some neighbors having problems with thefts and knew Korey Kaufman from TJ Samra recycle business.

Trial witness #33

June 28, 2018: Jon Paden: neighbor of Korey Kaufman on S. Johnson St. was written down in one of the reports by Kurt Bunch as a witness to the” ass is grass” threats, but mostly said that information was relayed to him by Kurt Bunch not the other way around. He also testified that he had contacted Kurt Bunch after the Ramey warrant had been posted to try to correct the information that was not accurate about his statement.


  1. Thanks for the time line of witnesses and summaries of their testimony. I hope you write a book someday regarding the entirety of the situations regarding Frank Carson, and why he was targeted. It is clear by the testimonies that Mr. Carson was not involved with the death of Korey Kauffman, so there must be other reasons why the Stanislaus County District Attorney Office went after him. Stanislaus County politics?

    1. Author

      A book is not in my plans I am not a writer, other people are intrested in doing so

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