1. Hey Marty, I was wonderin’, does Judge Z refer to him as Steve, “the Juice” Jacobsen?

    1. Author

      No not yet but she made by the time I get done

  2. We all know how Judge Z is going to decide the defense motion today. I won’t need to listen to the evening report.

    I was thinkin’. The filing of a lawsuit by Baljeet and Daljeet is relevant to show their motivation to interfere with law enforcement. How? Well, because lawsuits are serious things, and a lawsuit could interfere with the independent judgment of a peace officer who may decide he does not want to keep participating in an investigation for which he could be liable.

    EXCEPT when evidence of a lawsuit is introduced for the purpose of showing that a police officer’s judgment may have been influenced by the filing of a lawsuit. Then it is totally irrelevant and inadmissible.

    So, evidence that a police officer’s judgment may have been affected is admissible only for the purpose of assisting the prosecution, but it is inadmissible for the purpose of assisting the defense.

    I can see the jury instruction now: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You are only to consider the evidence that favors the prosecution. You are not to consider any evidence that favors the defense. Should evidence favor both the prosecution and the defense, you shall only consider the part that favors the prosecution.”

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