WITNESS #32: Kim Stout

July 11, 2018: Stout testified she saw a Robert Woody leaving the Korey Kaufman residents and had talked to Korey Kaufman after they had left. Also noted Korey Kaufman was at her trailer park on March 29, 2012 with Kevin Pickett. Note: Kevin Pickett said Korey left the house sometime shortly after that trip to the trailer park after purchasing drugs.


WITNESS #33: Art Hivley

July 11, 2018: high-tech crimes unit series Police Department. Testified to the items taken in the search warrant. Like computers, phones etc. talked about text messages between Christina and Georgia D Filippo.


WITNESS #34: Brian Vallotti

July 12, 2018: former Ceres police officer who took the stolen vehicle report on DAWGS out walls pickup on April 27, 2012. This also did not have much more information other than the fact he took the report and that the keys were accounted for.


Gerlyn Straught

July 12, 2018: California State automobile Association employee and custodian of records. Testified that the claim made on Bobby Atwals stolen truck initially was flagged as suspicious but was reviewed and the claims were all paid off.


WITNESS #36: Frank Fells

July 12, 2018: currently employed in a Sacramento car dealership and has been dealing in auto parts for 30 or 40 years. Is intimately familiar with the 2007 Chevrolet pickup. The chip is in the key in the car initially will start but then will shut down within a few seconds without that chip making contact with the vehicle. Was not familiar with Bobby out walls specific pickup and unknown if any modifications had been made to that that vehicle, but normally the vehicle will not continue running without the key.


WITNESS #37: Christina DeFilippo:

July 12, 2018/July 13, 2018/ July 19, 2018/ July 20, 2008: was harassed by Marlisa Ferreira for four days on the stand, many unrelated issues, and at one point responded to a question by Marlisa Ferreira that was immediately objected to by Marlisa Ferreira and she was advised by a Judge Zuniga she cannot give that particular answer, “Christina said Your Honor it’s the truth” judge Zuniga said doesn’t matter were talking about the law. It appeared there was no significant reason for her to be called to the stand other than the prosecution was looking for more reasons to try to charge her with something else.


WITNESS #38 : Michael Maunakea

July 17, 2018/July 18, 2018/ August 24, 2018/September 5, 2018/September 6, 2018/September 7, 2018: testified that Korey Kauffman had come to his house one day saying he escaped from the trunk of the pop n cork guys, and rolled himself up into the fetal position was scared shiftless, then shortly thereafter left his house after making a recording stating that anything happened to him look at the attorney. He testified to many things including Korey Kaufman was living and working at the Frank Carson 10-acre ranch and ripping Frank Carson off. Also testified a group of officers from Turlock Police Department made several attempts to kill him.


Linda Maunakea

July 18, 2018/September 11, 2018: Mike Maunakea’s wife stating that Korey had come to their house for their having a birthday party and echoed what her husband had testified to.


Scott Rollins

July 25, 2018: a witness who had been sought for some time for not responding to his subpoena and was located in another state and testified to seeing a video at pop the cork of an altercation between Daljit Atwal and someone who looks similar to Korey Kauffman.


WITNESS#40: Steve “the Juice” Jacobson

July 25, 2018/ July 26, 2018: Stanislaus County district attorney investigator. In 2012 was in charge of the wiretaps that had been in place in this case. Simply authenticating the wiretaps.


WITNESS #41: Bal Sandu

July 25, 2018: a victim advocate who works for Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. Also, originally from India and did the transcribes of the Punjab wiretaps. Simply authenticating the transcript.


WITNESS #42: Jim Cook

July 27, 2018/August 1, 2018/August 2, 2018 /August 3, 2018/August 7, 2018/August 8, 2018/August 15, 2018 August 16, 2018/August 21, 2018/August 22, 2018: an alleged cell phone expert who did the mapping of the call detail records on the phones in this case. Jim Cook was very hostile, evasive, admitted he did not use technology to map, only using a compass and a protractor. Eventually admitting that he lied on the stand stating that he never used Google mapping to map the cell towers. It was shown by his own email to Marlisa Ferreira he had in fact done that, that information was not turned over to the defense and Marlisa Ferreira is to be sanctioned for not turning over that information to the defense either in a timely manner.




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