Your bow tie must be too tight sir…….

By Marty Carlson


As most of you know that’s been following this blog recently, I am constantly mentioning somebody in the courtroom that is constantly glaring at the audience especially myself and Tom. I personally I don’t concern myself with that kind of stuff because I think it’s stupid this has gotten to the point where it’s actually kind of funny, especially when all of a sudden he glares at me and shakes his head in an extremely self-righteous manner. Then goes back to playing angry birds on his phone and reading DAWGS BLOG.

No doubt my mind this gentleman feels that he’s one of the good guys, I guess that’s okay he’s got have a feeling of importance like all of us do. He does drive a nice car, in fact it’s beautiful, but taxpayer funded.

Today like every other day that he’s there, he was doing the glare down, in fact everybody in the audience noticed it, and brought it to my attention when he was doing it. Now most of the time I’m looking at other things that I like to observe people during the hearing, and having a stare down is something I think we did when we were in grammar school.

Regardless of all that, my function is to follow was going on in the courtroom which is very difficult right now with the testimony that is taking place at this time, the with the cell phone expert, and how dry it is.

Now to the fun part, after court was over Tom and I were standing outside by our cars, talking and discussing issues and the DA, and this gentleman, along with their $350 an hour in tow (Jim Cook), came outside and start loading up their vehicles. Again he was doing the stare down and it again meant little to me, then I noticed he started walking towards me across the parking lot towards the street with his hand behind his back. Is it a weapon? Is it a bow tie that he personally had made for me? Is it a copy of the Wizard of Oz that he once played in as the scare crow? Interestingly enough it was none of the above.

He says when I got out of my vehicle something had fallen out and he sure that I would need it, and he handed me this:

if you’re not sure what that is it is a tin foil hat, and I guess there was a message there, but to be honest with you I think it showed a pretty good sense of humor and I actually enjoyed it and laughed out loud. In addition to the shit eating grin that was on his face when he handed it to me.

I also asked him if he minded if I put this in my blog tonight, and he said “OH I’m sure you will.”

I actually enjoyed the moment very much.

Now if you stop and think about it, and I do not know if he took it out of his vehicle or Jim cook’s vehicle, they were both loading up at the same time and I wasn’t paying that much attention. Somebody has me on their mind, I’m in their head for some reason. Somebody took the time to take $.12 worth of aluminum foil, shape it over a ball, or a mannequin, or one of those Styrofoam wig holder things to shape it.

Or maybe it was his own tinfoil hat!

This tinfoil hat did not fit me, my personal tinfoil hat has ear holes and a chin strap and two antennae out the top. So I am concerned that he is not hit his comfort zone tonight and that could create a real safety issue for a constantly armed man.

But I do thank him for the recyclable materials.

By the way I was told by another investigator they are not reading my blog, I wonder if that is still true?

Sometimes you just got a know how to have fun.