#44 August 23, 2018: Sandra Pickett:

Relative of Korey Kauffman, testified to the last day that she saw him in the day they say he disappeared 3-29-2012.


#45 August 23, 2018: Lori Freitas:

Sandra Pickett’s mother. Talked about him going missing. One of the many people trying to locate him with phone calls and asking around. Very short testimony.


#46 August 28, 2018: Dr. Leo:

Nationally recognized expert in false confessions. (IE: Making of a murder) Testified in a 402 hearing in regard to false confessions and Robert Woody


#47 September 4, 2018: Jared Jordan:

Former assistant district attorney was Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office, now work for the public defender. Testified in a 402 hearing in regards to Mike Maunakea and some of the issues involved in trying to work off his cases. Also note: he admitted on the stand that he had taken a guilty plea from a defendant in the past that he felt was not involved in the crime pleading to.


#48 September 7, 2018/September 11, 2018: Frank Navarro

Turlock Police Department: recalled to the stand in regard to the Mike Maunakea issues where he says that Turlock Police Department officers on several occasions tried to kill him.


#49 September 19, 2018: Gary Crosby:

This is the hunter that stumbled across Korey Kauffman’s remains up in Mariposa County.


#50 September 19, 2018/September 20, 2018/September 21, 2018: Sherie Hendrix:

Mariposa County detective that recovered the remains of Korey Kaufman. Detective Hendrix admitted on the stand in the preliminary hearing that she felt this “was just another body” and did not take the investigation seriously. The remains, clothing, in the bullet that they found under a layer of dirt where the clothes were, were all thrown in the same evidence bag and cross contaminated. Also, of note detective Hendrix was highly emotional on the stand, in both the preliminary hearing and this trial. So emotional they had to stop court and let her leave the stand and compose herself.


#51 September 21, 2018: Dale lingerfelt:

Former investigator with Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office. Testified that he had taken part of the remains, the femur, in some buccal swabs for DNA testing to the SERI lab in Richmond California.


#52 September 25, 2018: Dr. Allison Galloway:

University of California Santa Cruz Prof. of anthropology. Testifies in receiving the remains for testing no significant information in regard to the testing by Dr. Galloway. But did testify there was no indication, on the remains itself, of the victim receiving a gunshot wound.


#53 September 25, 2018: Heidi Marada:

Department of Justice lab technician in regard to some of the evidence that was received mostly chain of custody testimony.


#54 September 25, 2018: the second technician by the name of Heidi:

also testified and receipts of the evidence that DOJ lab and Ripon.


#55 September 25, 2018: Catherine Gildner:

The technician who pulled buccal samples from Trina Richardson in Texas. For some reason Marlisa Ferreira wanted this technician flown out here from Texas to testify taking a buccal sample.

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