Just a thought process going on here in my mind:

In October 2015 I started attending the preliminary hearing of the Frank Carson et al. case. At that time there are couple people that were writing daily events of those hearings which we started posting on Dawgs Blog. There was an extreme overreaction from members of the Stanislaus County district attorney’s office, to this day have not been able to understand. Deputy chief district attorney Marlisa Ferriera has pointed out many times, in the preliminary hearing and continuing into the trial phase the blogging that has been done in this high-profile case. She has in fact try to get a gag order on specifically Warren Yates in the prelim.

During in limine motions prior to the trial she also had requested a gag order in this case to eliminate the blogging that’s going on. It could not be directed at any local newspapers as they were not attending any court hearings and doing any type of reporting, and on the rare occasions he did show up poorly written articles were done, except for the work that has been done by Deke Farrow which I feel has been excellent.

The bloggers in the back row were a constant source of conversation by Marlisa Ferriera to the court in many arguments and rants. It appears that the bloggers have been a constant thought in the back of their heads during this entire ordeal. To tell you the truth I don’t understand why if they are doing their jobs correctly what we say or do is not an issue. But typically, they’re used to doing these types of things in a vacuum and is not being done in this case.

Also, note many witnesses have been asked “how does it make you feel” when their testimony in a public courtroom is put out on the Internet. One whining witness was even asked to point out the blogger in the back of the room, myself. He had also showed up in Department 26 during the prelim to talk to the blogger in the back of the room, which I was not allowed to do by the bailiffs, as I did make an effort to go out there and talk to him. It is funny that he cannot make his regular court appearances on his personal cases and ends up with failure to appear warrants constantly but showed up at the court for dramatic flair. If he really wanted the blogger in the back of the room, he would’ve waited across the street and not gone to the door where all the bailiffs know him. It was simply a “bitch” move.

Moving forward, district attorney investigator Kirk Bunch, on October 3, 2016, had made a visit to this blogger home, along with Steve Jacobson and John Evers of the Modesto Police Department. See video HERE.

For those, you have seen that video was obvious that there was an ulterior motive of that visit, as Kurt Bunch had stated that he had received an anonymous tip on his office phone and try to claim that it was me. I have not to this day heard audio of that recording. Even if it were true they were not there investigating criminal investigation but a, what he called an anonymous tip, and Steve Jacobson began knocking on all my neighbors doors, in addition to talking to all the kids in the neighborhood were outside of the time, and you could hear them in the audio being called up by Steve Jacobson. You could also hear in the video him saying “hey you guys know Marty? “So they have a confidential tip that there investigating, allegedly, and trying to notify all the neighbors and yelling across the residences if anybody knows me.

During the preliminary hearing, Kirk Bunch had made several contacts with me in an effort, I felt, to intimidate me. One such contact was in the parking lot where he bowed out his chest and said something to the effect if I thought you intimidating witnesses, we be having a serious talk, this was after one of Marlisa Ferriera’s patented rants in court about witnesses getting intimidated because of the blogging going on.

After the visit to my house, I had posted the above link video of that visit my Dawgs Blog and shortly thereafter Kirk Bunch had approached me in court, while it was on a break, whispering in the bailiff’s ear, then commenting to me that he had talked to Colleen. I was at a total loss on who he was referring to and then he stated my ex-wife, and then he stated, “she told me all about it.” And I started chuckling and I stated that must’ve been an interesting conversation I’m sure. At that point, I asked him what exactly are you investigating? And he just walked away.

Now understand the phone conversation I had with Kirk Bunch the night he came to my house, as I was not home at the time, but did return his call. He accused me of lying about not know anything about the message at which point I said this conversation is over as he can lie to me all he wants legally, I cannot lie to him. And I referred him to my attorney.

My attorney did contact Kirk Bunch the next day and when he was asked if I was the subject of an investigation, he said no. Remember again Kirk Bunch and these investigators have a strong habit of lying to many people including attorneys that are representing people. Just ask Robert Woody’s attorney, Bruce Perry, and the polygraph results.

During the trial, Kirk Bunch has interacted with me up until the point where the poll was posted in regards to whether he was an ass hole or not. At that point, he had stopped talking to me altogether.

But he had approached me on a couple of occasions in regard to my past or my background. One such occasion he told me that he had heard that I was a heckuva ballplayer in high school, sending another message in that direction that he’s investigating.

This is an ongoing issue simply because they are concerned about their activities being put out on the Internet on Dawgs Blog, and for no other reason, which gives an appearance that they have something to hide.

Recently, I had long conversations with former family members who have been contacted and interviewed by Kirk Bunch, in regard to me. After advising my attorney I was not a subject of an investigation. Conversations included a wide variety of areas but there was a lot of conversation and questions in regard to any guns that I may possess and carry. That conversation occurred shortly after the visit to my house and prior to the comments made in court in regard to my ex-wife.

Also noted that district attorney investigator Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson in a report written on an incident that they feel is related to the Frank Carson et al trial, included in that report, on the first two pages, information in regard to the bloggers and their activities as being “defense friendly.” He also attached to the report screenshots of the written report and a podcast. Both were totally unrelated to the incident that had occurred.

So, you tell me, vote in the poll below if you feel that investigators would use their positions for personal retribution.

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