#56 Ken Barringer: Sheriff’s Detective 10/3/2018

Original detective on the case, and had originally interviewed Kevin Pickett, at that time that not asked about any dates of Korey Kauffman gone missing. Later interview said Kevin Pickett had told him March 29, 2012. Also noted he had looked over the fence at the Carson property and did not note any holes in the fence.

#57 Trina Hudson: biological mother of Korey Kauffman 10/3/2018

she came in from out-of-state to validate the buccal sample taken for verification Korey Kauffman’s remains.

#58 Dorothy Gonzales: CSO Sheriff’s Department. 10/3/2018

Had done some initial follow-up to the missing person case that was written by Deputy Jason Garner. Started her work on 4/10/2012.

#59 Mike Hermosa: DA investigator 10/3/2018

Testified in regard to the Woody resident search warrant in the presence of Maranda Dykes at the Woody residence after being in protective custody to be protected from the Woody’s due to the body wire that was worn recording Robert Woody’s confession.

#60 Gary Martinez: DA investigator 10/4/2018

Involved in search warrant at Baljit Atwals house in Ceres. Talked about 22 caliber rifle found in closet and some 22 caliber ammunition that were taken as evidence.

#61 Dave Hickman: Sheriff’s office Detective 10/42018

Discussed August 15, 2015 walk-through with Robert Woody at pop n cork and Department of Justice. He helps with the digging itself in the lot where the alleged gravesite was.

#62 Dominic Saldana: 10/4/2018

Testified that he knew Robert Woody and he worked pop in cork, had stayed at the Pickett residence from time to time and heard about Korey Kauffman missing but did not know him personally. Testified that Daljit Atwal Ed pointed a gun at him at one time. Appeared to be heavily under the influence on the stand but was quite entertaining.

#63 Lance Nikolai: Stockton Police Department 10/5/2018

The officer that responded to the Frank Carson 911 call on August 9, 2012 when the investigators were there and refused to leave. He did note that the dispatch advisor was a possible 5150 situation and talk to John Evers prior responding to Frank Carson’s office.

#64 Rico Dealda: Modesto Police Department Sgt.10/5/2018

Testified had talked to Frank Carson on the street by the courthouse and felt that he had to record the conversation protect himself from any false allegations by Frank Carson. He talked to him about the burglary that occurred in his office and Frank Carson suspected Mike Cooley The defense felt it was just more character assassination than actual facts of the case.

#65 January Siphan: Modesto PD 10/5/2018

Responding officer to Frank Carson’s office burglary in November 2015. Drawers had been ransacked and files opened. Took him 2 hours to respond also said Frank Carson accused Mike Cooley.

#66 Robert Branco: Robert Woody’s nephew 10/5/2019-10/9/2018

Worked a bit at Pop n Cork and talked to the Atwals regularly. Initially said never heard the name Korey Kauffman but then later said he knew him from the streets. Also stated that the Atwal’s were getting frustrated with the ongoing thefts done by Korey Kauffman. Also stated that he could lie for his uncle Robert Woody but then immediately said he could not lie in a homicide investigation.

#67 Andrea Mennite: reporter channel 13 10/9/2018

Was asked about her news report about Frank Carsons office burglary. Claimed journalistic privilege and had no recall if segment made it to air. Was not pleased to be there and was very clear about it.

#68 Robert “Woodrow” Woody: Robert Woody son 10/10/2018

Did some off the books work at Pop n Cork. Did not know Keven Pickett. But heard Robert Branco had seen a shooting incident at store. Never knew Korey Kauffman. Saw some police officers at store, (on and off duty)

#69 Tamara Carmolich: Stanislaus 911 center dispatcher 10/10/2018

took the original missing persons report from Kevin Pickett, the call was made to the dispatch center on April 2, 2012. She could not recall if Kevin Pickett noted it was March 29, 2012 or March 30, 2012 that Korey Kauffman had disappeared.

#70 Ryan Schmidt: Frank Carson handyman 10/10/2019-10/11/2018

talked about the contacts with law enforcement prior to during and after the search warrant. Also coined the infamous phrase “Kurt Bunche is an ass hole in court.”

#71 Cory Brown: Sheriff Department Detective. 10/11/2019-10/18/2018

talk about his role in writing search warrants affidavits. And in charge of evidence taken during searches in the investigation.

Also noted at some time during the investigation he had left the Sheriff’s Department for a six-month period to work loss prevention for Savemart. When he returned he continued writing the search warrants affidavits.

#72 Gary Harmer: DNA expert 10/23/2019-10/24/2018

was one of the original pioneers of the DNA technology back in the 1980s. No DNA match on any evidence including the bullet when compared against all the defendants. Also noted there was a full profile of an unknown contributor that could be ran in the Codis program against all known state prison inmates, that search has to be requested by the investigating agency and was not done by Stanislaus County.

#73 Jean Daly: cadaver dogs handler 10/24/2019

talked about the function of cadaver dogs and searches, and training. Noted no sense from human remains or fluids found on any of the scenes searched.

#74 Fay Springer: criminalist for the Sacramento crime lab 10/25/2018-10/26/2018

tested and analyzed clothing items in this case, found to penetrating defects in the back of the jacket, whose holes lined up with the inner lining of the jacket. Stated there is no dispute that the two holes in the jacket are bullet holes. Also stated he can ranging caliber from 22 to 45 caliber. Unable to be so certain about the T-shirt.

#75 Jay Hamiel: Senior criminalist the Ripon DOJ lab 10/26/2018-10/30/2018-10/31/2018

A trained range master and expert in firearms and bullets, trained in ballistics. Also involved in the dig at pop in cork. Confirmed the type of weapon that the bullet was fired from, but unable to match to any firearm due to the mushrooming of that bullet.