1. The wait is killing me. How much longer until Toms report is up?

    1. I was only in the courtroom briefly today. The jury once again got no courtroom time today. So the DA and her Investigator pretty much made an interview claim that supposedly took place on April 3rd 2012. This interview/contact has never been brought up or discussed in the preliminary trial or any 402 hearings ever!
      Kirk Bunch never told anyone about this interview for the past seven years until (Melissa) the DA just out of the blue asked him about it while he was on the stand last week. Once again tainting the Jury with Bullshit. Once again breaking all courtroom rules and procedures.
      Judge Zuniga listened to arguments all day long today. But once again failed to make a ruling today. Postponing her decision yet again one more day following an already three day weekend. She always does this even after she says many times I’m going to do it. I’m going to make a ruling just like a real Judge! Sometimes she says she has to go home and talk to the Wise Wizard. The Man behind the Curtain.

  2. Where’s your report Tom. I can hardly wait anymore.

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