1. Anxious to hear what happens to Bunch. I figured the judge would not grant a mistrial. Seems to me it should be a mistrial because the judge keeps helping the prosecution.

    1. Author

      No miss trial granted whatsoever but it opens up an area for the defense to really grill Kurt bunch

      1. Yeah, like: What night were the laser pointers seen? What night was the figure holding the long object seen? What night were the 3 mysterious figures on Carson’s prooerty seen? What was the location of the defendants’ cell phones on the 29th? Where was Mike Cooley on the 29th? What did the defendants report they were doing on the 29th? Who last saw each of the defendants on the 29th? What did people living on or near Carson’s property hear and see on the 29th? Who did you speak to about what they saw or heard on the 29th? Who was on Cooleys property on the 29th? Where was Korey Kauffman on the 29th? Etc.

  2. Imo Judge Zs analysis was flawed. This was not a case of a report never being prepared. Once those notes were made, they became evidence. This was a case of notes being destroyed BEFORE a report was prepared, not after they had been incorporated into the report. That is the unlawful destruction of evidence to be used in a criminal case. Plain and simple. Judge Z should have given an instruction to the jury. It was legal error for her not to. Imo.

    Oh, well, in the unlikely event there is a conviction, there will be ample grounds to overturn it.

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