#83 Eduardo Quintanar 12/4/2018-12/5/2018-12/6/2019-12/7/2019-12/8/2019-12/11/2019-12/11/2019

Former defendant in this case, though not held to answer in the preliminary hearing, and suing Deputy district Marlisa Ferriera and Kurt Bunch personally, called by the prosecution.

Testified very little in regard to Korey Kauffman alleged homicide, and the pending charges in this case. Marlisa Ferriera mostly questioned about his personal conduct in the CHP code of honor and integrity issues.

Was on the stand for a total of seven days facing very harsh and at times seem very personal questioning. At times I felt like he was being dispositioned not questioned in a trial in regard to a possible homicide.

#84 Amil Atallaha 12/13/2018- 12/14/2018

Had worn a body wire to visits to Frank Carson’s office when several people had come to the office to get advice from Frank Carson in regard to complaints, lawsuits in the investigations going on by law enforcement. These complaints were by many people and not just by those who were involved in the Korey Kauffman investigation.

#85 Detective David Hickman 12/19/2018

Went to Scott McFarland house on a search warrant and seized one full Winchester rifle and one Marlin rifle barrel.

#86 Sgt. Ray Johnson S/O

in 2015 worked as a classification officer at the downtown jail. Testified that the Atwal’s were housed together there in 2015, they were housed in South single in the same area as Victor Navar. Victor Navar with housed in the same cell with Richard Garcia.

#87 Robert Woody 12/21/201 thru 2/8/2019

Put on the stand on the last day prior to the holiday break to testify as to the Atwal’s involvement in the Korey Kauffman case. Testified too many things had no recall had to constantly refresh his memory. To get more information in regard to Robert Woody testimony go back to the above-listed date and read the reports.