With all the talk lately key fob for today’s cars, and the ability of some creative thieves to use electronics to access the frequency on the key fob itself and the frequency that connected to the vehicle. I began researching a bit about some devices that they have like for credit cards to protect the radio signals on those cards.

Four $9.95 I purchased a two pack fob protector for keyless car key fobs. I figure for the price what the heck I would check it out.

Here’s what I discovered:

In my new vehicle, the fob has what I feel an extremely long range of operation, I feel it is definitely way too long. I put my fob in the pouch, trying to push the buttons to the side of the pouch, and I was not able to control the locks are the remote start.

I then ran an errand uptown, took the fob out of the pouch remotely started the vehicle, then returned it to the pouch. Upon entering the vehicle, I was not able to put the vehicle in drive as it was saying not “detecting key fob” on the dashboard. Note, the pouch with the key fob in it was sitting on my center console inside the truck, it still did not detect the key fob from a distance of inches.

No matter where you are, home, office, the store, restaurant there a lot of bad guys out there trying to ruin your day, especially in lackadaisical California. My particular key fob is rather large but fits in the pouch easily, even with attached keys. Also, there’s a second pocket for other items and an attached key ring for like a house key on the exterior of the pouch.

Just thought I’d share that little bit of information and to give yourself a little security with your vehicles as we do live in California, the auto theft capital of the world.

Here is the device that I purchased on Amazon.com.

Upgraded Faraday Key Fob Protector(2Pack), Niceline Premium Faraday Bag Key Fob | Anti-Theft RFID Key Fob Protector for Keyless Car Key fobs | Blocks RFID/WiFi/GSM/LTE & RFID Blocking Sleeves(2Pack)

Note it says it is a four pack two pouches and also comes with two RFID chip protector sleeve for credit cards.

Also, there are varying styles and sizes of these pouches, take a look and see what might work best for you. Very affordable protection.