#88 Praveen Singh 2/8/2019-2/22/2019

Had originally taken the Fifth Amendment on a prior court date was given immunity to testify on these dates

Described himself as a lifelong friend of Frank Carson, in fact, said he was like a father to him. Said he was aware that he was being investigated in the disappearance of Korey Kauffman. Had done some investigative work for Frank Carson. He stated he had done some social activities between his family and Frank Carson family.

Testified that his business has been a victim of the armed invasion, where one of his employees have been shot. The only thing taken he claims is what he described as a “murder bag.” He said that bag was given to him anywhere from six months to a year prior to the invasion of the office. When Frank Carson gave him the so-called murder bag, he says he never looked at it to see what was there but stated Frank Carson and told him it would put them all away for a long time with the law enforcement were to get it. The only thing taken in that invasion was this so-called murder bag.

He was not pleased with the investigation being done by the Modesto Police Department and had called Steve “The juice” Jacobson on a Sunday morning at his home to get him to respond to his business. Praveen Singh at the time of his testimony was and still is facing 19 felony counts that range from welfare fraud to real estate fraud to bank fraud and more. Some of those felony charges are in federal court. He stated he is not looking for a deal for him and/or members of his family that are facing some of these charges.

Praveen Singh had also expressed some concerns or fears in regard to the blogging done in this case. Had told Steve “The Juice” Jacobson that he felt in fear for his life from the bloggers. Also, note in Steve” the Juice” Jacobson incident report the first two pages of the narrative talked about the two bloggers there in the courtroom every day. A podcast for around that time was downloaded and kept as evidence in the business invasion report, in addition to a screenshot of a written report that was done that day. Not sure how the blogger sitting in the courtroom have been related to an invasion of a business on McHenry Avenue.

#89 Scott McFarlane 2/26/2019- 2/28/2019-finished on 3/7/2019 after lengthy litigations.

Working under a testimonial plea agreement, which was questioned by the defense attorneys before he testified. Defense claiming is a due process violation the way the agreement is worded.

Testified had known the Atwal’s for some time and hung out a pop n cork, both on and off duty. A neighbor of Kevin Pickett and his family which included Korey Kauffman. Stated he never had any issues with Korey Kauffman personally. Did not recall many conversations  at pop n cork in regards to Korey Kauffman, also said he doesn’t believe he said some things he is accused of saying.

Had been contacted by Kevin Pickett and Don Poma when Korey Kauffman went missing, he advised them to contact the sheriff department. Said he did recall an injury to Daljit Atwal’s hand but did not remember when he had seen those injuries.

Stated the Pickett family seem to be nice people had no real problems with them and had stopped Korey Kauffman one time for a taillight violation.

He denied doing any type of surveillance on the Pickett property. Also noted he had seen Daljit Atwal with firearms at the store with one being on an ankle holster.

Admitted to seeing Korey Kauffman riding his bike down the street and at one point believed is it to be on April 1, 2012, but now is not sure about the date. But did tell Tony Kaufman that he saw Korey when he was irrigating on that Sunday morning.

McFarlane testified that the Atwal brothers told him they were looking after Frank Carson’s property but again could not remember any timeframe that this was done. He was never asked personally to do checks of the property on or off duty.

Had rototilled a small area on the side lot of the Pop N Cork for Robin Attenhofer to plant a garden. It appeared the area he rototilled was the same area the Robert Woody pointed out the body was buried in the lot.

Recalled when the search warrant was done at POP N CORK. Also felt that the Atwal’s were getting very suspicious of him.

Was attacked viciously by Marlisa Ferriera and went into a lengthy set of questioning in regard to the CHP code of ethics.

Had done many stolen vehicles recoveries during his CHP days and typically no keys or FOB’s are with recoveries. Had no personal knowledge if cars could be started without a key fob.

Melissa Ferreira had declared him as a hostile witness.

He had been contacted by the Atwal’s after the search warrant, they were looking for some advice.

Scott McFarlane had contacted Deputy Ken Barringer who was in charge of the missing person case, advising of statements made by Robert Woody about the property and some containers. It also made a second phone call a month or two later with some Robert Woody information.

Investigators never contacted him again for two more years then he was accused of trying to hide information or obstruct the investigation. Because of the lack of contact.

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