Just as a reminder tomorrow, April 30, 2019, we are scheduled to be back in court. The jury is not scheduled to come in until 1:30 PM.

The morning session will be a continued 1118.1 motion, the defense asking the judge to make a directed verdict claiming that the prosecution has not made their case.

Judge Zuniga is expected to rule tomorrow morning but she is well known for not doing so.

Court is scheduled to start at 9:30 AM but with no jury coming in she is typically late and being the first day of the week after a long break she may not come in at all as what is been come to know as “typical Tuesday.”

Scheduled to testify tomorrow is Dr. Leo, the false confession expert, well known in his field, and known to the public in the Netflix series “making of a murder.”

We will be there to let you know what happened.