FRANK CARSON ET AL 4-30-2019…….(TOM)




WEEK 49, DAY 168




Court was delayed this morning for over an hour while we waited for Percy Martinez to get done with a Preliminary Hearing in another courtroom. Today was another day where the defense put on multiple witnesses in contrast to the snail’s pace that the prosecution took putting on their case. The entire morning session was taken up finishing up on arguments concerning the 1118.1 motion by the defense for Judge Zuniga to make a directed verdict of not guilty based on the lack of proof. By the end of the morning session, Judge Zuniga made her ruling, and we were sent home for lunch about fifteen minutes early. Later on in the afternoon, the defense had a Modesto Police Department Officer on the stand that had investigated the break in at Praveen Singh’s McHenry Ave business. Marlisa Ferreira, on cross examination asked him about Praveen Singh stating that he had been threatened by people on Dawgsblog that had called him a rat.

This resulted in a rather long animated side bar. Marlisa Ferreira keeps on trying to get Marty Carlson and I out of the courtroom, but it seems as though we will still be in the courtroom being her huckleberry. I will get into the details later in this article, and how Judge Zuniga ruled on the 1118.1 motion.

Percy Martinez starts out at 10:47AM by stating that the prosecution has not proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Hans Hjertonsson argues that the prosecution has argued that Korey Kauffman had been shot at least two times in the back, and the prosecution says that this shows that there is no issue with intent to kill. Hans Hjertonsson states that during the Motions Illiminae arguments, Marlisa Ferreira had argued that there was no intent, and now is arguing that there is intent. Hans states that she has made this change in her arguments despite the fact that the evidence has not changed. Hans argues that based on that change, all the 1101 evidence should be thrown out by Judge Zuniga. Hans argues that on the obstruction of justice charges, Marlisa Ferreira needs substantial evidence on each and every overt act that she has charged. Hans states that Marlisa Ferreira has not accomplished that with her case. Jai Gohel argues that there is no evidence that Frank Carson encouraged Baljit Athwal to file law suits. He states that Frank Carson many times told the Athwal brothers to tell the truth.


Judge Zuniga states that Kirk Bunch, on 04/02/2019 had been asked by Marlisa Ferreira if any law suits had been filed against him, and that he had said “Yes.” She states that there was a side bar, and Kirk Bunch’s answer was stricken. Judge Zuniga brings up that Detective Frank Navarro testified that there had been complaints lodged against him by the defendants. Marlisa Ferreira argues that there was an inference that an agreement had been made between the defendants to obstruct justice. Judge Zuniga cites a long list of case law concerning this issue. She states that she wants to first focus on the homicide charge. Judge Zuniga states that the defense has focused on the credibility of the witnesses. She states that based on the case law, the defense can’t use credibility in their arguments for the 1118.1 hearing. Judge Zuniga states that she agrees that there are inconsistencies in the evidence, however there is the testimony of numerous witnesses that people were watching the Carson property, and “Arab” looking people were seen on the Carson property, and that Frank Carson had been identified on the property. Judge Zuniga brings up wire-tapped conversations between Georgia DeFelippo and Christina DeFelippo where they talked about Frank Carson being on the property with a gun. Judge Zuniga states that there was testimony about Daljit Atwal allegedly having a confrontation with Korey Kauffman before the alleged homicide. She states that Daljit Atwal was known to carry guns, and the testimony shows that Baljit Athwal was patrolling the Carson property for Frank Carson. She agrees that there are inconsistencies in the testimony. Judge Zuniga overrules the defense request for a directed verdict of not guilty in count one of murder.


Judge Zuniga now gets into the obstruction of justice charges against the defendants. She states that Marlisa Ferreira had listed overt acts that happened before the alleged homicide occurred. She then brings up overt acts that happened after the alleged homicide. These included the burning of the pickup truck, the moving of the body, and the burying of the body. She throws out the overt act that concerned Frank Carson hiring Patrick Hampton and Ronald Cooper to find out who was stealing from his property. She throws out the overt act of setting out enticements (Pipes) on the Carson property. She throws out the overt act that concerned armed people patrolling the Carson property before the alleged homicide occurred. She throws out the overt act that concerned the threats that were made to Korey Kauffman. In the final analysis, Judge Zuniga throws out overt acts 1,2,4,5,6, and 7. The rest of the overt acts were allowed to stand. Judge Zuniga now talks about case law that concerns lesser charges that may be utilized by the prosecution. We are now sent out for our lunchtime break.


At 1:35PM, the jury is brought into the courtroom, and Percy Martinez calls Sargent Timothy Luke Schwartz to the stand. He testifies that he has worked 14 years for the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy and had been recently promoted to Sargent. Sargent Schwartz testifies that he was called to the courthouse in 2010 to investigate a “run in” between Frank Carson and DA Investigator Steve Jacobson in the basement of the courthouse. He testifies that he spoke to both Frank Carson and Steve Jacobson about the incident and filed a report. He testifies that Steve Jacobson told him that Frank Carson “Got into his space” when he took two pictures while in the hallway of the basement. He states that he does not remember Steve Jacobson saying anything about Frank Carson making derogatory comments. He gets refreshed with his report and testifies that he did not write down anything concerning derogatory comments in his report. Sargent Schwartz testifies that he spoke with DA Prosecutor Alice Mimms when he did his investigation of the incident. He states that he took her statement. Sargent Schwartz testifies that he took a signed citizen’s arrest from Frank Carson that was made against Steve Jacobson.


Hans Hjertonsson gets Sargent Schwartz to once again testify that he spoke to DA Investigator Steve Jacobson. Sargent Schwartz testifies that he does not remember seeing a large crowd of people gathered around Frank Carson and does not remember hearing any threats made. Hans Hjertonsson once again gets Sargent Schwartz to testify that Steve Jacobson had told him that Frank Carson had invaded his personal space while taking two pictures of him in the basement hallway. Hans Hjerrtonsson gets Sargent Schwartz to testify that he made a report of the incident and forwarded the report to the Stanislaus County DA’s Office.


Jai Gohel gets Sargent Schwartz to testify that the investigation was not recorded. Jai Gohel gets Sargent Schwartz to once again state that he did not remember seeing a large group of people gathered around Frank Carson in the basement hallway. Sargent Schwartz testifies that Steve Jacobson did not state that he had any safety concerns concerning the incident. Sargent Schwartz testifies that Steve Jacobson did not say that he approached Frank Carson, and states that Steve Jacobson did not say that Frank Carson had blocked his path. Sargent Schwartz testifies that he was called to the courthouse at 9:30AM and arrived at the courthouse by 9:35AM. He states that he spoke to Steve Jacobson in Department 12, and the incident occurred in front of Department 9. Sargent Schwartz states that he spoke to two people from the DA Department and took their business cards. Sargent Schwartz testifies that Steve Jacobson told him that Frank Carson had taken two pictures of him from an arm’s length away and had refused to stop taking pictures. Sargent Schwartz testifies that Steve Jacobson told him that he did not make any contact with Frank Carson, and he did not punch Frank Carson, and did not slap Frank Carson. Sargent Schwartz states that Steve Jacobson told him that he slapped the disposable camera out of Frank Carson’s hand and fingers. He states that he was unable to obtain any surveillance footage from cameras that were present in the hallway. He states that he left a telephone message with Frank Carson to provide the pictures that were on the disposable camera, and that Frank Carson did not provide them directly to him. Sargent Schwartz testifies that the incident occurred while Frank Carson and Alice Mimms were involved with the AJ Pontillo case. At this point, Marlisa Ferreira starts arguing with Judge Zuniga in front of the jury and gets sternly admonished. This is not the first time she has done that and is not the last time she did this today. She really has a talent for making an asshole out of herself in front of the jury. We have a side bar.


Marlisa Ferreira takes over on cross examination. Sargent Schwartz does not remember asking Steve Jacobson who was in the hallway during the incident. He does not remember getting a statement from DA Prosecutor Brad Nix. He does not recall asking Alice Mimms about who was in the hallway. Sargent Schwartz states that he did not interview AJ Pontillo and did not interview Mr. Microphone Mark Davis. Sargent Schwartz testifies that one of the Sheriff’s Department Community Service Officers got the pictures. He states that cameras are prohibited in the hallways. Sargent Schwartz testifies that he worked for 6 years for court services. He testifies that a citizen’s arrest was made because of the incident. He states that he wrote in his report that Frank Carson remained defiant and had asked to speak with his supervisor. He states that Frank Carson admitted to taking the two pictures. He states that Steve Jacobson was cooperative and calm during the investigation.


Percy Martinez takes over on re-direct. He gets Sargent Schwartz to state that Steve Jacobson gave him his version of what happened. Sargent Schwartz testifies that Steve Jacobson told him that Frank Carson came too close to him, and he knocked the camera out of his hand. After being refreshed he states that Steve Jacobson told him that he had taken it upon himself to do so. He states that Steve Jacobson told him that the camera was being held at chest level at an arm’s length away from his face. Jai Gohel gets Sargent Schwartz to testify that he interviewed Alice Mimms. Nobody else had any more questions, and Sargent Schwartz is allowed to step down from the stand.


Percy Martinez now calls Officer Jacob Hook to the stand. He has worked for two years for the Modesto Police Department. He testifies that he was called to the 946 McHenry Ave business of Praveen Singh on May 06, 2018 to investigate an armed robbery of the business. He testifies that he went into the business and observed that a door on the South side of the business had been shot out by what appeared to be a shotgun. He testifies that the business had been ransacked. He states that he saw Praveen Sing’s office, and the office of Praveen Singh’s wife. He testifies that Praveen Singh’s office door had been kicked open, but his wife’s office was still locked. He testifies that Praveen Sing’s office had been ransacked, and Praveen Singh had immediately told him that a black bag that contained evidence concerning the Carson case had been taken. He testifies that he saw several black bags in the office that appeared to be similar to the one that Praveen Singh had claimed was stolen. He states that Praveen Singh had told him that he was getting ready to testify in the Carson case. He testifies that the surveillance cameras inside of the office were not functioning when the office was broken into. He testifies that he checked the surveillance cameras on the outside of the building. We saw these recordings as they were played for the jury earlier in this trial. How convenient is seems to me that the cameras on the inside of the business were not working that day.


Hans Hjertonsson takes over on direct examination. Officer Hook now testifies that Praveen Singh did not tell him how to do his investigation. He now testifies that Praveen Singh told him certain things he wanted him to focus on in his investigation. Officer Hook testifies that he did not see Praveen Singh go through any of the other black bags that were in the office. Officer Hook testifies that Praveen Singh brought up Frank Carson at the very beginning of his investigation. He testifies that Praveen Singh did not tell him how long he had been in possession of the black bag that had been allegedly stolen. Jai Gohel gets Officer Hook to state that he felt it was unusual for Praveen Singh to jump to the conclusion that the black bag had been taken from the business.


Marlisa Ferreira takes over on cross examination. She gets Officer Hook to testify that a shotgun had been used to open the door to the business. He states that he waited for a backup to arrive and observed a wound to the leg of one of the employees. He testifies that he cleared the business, and that two of the office doors had been kicked in. Officer Hook testifies that he pointed out numerous items that were not taken during the break-in. At this point, our bathroom monitor Russkamp is noticed sitting in the courtroom. What a wonderful man. We now take our break at 2:46PM.


At 3:20PM, with the jury still out of the courtroom, we have some arguments concerning Marlisa Ferreira’s desire to show Officer Hook the surveillance tape from the cameras on the outside of the building. This gets objected to, and the objection is sustained. Judge Zuniga instructs the bailiff to call for the jury. Marlisa Ferreira gets Officer Hook to testify that what he saw was consistent with a robbery. He does not remember if he asked why the surveillance cameras were not working inside of the building.

Now Marlisa Ferreira tries to bring Dawgs blog into the case once again. She asks Officer Hook if Praveen Singh had complained about being threatened by people on the internet. This gets objected to, and the objection is sustained. She argues in front of the jury about people calling Praveen Singh a rat on the internet. We have a long side bar. After the side bar, Marlisa Ferreira once again brings up how people had called Praveen Singh a rat on the internet. She gets Officer Hook to state that Praveen Singh had been cooperative and wanted for a thorough investigation to be conducted.


Hans Hjertonsson gets Officer Hook to state that Praveen Singh had spoken to him about threats on the internet. He states that Praveen Singh could not specify what type of threats were made to him on the internet, and that he was not concerned about the alleged threats. Jai Gohel gets Officer Hook to testify that Praveen Singh had not told him that he was facing charges of robbery. Officer Hook is now allowed to step down from the stand.


Percy Martinez calls Forensic Pathologist Sung Paik to the stand. I might be wrong with the spelling of his name. This man was virtually impossible to understand, and barely could speak English. Percy gets him to go through his qualifications. He attended medical school in Korea and has worked as a Forensic Pathologist since 1982. He testifies that he examined all the bones that were found that remained of Korey Kauffman. These included the skull, mandible, parts of a rib bone, leg bones, pelvis, etc. He examined a brown jacket, t-shirt, brown boots, slacks, etc. He testifies that he was unable to determine the cause of death of Korey Kauffman. Percy Martinez starts asking him questions concerning the decomposition of a human body. He testifies that this varies depending on the temperature, moisture, and pressure. He testifies that a decomposing body would give off gasses, that would possibly be detectible from a shallow grave. He has a hard time understanding the questions that were being asked by Percy Martinez. We are now done for the day. I will be there tomorrow to report on what I see and hear.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)



Good evening everybody. This is Marty from DAWG’s Blog with tonight’s podcast on April 30, 2019. Today is Tuesday. This is the afternoon session of the Frank Carson, et al. Trial.


Jury was up at 1:32 PM. We didn’t have the jury this morning. The Judge was on the bench a few minutes later. So, we did real good this afternoon.


Sgt. Luke Schwartz from the Sheriff’s Office was called to the stand. He’s been with the Sheriff’s Office 14 years. On February 2010, he was on patrol and he was dispatched to the courthouse for a dispute that occured in the hallway of the courthouse. This was the dispute between Frank Carson and Steve Jacobson.


In the past, my understanding was, when I worked as a bailiff in Stockton for a criminal case that occured at the courthouse, we called Stockton PD, because it was in their jurisdiction. Apparently the Sheriff’s Office considers the courthouse in their jurisdiction, so they handle all issues that require law enforcement response.


Luke Schwartz said he talked to both parties, Frank Carson and Steve Jacobson and he took a report. He said Steve Jacobson said there was a dispute going on with Frank Carson in the hallway. Frank Carson was taking his picture and he said Frank Carson had gotten in his face. Steve Jacobson gave him some background of some the issues going on, such as what had occurred that day. He said that Frank Carson was making derogatory remarks in the hall. He did not recall any derogatory remarks said by Steve Jacobson, only Frank Carson. He refreshed, this was 9 years ago. There was nothing in the report of a derogatory remark towards the DA Office Staff. He did talk to Ms. Mims and Brad Nix and Frank Carson did sign a CA form. That is a Citizen’s Arrest form.


Steve Jacobson told a little different story when he testified in court. He said he approached Frank Carson, cause there were a group of people that were harassing and making derogatory comments and he approached and he saw Frank Carson taking pictures and he approached Frank Carson, not the other way around. For whatever that is worth.


Attorney Hans went into direct. He talked about being 14 years in law enforcement, reports are done to be able to refresh your memory, even now 9 years later. Hans Hjertonsson asked him if Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said there were a group of people making comments or threats? He said no, he didn’t mention anything about that. He said that Frank Carson had got into his face, that was the only thing Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson had said at the time. He said the report was forwarded to the DA’s Office to review to see if charges would be filed. (Like they’re going to file charges on their own Investigator).


Jai Gohel started direct on Sgt Schwartz. He said he is trained in his documentation and reports and said it is important to put everything in the report and said there was never any type of threats mentioned by Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson. He said the only thing Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said was Frank Carson was in his personal space with his camera. No mention of them being harrassed. Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said that Carson had approached him and Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson never said that their exit was blocked by this group of people. (That is what he testified to on the stand, not that long ago).


Marlisa Ferreira started cross examination. He got the call at 9:26 AM and he got there a few minutes later. So he didn’t know where everyone was at the time. Frank Carson was in a courtroom finishing up another case. He had talked to Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson in Dept. 12. Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said he took an issue with the camera being pointed at him and apparently two pictures were taken. Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said he asked Frank Carson to stop taking pictures and Frank Carson had refused. Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said he tried to grab the camera and ended up falling out of his hands and Carson said he slapped it out of his hands. He said the camera was knocked out of Frank Carson’s hands and Frank Carson never accused Steve Jacobson of assaulting him, just knocking the camera out of his hands. Luke Schwartz never did try to get video footage from the hallway. He did ask court people to get the video if it was available and he did ask Frank Carson for the photographs, but said he never received those photos directly.


Now Dep. Schwartz said he never did really talk to Ms. Mims, but there was some type of conversation, but Marlisa Ferreira wanted to continually ask what Ms. Mims response was to this. There were objections and the Judge sustained the objections. Marlisa Ferreira immediately asked the same question. Objections again. The Judge admonished Marlisa Ferreira for doing that. She asked the same question again. (I’m not exaggerating folks). Marlisa Ferreira said I want to be heard, Your Honor. Can we approach? The Judge said no, it is sustained. Marlisa Ferreira again asked the same question again and then asked the same question concerning Brad Nix. I put in my notes: she kept asking the same question over and over. The Judge kept sustaining the objections. Things were getting a little out of control. She was admonishing Marlisa Ferreira in front of the jury and Marlisa Ferreira started arguing with the Judge. Finally the Judge says sidebar. Marlisa Ferreira was asking for a sidebar and the Judge kept saying no (first time I’ve heard the Judge tell her no to a sidebar). Marlisa Ferreira, even as the defense was making objections, she would talk right over their objections.


I don’t know what she was trying to prove or get out to the jury. To be honest, I saw some strange looks on the jurors face. They didn’t appreciate too much.


He said he did not recall asking who else was present or talking to Brad Nix. She asked him what Alice Mims said when he asked her what was said? He did not recall. AJ Pontillo (it was a bail hearing for AJ Pontillo or something like that) was never interviewed by Sgt Schwartz and this altercation, they are claiming that AJ was involved with some of the people. He didn’t recall interviewing Mark Davis either and Mark Davis was in one of those pictures. He said later on a CSO had received the pictures and Sgt Schwartz never saw those pictures. He said he never referred the report for follow up to the detectives either. So it was just sent to the DA’s office for their review and went through the chain of command, as he put it. Marlisa Ferreira then started continuously asking what they were calling improper questions and the Judge was striking these questions after objections by the defense. Again the Judge admonished Marlisa Ferreira for what she was doing. Finally the Judge called them up to a sidebar after massive objections. Things were going so fast and furious, I couldn’t write fast enough. I can’t recall what those questions were that she kept asking. Apparently the Judge told Marlisa Ferreira she was actually committing misconduct the way she was acting in the courtroom today.


When they came back from the sidebar, Marlisa Ferreira was asking Officer Schwartz if cameras are allowed in the hallway? He said yes. He’s familiar with court rules because he worked 6 years in court services. Any assault that occurs in the courthouse is Sheriff’s Office investigation. Citizen’s arrest was made but nothing happened in his presence, so no arrest was made, but he did say both parties were detained during the investigation. She asked him if Frank Carson was acting defiant? He said yes. He said Frank Carson said in the interview that what he had done was not enough and had requested a supervisor. Frank Carson demanded he talk to the other witnesses, but never said to talk to Mark Davis, who was present during the whole thing, Brad Nix or Alice Mims.


Again she wanted to go into things with Brad Nix and Alice Mims. Multiple objections. Another long, animated, sidebar. Apparently there were a couple other people in the hallway that he did have a conversation with and Frank Carson admitted he was taking pictures of Steve Jacobson for another case. She asked him if Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson was involved in any other case where pictures were needed? He said, I don’t know. Again, in regards to Frank Carson being defiant, he did not recall anyone else present and Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson was cooperative. That finished up her questioning.


Percy Martinez went back into redirect, asking Sgt Schwartz if he talked to Frank Carson about the camera and taking pictures and it being knocked out of his hands? Yes, he did. Frank Carson never claimed it was an assault, just that Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson had knocked the camera out of his hand. He doesn’t remember exactly what was said, because it was 9 years ago. Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson did admit he knocked the camera out of his hand and he took action upon himself.


When Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson testified he said he needed to protect the DDA’s in the hallway and they were blocking the exit, so that is why he took it upon himself to approach these people and do what he did. Luke Schwartz did not recall how many photos Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said were taken. He refreshed and said Steve “St. Juice” Jacobson said two photos were taken.


No more questions by all involved. Sgt Schwartz was off the stand. Officer Jacob Hook was called to the stand. Who is Jacob Hook? He is a MPD officer who was one of the officer that responded to Praveen Singh’s business on the armed invasion and he is the one who wrote the report on that incident.


Jacob Hook has been a police officer for two years. The date of the armed invasion was 5/6/18. He took the call to 946 McHenry Ave. He investigated the call and went into the office area of the building. He noticed that the front door of the glass doors were shot out and two of the three offices had been ransacked. Praveen Singh’s wife had an office there. There were a couple of business being run out of there apparently and his wife had an office that was separate from Praveen Singh’s and her office doors were not kicked open. Only Praveen Singh’s office and Daniel Bohnstitch’s (?) office had doors were kicked open. The frames were broken and one of the doors, he said, the frame was laying on the floor. The only thing that was missing, Praveen Singh said, was a black case that had evidence from the Frank Carson trial. Now, he said he was a major witness in the Frank Carson case and he was supposed to testify on May 11, 2018. He had described a bag


Remember Praveen Singh’s testimony was that Frank Carson had given him a murder bag with evidence and told him to hide it. Also Remember Praveen Singh was under investigation from Korey Kauffman’s disappearance and homicide, but he says that Frank Carson gave him this bag “with evidence that would put them all away in prison”. That is what Praveen Singh said that Frank Carson said.


He kept it for some time apparently at his office. Officer Hook said Praveen Singh immediately told him that he was a major witness in the Frank Carson case and he had critical evidence that was taken. This was evidence that nobody knew about at the time. There were cameras in his business, but they were not working. They had been disabled for some reason. Officer Hook was never provided footage of these cameras. He did check out the building in the back. There were cameras in the building in the back. He said he tried to get the information about who the owner was of the building in the back. He said Praveen Singh was complaining about his investigation. He didn’t really recall all the details of it, but Praveen Singh was trying to direct the investigation I guess. Praveen Singh never told him that his father-in-law was the one who had owned the building in the back and Praveen Singh had the key to it. That’s all Percy Martinez had.


Attorney Hans began direct and asked about his conversation with Praveen Singh saying during that investigation and Hans Hjertonsson asked him was he telling you how to do your job? He said well no, not really, but Praveen Singh was leading him to specific items to include in his report. He never saw Praveen Singh look through any of the other bags or briefcases in the office where he said this critical evidence was. He never actually looked through the bags or briefcases while he was there. He said that Praveen Singh told him as immediately, as soon as he got there, that he was a key witness in this Frank Carson case. The interior cameras had also been disarmed in the business.


Jai Gohel started direct on Officer Hood. He was dispatched at 6:03 AM on May 6, 2018 and he arrived about four minutes later. Again Praveen Singh immediately told him he was a key witness and there was that black bag that was taken. He saw several bags in the business and he said in his report the Praveen Singh had jumped to an assumption and Praveen Singh was talking about Frank Carson a lot, and in an unusual way, the way he was doing it. That was all Jai Gohel asked.


Marlisa Ferreira went into cross with Officer Hood. When he arrived, the front door had obviously been shot out by a shotgun. One of the employees, that was in the business at the time, one of the employees was hit by shotgun pellets. She also got him to say that there were two office doors kicked in, Praveen Singh’s wife’s office door was not kicked in and there were several items of value that were not taken. There were some business cards in the desk drawers, computers, laptops whatever there was, no electronics were taken, just the so-called murder bag. She asked him if the robbery was specific to the black bag? He noted cameras outside on the other building and he was unable to access them.


About 3:43 PM we took a break. Marlisa Ferreira for some reason wanted to take a break. At that point, the jury was sent out and the witness was sent out. Marlisa Ferreira wanted to the witness to view footage of the descriptions of the suspects in this invasion and wanted him to compare the descriptions he got to the people that are in the video. Percy Martinez argued that is beyond the scope, we never asked anything about that. Hans Hjertonsson said what the other witnesses are saying on this in regard to this is not relevant. Judge Zuniga says the officer’s opinion is beyond the scope. We took a break.


When we came back from break Judge Zuniga addressed the attorneys and said the defense objection in regards to the hearsay and Marlisa Ferreira asking some of the questions she asked, she wants to know the hearsay exception.


Hearsay is not allowed in court. That when you say, well this person told me this, but if it’s not to the truth of the matter, there’s other exceptions to it and things like that.


Judge Zuniga told her she is trying to get some hearsay in without an exception to the rule, especially with the idea of the people in the video. She sustained the defense objection on that basis also.


Jury came back out came back up 3:20 PM. Officer Hood on the stand. Again she talked about that the scene the ransacked office was consistent with a robbery, even though they didn’t take anything that a robbery would take. She asked him why the cameras were not on? Objection. Eventually she got it out in a way could be asked. He said I don’t recall.


Marlisa Ferreira again had to bring the bloggers into it, because it is so ingrained in her mind. Praveen Singh said he had been called a rat on the Internet and received threats from bloggers on the Internet. This led to objection: beyond the scope. Sidebar. When they came back Officer Hood said the Praveen Singh had been receiving threats from Dawg’s Blog. So whatever that’s worth. People were calling him a rat. He said the Praveen Singh was very cooperative and just wanted a thorough investigation.


Percy Martinez went back on redirect with Officer Hood. He went into the building with a couple other offices. It had been broken into, but there was the one that belonged to Praveen Singh’s wife, that the door had not been kicked. There is apparently another business there, that belonged to Daniel Bonstich (?) Percy Martinez asked him if Praveen Singh ever told him the back building belonged to his father-in-law? He said no, he did not know that until now.


Attorney Hans asked about the threats on the website? He said that Praveen Singh could not specify the types of threats that he had received.


Again for some reason and I don’t understand it, I really don’t, why the bloggers are so heavily involved in some of these questioning. Marlisa Ferreira really got bloggers on the brain. She just needs to do her job the way it’s supposed to be done. Whatever.


Jai Gohel went into redirect again and asked Officer Hood if Praveen Singh ever mentioned that he’s facing numerous felony charges at the time? He said no, he didn’t.

Melissa Ferreira went on recross again. Officer Hood said Praveen Singh was ready to testify Carson case and he was set to testify on 5/11/2018, that’s five days later. She asked him about the doors of the office. Objection: beyond the scope. Marlisa Ferreira said it’s not beyond the scope. She’s really getting pushy with some of the stuff that she is saying in front of the jury. I seriously think that at times she’s literally trying to get a mistrial, but what do I know, I’m a dumbass.


She asked about the office that belonged to Daniel Bonstich (?)? There were unknown names on the doors. There were three interior offices, two where doors were kicked in, but he didn’t know if they had names in the doors but somehow they knew which office was what. No further questions by all involved. Officer Hood was off the stand.


Dr. Bake, I believe was his name, he’s the Coroner for Stanislaus County. He is a very interesting gentleman on the stand. He speaks very little English, but he’s been the Coroner in several different counties. They went through his qualifications and so on. He is been with Stanislaus County since 2007. On August 2013 he received the remains and he did the examination on August 19, 2013. He said he had no way of identifying the remains, there was only a partial skeleton of the human bones that was left. I didn’t get the whole list again, this gentleman is very tough to understand, he got the skull, ribs, the mandible, the pelvic bone, the femur, the tibia and there were a few other things that he mentioned, but I really didn’t get what he was saying. There was some clothing, a T-shirt with the logo, the boots and I believe he said the jeans, but I’m not sure he’s very difficult understand. Percy Martinez asked if he was able to determine a cause of death based on those remains? He says no, there is no way to determine a cause of death. Percy Martinez asked about decomposition and how it can be determined, timewise? He says it is due the environment that the remains are in, the temperature, moisture, pressure. The body goes through many stages he said. The first eight hours has very little decomposition, but the rigor mortis does set in.


Rigor Mortis, if you’re not familiar, is when the joints seize up. There is a lack of blood flow in the body and everything becomes stiffs. That’s rigor mortis and that’ll that’ll be onset within two hours of death.


Rigor mortis first sets in and then he said that Algor mortis sets in. I didn’t hear an explanation for that. The body, he says, becomes pliable again 12 hours after death, and so you can move the arms and the legs in 12 hours or so after death. The body does start giving out gases, bloating after two weeks and again based on the conditions and bad odors will escape the body. Now that’s the methanes and the decomposition of the body and the smell stays until the body is buried. He said even in deep burials odors escape. He didn’t really know if he could smell if a body was buried 10 to 14 inches, but again he wasn’t really understanding the questions either sometimes. But he said a deep burial the odors do escape sometimes. He believed the odors would escape and under that circumstance, 10-14 inches, but again it depends on the environment.


Marlisa Ferreira requested a sidebar. They were talking about their schedule. The defense wants to call Dr. Leo tomorrow, out of order before they finished Dr. Bake and they want to call him at 9 o’clock. They want to try to get get things done and Judge says, no we’ll see everybody at 9:30 AM. The defense says Your Honor, we want to do this at 9 o’clock. She says I’m setting the schedule and it is 9:30 AM. So she was very adamant about 9:30 AM. So the jury is coming back at 9:30 AM. So they will talk some more about Dr. Leo tomorrow.


I received a message today, about 1 PM, I don’t know who this message came from. It says I cannot reply to this conversation, for whatever reason and it says check this out. This is in regards to an article in the Modesto Bee yesterday. The article is talking about the DA’s office not going to prosecute minor offenses, like drug charges and ordinance violations, they want more money to do so, Modesto is trying to kick in some money and stuff. Whoever this person is, says check this out, the DA needs more money to have more prosecutors and for now will not prosecute low-level crimes. That’s what the article says. It is asking for more money for her department, with all that she has wasted on her vendetta trial, there was nothing about this put out by her when she ran for office. This person is absolutely right. Now this person says this needs to be jumped on. You’re right. This needs to be jumped on. What are you going to do about it?


This looks to me like this is an anonymous message. Somebody wants something done. It appears they’re not willing to step up, themselves and do it. I don’t know what to make out of this. It is an anonymous comment. I cannot reply to this person. Right at the bottom of the message its says: you cannot reply to this conversation. Again I don’t know why, unless they blocked me. This issue need to be jumped on, so somebody else wants me to do it for them. I have a problem with that, because many people want things done but aren’t willing to step up and do what needs to be done. People need to step up, for whatever reasons are afraid or whatever is going on in their lives, they’re afraid of all this these big bad investigators, but they can’t arrest everybody in the county. So it sent to me as if I’m expected to do something about it. I would love to do something about it, but I got my hands full. I need help. Nobody’s willing to step up and help. I can’t do it on my own as much as I’d like to.


So this needs to be jumped on. My question to you, this is not criticism, but my question to you is what are you gonna do about it? So that’s all I can say, I am more than willing to do what I can do, but I can’t do it all. I got my hands full with this doggone case. People need to step up. The only thing needed for evil to thrive is for good people to do nothing. That’s a lot of what’s going on these days, there is a lot of good people out there right now listening to me that are willing to do nothing. So if you if you want to send me messages, I love it. If you want to help out, I could use it. If you want to something done, we can work together on it, but just don’t turn it over to me and expect me to do it. That’s not how it works.


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