1. This is Great! Anyone that has spent any time in that courtroom knows that all of the DA witnesses have been feed the facts that they give and testify falsely in exchange for plea deals. None of their stories add up or make any sense. The worse and most ridiculous testimony was that of their star witness Mr. Woody with multiple versions of multiple stories. It’s just so obvious. This is one reason it took more than a year for the prosecuror to put on their case. It was ever so delicately and strategically scripted. We didn’t need an expert to telll us this. Lol
    While all of the prosecutors witnesses were tesifying the DA feed them their statements. She’d say “would you like me to refresh your memory with bogus transcripts?” She was really saying
    “Here let me tell you exactly what I want you to say, when I want you to say it.” and these Perma-Spun Tweaks couldn’t even do that correctly. LMAO!

    l love to see Melissa come out swinging on these intelligent, progressional experts and look like an idiot in the process.

  2. This is getting very entertaining and the nerve of the DA to compare this professionally recognized Scholar to her Half-assed weak Cell-phone expert that she paid a quarter million dollars to testify and boasts of convictions for hire. That’s another prosecuror witness that subscribes to ” I will say whatever you want me to say on the stand.”

watcha gotta say?

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