Arrived at court this morning and found out a juror had called in sick.

Noted also the Frank Carson was not present in court, Percy Martinez advised the court that he was misinformed but there was still an assembly of the attorneys this morning. He was told Ct. was canceled.

They discussed a little bit about finishing Dr. Leo tomorrow, as they have also scheduled other witnesses for tomorrow. If Dr. Leo is not finished tomorrow he will not be able to return until about 14 May.

Judge Zuniga talked about some scheduling issues and there is some days where jurors need time off during the week of 20 May. So it appears possibly at this point there will be no court that week. In addition on May 28 and 29th it appears also there is a conflict in scheduled with a juror and an attorney, so there will be no court those days either.

About that time Judge Zuniga stated this case may not be finished until the beginning or middle of June.

In my opinion this is a result of keeping a jury for 16 months and not getting the case resolved, and that has happened for a variety of reasons but all can be put squarely on the shoulders of the judge. It was her responsibility to move this trial along and it hasn’t been done.

Unknown if any’s court is scheduled for tomorrow, due to the juror.

No podcast tonight.


  1. Too bad we can’t figure out how much time attorney’s have spent in side bars. Also the extreme never before seen micro-managing of the entire case by Judge Zuniga and the DA. Exhausting and time consuming….What a Sham!

    1. I also a agree.

  2. There is no justice in Stanislaus County.
    Zuniga and the ADA are making some seriously good money.
    And it is so blatantly apparent that “Justice” is not what Zuniga and Marlissa are seeking!
    All in and about the pocket book.

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