#90 Ronald Varner 3-5-2019

Next-door neighbor of the POP N CORK store, his bedroom window faces the empty lot at POP N CORK. Dated the street light in that back lot is very bright and illuminate so brightly he had to close curtains at night to sleep. Also noted law enforcement had never contacted him in regards to the activities at the POP N CORK lot with a claim the body had been buried for 27 days.

Also noted there was a video camera mounted on the eve of his roof that was pointed at the lot at POP N CORK. Again law enforcement never contacted in regards to any possible video of activities at POP N CORK.

He did know when law enforcement was at the POP N CORK lot on August 15 to 2015 because of all the activity.

Viciously attacked by Marlisa Ferriera on cross exam.

#91 Victor Navar 3-8-2019/3-12-2019/3-13-2019

Career criminal housed in the jail next to the Atwal’s for a period of time. Facing a double homicide where he had fled to Mexico.

Testified started drinking pruno in the jail with the Atwal’s. Stated the Atwal’s admitted that they killed Korey Kauffman while they were watching the property for Frank Carson.

Readily admitted that he was working a deal for his charges that he was facing, also included informing on a another homicide case is celly was involved in.

Said he went from 21 years in his double homicide case to 11 years for informing and testifying in both cases that he had been informing on.

#92 Melvin Morrison 3-15-2019

Also a neighbor next door to the lot at POP N CORK. Lived in the apartment in the back behind Mr. Varner’s house.

Testified he did not tear hear anything unusual during March or April 2012.

#93 Jeff Laugero 3-15-2019

Deputy district attorney Stanislaus County.

Handled Victor Navar’s case until Marlisa Ferreira took it over to make Navar’s testimonial plea agreement. Said Navar was given an offer of 21 years on the double homicide.

Did notify Marlisa Ferriera after being contacted by Navar’s attorney in regard to information on the Atwal’s from the jail.

#94 Lt Kevin Domby 3-19-2019

Did interviews of the CHP officers internal affairs investigation of their alleged involvement.

Testified to Scott McFarlane’s “compelled” statement that was done on September 3, 2015.

Talked about some statements made in regard to conversations at POP N CORK with the Atwal’s, also some contact contact with the Picketts came into the store on occasion.

Lieut. Domby claimed that Scott McFarlane was emotional during the interrogation but was not totally cooperative.

Stated CHP policies mandated their officers to cooperate will all other agencies investigations.

#95 Steve Jacobson 3-19-2019/3-20-2019/3-26-2019/3-27-2019/3-28-2019

lovingly referred to as St. Juice, testified that he had spoken to Praveen Singh in September 2018 and was told about Frank Carson using a burner phone. That phone number started with the number six is the only information he could give him.

The phone was registered to Dayna D Filippo, said he had received the phone records from Sprint.

There were some calls made and received it appears by Dayna DeFilippo.

Jacobson had been admonished by the judge for holding up a document for the jury to see, and that document had not been admitted as evidence yet.

Jacobson later admitted that he had not actually received phone records from Sprint but had actually received them from Jim or Chris Cook.

Also talked about a gun that was discovered at Baljit Atwal’s house during the search warrant, gun registered to Daljit Atwal.

#97 Jon Mcqueary 3-20-2019

Modesto Police Department officer.

In 2014 SO Deputy homicide division.

Was that the search warrant at Baljit Atwal’s house, had located the gun on the refrigerator. Gun was turned over District Attorney’s Office investigators.

#98 Gary Martinez 3-20-2019/

District Attorney’s Office investigator. Had testified prior.

At Baljit Atwal’s home in Ceres during search warrant and took possession of the firearm in the house.