Today Praveen Singh had court regards to the numerous charges that he is facing there are three cases with a total of about 8 total felonies in the three cases together

Here are the charges that he is facing:

Case #1470848

Count 1:


(A)Defraud the Medi-Cal program or any other health care program administered by the department or its agents or contractors.

Count 2:

CA Penal Code § 72 (2017)

Every person who, with intent to defraud, presents for allowance or for payment to any state board or officer.

Count 4:

PC 118 Perjury

Count 5:

487 PC Grand theft

Case # 1466071

Count : 664/246 Attempted drive by shooting

Count 2&3: 653f Solicitation

Case # 1465156

Violation of commissioner rules

Total eight felony charges, some welfare fraud some real estate transaction fraud and 1 Attempted drive by shooting

Praveen Singh’s bill was exonerated he was released on his own recognizance and they returned to court on August 26 at that time Marlisa Ferriera era stated that all charges would be dropped.

Again, this is another witness to testify in the Frank Carson case that stated he received no benefits I’m sure there is no relationship between the dismissal of charges in his testimony.