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WEEK 50, DAY 174






I decided on two titles for tonight’s short post. We wasted nearly the entire day embroiled in crap that was caused by Marlisa Ferreira. Robert Woody was asked once by Marlisa Ferreira how a certain thing made him feel, and he responded by saying it made him feel lower than a snakes belly. Marlisa Ferreira should feel lower than a snakes belly for what she did today. She is miserable, mean, and completely without integrity in my opinion. When this whole fiasco ends with not guilty verdicts, I have a feeling that she might be one of several people who are going to get “thrown under the bus” by the people who actually started this travesty of justice.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. I missed the last appointment with this doctor three months ago because of this trial. If I had missed today’s appointment, I am sure she would have fired me. Marty Carlson had some important things he had to attend to, and neither one of us were able to be in the courtroom for the morning session. Never mind, I heard very little got done in the morning. Judge Zuniga keeps rushing the defense to get done, and allows much of the time to be flushed down the toilet. All of this after allowing Marlisa Ferreira to take a year putting on her own Case in Chief. The defense had intended on calling Georgia DeFelippo to the stand as their first afternoon witness. Judge Zuniga decides that she is going to force the defense to call Detective Dale Lingerfeldt to the stand instead. She states that Detective Lingerfeldt has to get this done so that he can leave. Detective Lingerfeldt used to work for the Stanislaus County DA’s Office, but now works for the San Joaquin County DA’s Office. There have been unsubstantiated rumors about things that could have caused him to seek employment elsewhere.

At 2:03PM, Defense Attorney Hans Hjertonsson calls Detective Dale Lingerfeldt to the stand. He looked great today in a traditional tie and coat. Many times in the past he would wear a crazy looking bow tie while testifying on the stand. He kind of reminded me of that bald headed older guy that used to do Six Flags commercials on TV when he wore that bow tie. Perhaps he should cover up his head with a tin foil hat. He presented Marty Carlson with one during the Preliminary Hearing. He would look much better in one than Marty would. Hans Hjertonsson gets Detective Lingerfeldt to testify that he was involved with the Korey Kauffman case in 2014. Hans gets Detective Lingerfeldt to testify that he arranged for Johnny Padilla to wear a body wire and capture a recording of Michael Cooley on 01/24/2014. In that body wire, Michael Cooley said something like: “I’m still fighting my same case bro, they are trying to give me 8 years for a dime bag.” Hans Hjertonsson gets Detective Lingerfeldt to testify that he arrested Michael Cooley on 02/05/2014 for methamphetamine sales, and possession of ammunition. Detective Lingerfeldt testifies that Detective Redd of the Turlock Police Department was involved with that arrest as well. Detective Lingerfeldt states that Detective Redd had asked Michael Cooley: “You know how much time you are looking at for what you just got arrested for?” Detective Lingerfeldt then told Michael Cooley: “You are looking at 10 years.” After being refreshed with the transcripts, Detective Lingerfeldt admits that he then told Michael Cooley: “That is prison time.” Hans Hjertonsson, after a side bar, gets Detective Lingerfeldt to admit that Detective Redd then told Michael Cooley: “I have it on good authority that we could make this case go away if you cooperated with us.” The defense attorneys have no further questions.

Marlisa Ferreira then takes over on cross examination. She gets Detective Lingerfeldt to state that after the “10 Years” comment, Michael Cooley told him that he had nothing to do with the killing of Korey Kauffman. Now remember this is the same Michael Cooley who was picked up in Escalon covered in mud after “getting rid” of someone in the mountains. This is the same Michael Cooley who buried Korey Kauffman’s bike in his back yard. This is the same Michael Cooley who was the last person to see Korey Kauffman alive. This is the same Michael Cooley who was owed around $10,000.00 by Korey Kauffman. We are now done with Detective Dale Lingerfeldt. He is allowed to step down from the stand, and Marlisa Ferreira reserves the right to call him back at a later time.

It is now 2:28PM, and Percy Martinez calls Georgia DeFelippo to the stand. We immediately have a side bar that is called by Judge Zuniga. Judge Zuniga sends the jury down to the basement, anticipating a long battle. Judge Zuniga tells Georgia DeFelippo that she had discharged her from her murder charges, and she has been called to testify. Judge Zuniga tells Georgia DeFelippo that she might wind up incriminating herself with her testimony. She tells Georgia DeFelippo that Marlisa Ferreira has indicated that she might then be able to re-file charges against her. Judge Zuniga states that she does not know what questions are going to be asked to her. She tells Georgia DeFelippo that it her decision to call an attorney to represent her in the courtroom. Judge Zuniga now states that she is going to require that Georgia DeFelippo have an attorney with her. She has Georgia DeFelippo step down from the stand, and leave the courtroom.

At 3:08PM, the jury is brought back up to the courtroom. Judge Zuniga tells them that because we were unexpectedly off for the last two weeks, we are off schedule with this trial. She tells the jury that she will provide them all with letters to be given to their employers. She states that next week on Tuesday and Wednesday we will deal with the jury instructions. She now sends the jury home until 9:30AM on May 30th. After the jury is out of the courtroom, Judge Zuniga states that the defendants do not need to be in the courtroom for the jury instructions. She states that she will be ruling on the lesser charges on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Judge Zuniga instructs Georgia DeFelippo to be in the courtroom with her attorney at 9:30AM on Tuesday. It really seems obvious to me that Judge Zuniga had prior knowledge of this situation. In my mind, that is why she forced Detective Dale Lingerfeldt to testify out of order. Just when I thought Marlisa Ferreira could not get any more wicked, she shows me that she has more wickedness left in her tank. When she eventually becomes the scapegoat, and gets thrown under the bus by her boss, it will be her bad karma coming back at her.

Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)






    • That is what Carlie Odell testified, He picked Cooley, Keys, And Hobbs in Escalon when thier car broke down. They said they were coming back from Sonora area where Cooley said “they got rid of somone.”

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