I was in the courtroom this morning to see what happened concerning the possible testimony of Georgia DeFelippo. Marlisa Ferreira had threatened to re-file charges against Georgia DeFelippo if she testified as planned. My thoughts on this issue are that her testimony is unnecessary, and would expose her to being drug back into this travesty of justice. If charges were to be re-filed, she would be re-arrested and forced to post bail once again. The last time she posted bail, I believe that she was forced to spend around $450,000 to secure her release from jail. In my mind, that risk would have been unjustified. The way that the Carson family has been abused by the Stanislaus County DA is a stain on our criminal justice system. We are close to the end of this trial folks. It will be turned over to the jury soon, and I fully expect not guilty verdicts will stick a fork into what has been a misguided feeble attempt at convicting the innocent.

We start out at 9:35AM with Judge Zuniga stating that she had instructed Georgia DeFelippo that she could face having her charges re-filed if she testified in this case. In the courtroom today, was attorney Steven Foley who was retained to represent Georgia DeFelippo. Percy Martinez states that he wants Georgia DeFelippo to testify about some text messages that had been intercepted by the investigators, and to testify about a couple of incidents where Frank Carson had spoken to Michael Cooley. Percy Martinez states that all of this information has previously been covered in testimony during the trial. Percy Martinez states that there is no evidence that Georgia DeFelippo was involved with the alleged murder of Korey Kauffman. Percy Martinez now states that he agrees with what Judge Zuniga had just said.

At this time, Georgia DeFelippo and her attorney Steven Foley leave the courtroom to have a meeting in what the judge calls the “Quiet Room.” Judge Zuniga now has Percy Martinez, Jai Gohel, and Marlisa Ferreira join her in her chambers. After about twenty minutes, Georgia DeFelippo and her attorney re-enter the courtroom, and the bailiff informs that judge that they are ready to speak to her. All the attorneys and the judge re-enter the courtroom, and Steven Foley begins to speak. He informs the judge that he had spoken to his client, and under no circumstances will she testify in this trial. Defense attorney Hans Hjertonsson states that this will cause a problem for his client (Daljit Atwal.) He states that Georgia DeFelippo had taken the stand in front of the jury, and now there is a 180 degree change. He questions how the jury will interpret what is going on concerning this issue. Percy Martinez says essentially the same thing. Judge Zuniga states that this is unfair to Georgia DeFelippo, and that the defense attorneys are speculating about the impact this will have on the jury. Judge Zuniga states that she can instruct the jury to disregard what has just been announced. Defense attorney Jai Gohel joins in with the arguments that were made by Hans Hjertonsson and Percy Martinez. The rest of today will be concerning jury instructions. If they are not finished today, this will continue tomorrow as well. I am not going to sit in the courtroom for the jury instructions. I am so looking forward to the end of this trial. I know in my heart, mind, and soul that the jury will see much more than reasonable doubt, and will find the defendants not guilty of all charges.

                                           Sincerely; William Thomas Jensen (Tom)