Request interview of these three gentleman and Kaisers position

(feel free to contact them)

Dear Sirs,

My name is Marty Carlson I am the sole proprietor of, AKA Dawgs Blog, a blog in the northern California area of San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties.

There has been a great amount of publicity in regard to the care of nurse Edith Fallon, who is now suffering from a stage IV tumor in her brain.

It appears there have been many contacts between yourselves and her husband in regard to the handling of nurse Edith situation. There have been accusations of denial of disability by the doctors at Kaiser Permanente Hospital forcing nurse Edith to continue in her work for a period of time with her condition and being wheeled around in a wheelchair dispensing medications among other patient care.

There is also been accusations of a denial of benefits for her disabling condition causing an exasperation of her medical condition and ongoing financial stresses that go along with that.

I have noticed there is a large public outcry over this situation and others similar to it.

I am requesting an interview with you gentlemen as an opportunity to explain and to clarify Kaiser Permanente’s stance on this position.

I have interviewed quite a few people on podcasts, recorded and live, and I always publish my interviews in its entirety, so all information is dispersed as it happened and it is not edited, length of time in the interview is not a factor. The most notable recent interviews were three of the four candidates for the District Attorney’s Office the Stanislaus County.

I’d appreciate having you contact me as soon as possible to arrange for this interview and try to clarify the situation.

I will prepare a list of questions that will be used in this interview and will almost totally be centered around the situation of nurse Edith.

Thank you for your consideration

Marty Carlson


If any employees who worked with Edith and want to talk about this situation and give some insight please let me know at:


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